Mick and Tracey Hannah keep downhill titles all in the family

Brother and sister win Australian national championships

The brother and sister team of Mick and Tracey Hannah (Hutchinson/Polygon) proved why they are Australia's number one downhill family, prevailing in trying conditions to claim the national downhill titles on the final day of the Subaru Australian Mountain Bike National Championships at Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra over the weekend.


Mick Hannah blitzed the course in two minutes, 21.26 seconds to claim his third national title ahead of Jared Graves (2:23.09) and an in-form Sam Hill (2:23.48).

"That was brutal," Hannah gasped after his winning run. "It was pretty muddy, so all the peddling stuff was a bit soggy, but we've been practicing in the mud this morning.

"It's awesome [to share the podium with Tracey]. I spent some time with her in the hospital, and a couple of weeks ago I saw her for the first time since I'd left her in hospital. So it was nice to see her up riding again, and to win the nationals together is just awesome," said Hannah of his sister's 2012 World Cup crash which resulted in a broken femur and almost seven months off the bike.

"I was kind of expecting her to win, I always am, but I was stoked she did."

Second placed Graves was happy with his win after seeding first and placing in seventh in the elite men's cross country race on Saturday.

"Maybe racing the cross country yesterday flattened me a little bit - although there's really no pedalling on the track now except for the last 25 seconds, you probably only use four or five pedal strokes before that final bit," Graves said.

"I did want a top five in the cross country yesterday, and today makes up for not getting that - I also aimed for a top five in the downhill because we have so many good riders, so to get second is a good result."

Third placed Hill (Chain Reaction Cycles) said he revelled in the wet conditions. "The track's real fun at the moment," Hill said. "It's different here [at Stromlo], the track gets grippy with rain - normally with wet weather you can slip around and it makes it more of a challenge, it's a super tough track here.

"I made a few little mistakes near the bottom, and I lost a bit of speed, but I'm happy with it."


Defending champion and younger of the two siblings, Tracey completed the course in torrential rain in a time of two minutes, 46.53 seconds, just 0.43 of second ahead Canberra's own Caroline Buchanan (2:46.96) and a further 5.27 seconds in front of Lisa Mathison (2:52.23).

"I can't believe it, I'm so happy," Tracey said post-race.

The win is Tracey's fifth national title and comes after just 10 days back on the downhill bike after her 2012-season ending injury.

"At the start of the week I didn't want to race, and then yesterday it was too close," Tracey said of her second placed seeding time by only 0.03 to Buchanan.

Second placed Buchanan (Airborne Bicycles) lamented losing her nerve in the conditions.

"I already knew as I came across the line [that Hannah had finished faster]," said Buchanan. "Obviously the conditions weren't what I'm used to, and I was a little bit timid, so I'm going to work on that one!

"The track was still fast, but I think it was more of a mental thing that slowed me up a little bit. It was so close between me and Tracey [Hannah] in seeding that I knew it was going to be close again."

"My goal is to aim for Worlds, and I've made it a little bit harder for myself by not winning today, but I'll have to go overseas and perform now."

2004 cross country Olympian Lisa Mathison (Planet Cycles/Specialized) improved her seeding time by 14 seconds, something which the downhill convert was proud of.

"I don't know how I did it," Mathison said. "It's probably a bit easier in the wet like this. I didn't want to take any risks yesterday with the wind and everything."

Under 19 men

In the under 19 ranks, Dean Lucas (Kona Factory upstaged fastest seeded Thomas Crimmins (Giant Bicycles) for gold ) in a time of two minutes, 32.58 seconds - Crimmins completing the course in two minutes, 35.13 seconds while Aiden Varley (YVC/Giant Race Team) rounded out the podium (2:35.26).

"It was a hard race," Lucas said. "We didn't practice in anything like this [weather], so it was all pretty much new. It was all or nothing, I didn't want to get anything other than first.

"Tom [Crimmins] and I have been battling since under 15s and it's good - it keeps you trying to improve and get better. He's been beating me at the start of the season, so it's good to get one back on him," Lucas said of Crimmins' Subaru national series lead.

U19 women

In the women's race, Kellie Weinert finished the course in three minutes, 08.37 to claim the national title after defending champion Tegan Molloy (9:11.88) and Danielle Beecroft (4:36.27) both suffered flat tires.

Beecroft (Pivot, Jetblack Bikes) managed to run her bike to the finish to secure third place while Gemma Greentree (4:24.99) held onto silver.

"My run was awesome," Weinert said. "I just feel bad for the two girls that got the flats - bad luck, but that's racing, you have to expect it sooner or later."

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Mick Hannah 0:02:21.26  
2 Jared Graves 0:00:01.83  
3 Samuel Hill 0:00:02.22  
4 Chris Kovarik 0:00:02.41  
5 Troy Brosnan 0:00:02.47  
6 Todd Madsen 0:00:03.32  
7 Jack Moir 0:00:03.64  
8 Graeme Mudd 0:00:04.09  
9 Joe Vejvoda 0:00:04.21  
10 Ben Cory 0:00:06.75  
11 Connor Fearon 0:00:06.79  
12 Sean McCarroll 0:00:08.72  
13 Liam Panozzo 0:00:09.52  
14 David McMillan 0:00:10.04  
15 Fabien CousiniE 0:00:10.87  
16 Joshua Button 0:00:11.52  
17 William Rischbieth 0:00:11.61  
18 Chris Barlin 0:00:12.26  
19 Daniel Hallam 0:00:12.51  
20 Rick Boyer 0:00:13.12  
21 Guillaume Cauvin 0:00:13.37  
22 Angus Maddern 0:00:13.72  
23 Henry Blake 0:00:13.84  
24 Mitchell Bryant 0:00:13.92  
25 Ryan Hunt 0:00:14.44  
26 Cillian Kennedy 0:00:14.61  
27 Mathew Dodd 0:00:15.14  
28 Richard Lee 0:00:15.51  
29 Kent Hamilton 0:00:16.04  
30 Phillip Piazza 0:00:16.18  
31 Max Kreuzer 0:00:16.23  
32 Conor Bullard 0:00:17.56  
33 Blake Nielsen 0:00:17.61  
34 Jeremy Powell 0:00:18.28  
35 Shaun Thomlinson 0:00:18.37  
36 Lachlan McKillop 0:00:19.17  
37 Angus McCarthy 0:00:21.89  
38 Ben Crundwell 0:00:22.08  
39 Nathan Parsons 0:00:30.67  
40 Stuart Wood 0:00:31.32  
41 Jared Rando 0:00:36.21  
42 Joel Barrington 0:00:36.22  
43 Jarrad Connolly 0:00:51.14  
44 Brendan Moon 0:01:34.36  
45 Kye Hore 0:01:41.00  
46 Trent Piribauer 0:04:47.66  
47 Daniel Paine 0:00:18.99  
DNF David Manton    
DNS Rhys Atkinson    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tracey Hannah 0:02:46.53  
2 Caroline Buchanan 0:00:00.43  
3 Lisa Mathison 0:00:05.70  
4 Trudy Nicholas 0:00:36.03  
5 Victoria Armstrong 0:00:58.86  
6 Philippa Rostan 0:00:31.62  
DNS Tracey Knight    
DNS Claire Buchar    
U19 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Dean Lucas 0:02:32.58  
2 Thomas Crimmins 0:00:02.55  
3 Aiden Varley 0:00:02.68  
4 Brent Smith 0:00:02.75  
5 Luke Ellison 0:00:04.56  
6 Peter Knott 0:00:05.04  
7 Jackson Davis 0:00:08.86  
8 Matthew McCorkell 0:00:09.77  
9 Benjamin Dengate 0:00:12.92  
10 David Maggs 0:00:13.21  
11 Connor Mackne 0:00:14.90  
12 Chris Dalziel 0:00:16.02  
13 Cameron Ryan 0:00:17.99  
14 Connor Read 0:00:18.32  
15 Timothy Kmetyk 0:00:18.70  
16 Ryan O'Linn 0:00:18.88  
17 Mitchell Harrison 0:00:21.33  
18 Lachlan Davies 0:00:24.68  
19 Nicholas Greentree 0:00:30.52  
20 Michael Hanrahan 0:00:31.70  
21 Jarrod Wynn 0:00:35.22  
22 Kurtis Grant 0:00:36.28  
23 Brandon Maxwell 0:00:46.06  
24 Jake Morrison 0:00:53.12  
25 Dylan Brown 0:00:55.76  
26 Dru Berryman 0:00:24.98  
DNF Koe Bowmaker    
U19 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Kellie Weinert 0:03:08.37  
2 Gemma Greentree 0:01:16.62  
3 Danielle Beecroft 0:01:27.90  
4 Tegan Molloy 0:06:03.51  
U17 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Andrew Crimmins 0:02:26.57  
2 Callum Morrison 0:00:10.69  
3 Remy Morton 0:00:16.25  
4 Jackson Frew 0:00:17.04  
5 Matthew Taylor 0:00:18.74  
6 Joel Willis 0:00:21.01  
7 Cosi Hofman 0:00:21.97  
8 Tim Black 0:00:24.22  
9 Luke Donnelly 0:00:24.47  
10 Alex Dickson 0:00:26.78  
11 Josh Pollock 0:00:27.19  
12 Joel Sheehan 0:00:31.78  
13 Kyle Longmore 0:00:40.26  
14 Bailey O'Hara 0:00:47.40  
15 Nick Bussmann 0:00:48.45  
16 Jacob Mossner 0:00:50.68  
17 Callum Dawes 0:00:53.24  
18 Samuel McNaughton 0:00:54.57  
19 Alex Oakes 0:01:00.69  
20 Allan Taylor 0:01:03.07  
21 Ryan Plunkett 0:01:05.97  
22 Joshua Matthes 0:01:08.19  
23 Jack Parsons 0:01:09.83  
24 Jai Maybury 0:01:25.26  
DNS Max Warshawsky    
DNS Jacob Ryan-Mccormack    
DNS Thomas Millard    
U17 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ellie Wale 0:03:26.80  
U15 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
Veteran men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Adam Smithson 0:02:39.13  
2 Jayson Robertson 0:00:03.41  
3 Ben Morrison 0:00:03.60  
4 Shannon Rademaker 0:00:04.58  
5 Chris Martin 0:00:06.90  
6 Sean Martin 0:00:11.41  
7 Tom Gilfedder 0:00:17.01  
8 Nicholas Bailly 0:00:20.80  
9 Tim Chadd 0:00:21.32  
10 Simon Warren 0:00:21.69  
11 Matt Oconnor 0:00:21.81  
12 Andrew Pennington 0:00:32.61  
13 Shane Duce 0:00:49.67  
14 Craig Anger 0:01:10.06  
Master men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Paul Rowney 0:02:43.84  
2 Robert Stone 0:00:07.66  
3 Boris Fontanella 0:00:09.26  
4 Daniel Taliana 0:00:10.38  
5 Paul King 0:00:24.19  
6 Pete Smith 0:00:33.51  
7 Brad Taylor 0:00:47.22  
8 Justin Armstrong 0:01:03.83  
9 Shane Dobson 0:00:08.10  
10 Mark O'Donohue 0:00:20.27  
DNS Brett Postlethwaite    
Master women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Catherine Kelaher 0:03:21.99  
Super master men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Steven Bullard 0:03:02.73  
2 Phillip Hannam 0:00:11.05  
3 Stephen Coles 0:00:22.73  
DNS Christopher Sumner    

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