English, Douglas retain their National titles

World Champion stays one lap ahead to hold onto green and gold jersey

World champion Jason English from Port Macquarie and Victorian Jessica Douglas claimed back-to-back victories at the Australian Solo 24-hour Mountain Bike Championship in Canberra. The race was one of the major Australian qualifying events for the 2010 24-hour Solo World Championship to be staged in Canberra in October.

173 competitors assembled on the start line at Majura Pines. They faced a nine-kilometer course, renown for being hilly and technical. Riders amassed more than 400 kilometres over the 24 hours.

As a mark of respect to one of Australia's most successful mountain bike riders James Williamson, who tragically passed away in South Africa while participating in the Cape Epic on March 23, the race was held over 23 hours and 59 minutes.

A minute's silence was observed before the riders, who wore black armbands, completed a slow roll out lap in honour of their friend and fellow rider.

A Canberra local, Williamson, 26, was a national solo 24hr champion, world solo 24hr champion and was the editor of the Australian Enduro mountain bike magazine.

English makes it three national titles in a row

Completing 46 laps, English claimed his third national 24-hour crown in a row.

"Its fantastic to win three in a row," said English after the race. "It's awesome. Its my 10th win in a row in a 24-hour event."

As expected, the men's race was wide open in the opening couple of hours. John Blankenstein made a charge, however this was quickly chased down by underdog singlespeeder Brett Bellchambers, who looked very strong for the first six hours.

On lap three, English gained the lead again, and then consolidated that lead on lap 13, opening up his first real gap.

"The only move I made was to try and catch Brett," said English. "So that happened eventually in traffic, and he fell back into the main group. I had a bit of a lead, so I capitalised on that and expanded on my lead during the early hours of the night."

English held on out the front of the field, however positions in the chase group changed on a number of occasions throughout the night.

With three hours to go Andrew Fellows put his foot on the gas producing a swift 30:02 on lap 40. English counterattacked immediately, responding with an extremely fast 27:30, taking nearly seven minutes off his fastest lap time.

"It was probably a very silly thing do with those kays in my legs. I think I was going to suffer afterwards. I was a dribbling mess by the end of that fast lap."

At the end of time, Fellows finished in second position, one lap behind English, followed by Scott Chancellor in third, both men completing 45 laps each.

English will now turn his attention to the World Championships on home soil in Canberra in six months as he attempts to defend his world title.

"I just want to see an Australian win, that's the goal I have.

"It's important not to get sucked in by the faster US-based riders who like to charge off and go too hard. The Australians have the patience and can sit back and bring it home strong."

Douglas dominates women's race

In the women's race, Jessica Douglas opened strongly and didn't relinquish her lead for the entire race, comfortably completing 38 laps to defeat Claire Graydon (37 laps) and Rebecca Parkes (36 laps), who played out a great battle for second place.

"I'm very pleased to have it all over and done with," said Douglas, who finshed fourth at last year's World Championships. "I only been back in training for four weeks. I was just relying on previous 24-hour form and a hell of a lot of base."

"I had a minute gap and it just grew from there.

"My body didn't want to play from midnight until 6:00 am. It was 90 percent mental. I definitely overrode my survival instincts on my body."

Men's Open
1Jason English46 laps
2Andrew Fellows45 
3Scott Chancellor45 
4Brett Bellchambers (SS)44 
5Edward McDonald (SS)43 
6Shane Taylor41 
7Jason McAvoy41 
8Andrew Hall41 
9Benjamin Hallowell40 
10John Clews39 
11Garry James39 
12Richard Peil39 
13David Speering (SS)38 
14Jeff Rooney37 
15Dean Jones37 
16Matthew Reekie37 
17Craig Honeybrook37 
18Matthew Griggs37 
19John Evans37 
20Kevin Wells36 
21Michael Hernan36 
22Andrew Clark35 
23Ross Cairns35 
24Aaron Thomson35 
25Brad Hawthorne35 
26Matt Hand35 
27Joe Avery35 
28Phil Welch35 
29James Lamb35 
30Jason Dreggs34 
31David McDonald34 
32Deon Revet34 
33Warrick Hancock34 
34Shawn Sabre34 
35Benjamin Culton34 
36Samuel Warmington (SS)34 
37Peter Johnson34 
38Geoff Gilchrist33 
39Phillip Banks (SS)33 
40Cang Nguyen33 
41David Eccles33 
42Andre Quaglio (SS)33 
43Trevor Fairhurst32 
44Clayton Locke32 
45Darren Groves32 
46Timothy Grover32 
47Benjamin Bruce32 
48Phillip Byron (SS)32 
49Steven Timbrell32 
50Mark Mollenhagen31 
51Mark Caulfield31 
52Chris St Jack31 
53Duncan Miller31 
54Cameron Dalton31 
55Rob Paksec (SS)30 
56Grantley Butterfield30 
57Mark Feeney30 
58Trevor Creighton (SS)30 
59David Milne (SS)30 
60James Eldridge30 
61Brenden Hargraves29 
62Jason "The" Head29 
63Andrew Remely29 
64Dave McGregor29 
65Angelo De Maria29 
66Stewart McKenzie29 
67Jon Odams29 
68Evan Sheppard28 
69Craig Dunlop (SS)28 
70Steve Woodward (SS)28 
71Martin Wisata27 
72Toby Hartley27 
73Darren Sattler27 
74Jody Musgrove26 
75Ben Binder26 
76Joshua Taylor26 
77Timothy Aust26 
78Brad Poidevin26 
79Andrew Chamberlain26 
80Matthew Madin25 
81Robert Bishop (SS)25 
82Andrew Handyside25 
83Richard Ferris25 
84Dan McNamara25 
85Ivan Chan24 
86Tony Rowley24 
87Robbie Morris24 
88Matt Turner24 
89Andrew Beddie24 
90Kevin Skidmore23 
91Peter Saw23 
92Lloyd Newell23 
93Geoff Moon21 
94Stephen Jackson20 
95Brian Merton20 
96John Styles20 
97Warren Willson20 
98Brad Mertens (SS)20 
99Ken Schack-Evans20 
100Hieu Nguyen19 
101Arran Pearson18 
102Scott Walker18 
103John Dietz17 
104Colin Littleton17 
105David Feeney17 
106Jason Harrod16 
107Nick Mostyn15 
108Carl Sommerville13 
109Scott Abercrombie (SS)13 
110Mike Brennan13 
DNFJohn Blankenstein  
DNFAndrew Bell  
DNFTrue Swain  
DNFJoel Donney  
DNFDavid Power (SS)  
DNFDan Mackay  
DNFFrancis Le Brun  
DNFNeil Dall  
DNFBrendan Den (SS)  
DNFDirk Riding  
DNFMichael Culhane  
DNFAdrian Jones  
DNSTony Bond  
DNSTimothy Cafe  
DNSDean Pattenden  
DNSRobbie Verity  
DNSCorey Werfel  
Women's Open
1Jessica Douglas38 laps
2Claire Graydon37 
3Bec Parkes (SS)36 
4Jacqui Kennett33 
5Belinda Porter32 
6Jac Connell32 
7Claire Stevens32 
8Diane Perry31 
9Anne Napier30 
10Yolande Joubert29 
11Marea England29 
12Erin Zimmer (SS)26 
13Merryl King26 
14Kris Nicholls (SS)25 
15Philippa Rostan (SS)24 
16Meaghan Binder24 
17Kirsty Cummin22 
18Kathleen Kingwill21 
19Julie Bassett16 
20Monica Skjerve14 
21Karen Taylor13 
22Susan Webber12 
DNFAnne Antrecht  
DNFKathryn Stolarski  
DNFSue Thompson  
Men's 6 + 6
1Mark Tupalski26 laps
2Taylor Charlton23 
3Thomas Power22 
4Andrew Johnson22 
5Joseph Arrouk20 
6Chris White20 
7James Ross19 
8Ross Hamilton19 
9Peter Feain19 
10Cameron Rybinski18 
11Harry Herne18 
12Patrick Wark15 
DNFDylan Cooper  
DNFPeter Hatton  
DNFCraig Armour  
DNFNick Menager  
Women's 6 + 6
1Vanina Vergoz21 laps
2Amanda Sanderson20 
3Ann Holden19 
4Kath Bicknell13 
5Juliane Wisata11 


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