Mennen and Hynek win stage 4 at Andalucia Bike Race

Santanyes and Galicia win women's stage and take over lead

Topeak Ergon Team's Robert Mennen and Kristian Hynek finally broke the winning streak of Centurion Vaude's Markus Kaufmann and Jochen Kaess on Wednesday. Mennen and Hynek sprinted to victory in stage 4, ahead of Bartlomiej Wawak & Adrian Brzozka (JBG team) and Centurion Vaude, but Kaufmann and Kaess retained the overall lead.

The first Spanish finishers of the day were again Alejandro Díaz de la Peña and Pedro Romero (Extremadura 2) in sixth. Diaz suffered a fall during the stage, but was able to complete the stage with no major consequences.

There was some confusion when MMR's Carlos Coloma and Pablo Rodríguez were first to finish, but they had made a wrong turn and unintentionally cut the course. Judges are currently deciding what penalty is appropriate.

The lead changed hands in the women's race. Anna Villar started the day struggling with a cold, and Sandra Santanyes and Claudia Galicia were able to use that to their advantage and win the stage and move up into the lead of the GC.

Muriel Bouhet and Susana Alonso finished second in the stage, keeping their third position in the overall.

Two-time women's winner Milena Landtwing continued at the head of the mixed category with teammate Philipp Gerber.

Tomorrow's stage 5 will probably be the hardest one of the race due to its length and total climbing.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Mennen & Kristian Hynek (Topeak Ergon)2:56:49 
2Bartlomiej Wawak & Adrian Brzozka (JBG-2 Pro Team)0:00:01 
3Markus Kaufmann & Jochen Kaess (Centurion Vaude)  
4Sherman Trezza de Paiva & Henrique Avancini (Caloi Team)0:00:11 
5Mathias Flueckiger & Matthias Stirnemann (Stockli Pro)0:00:12 
6Pedro Romero & Alejandro Diaz (Extremadura 2)0:00:13 
7Juan Pedro Trujillo & Francisco Perez (Mondraker)0:02:29 
8Soren Nissen & Lars Granberg (IHUS)0:07:46 
9Marc Trayter & Enrique Morcillo (Scott 5)0:08:34 
10Antonio Ortiz & Enrique Morcillo (Buff Pro Team)0:09:10 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sandra Santanyes & Claudia Galicia (Polar Women)3:53:11 
2Muriel Bouhet & Susana Alonso (Extremadura1)0:06:20 
3Celina Carpinteiro & Ivonne Kraft (Bike Magazine Portugal)0:11:40 
4Anna Villar & Merce Pacios (Tomas Belles)0:19:56 
5Sandra Jorda & Mar Franco (Solo Bici)0:24:51 
6Rocio Martin & Nuria Espinosa (BG Powerbar)0:26:04 
7Rickie Cotter & Rachel Sokal (Leisure Lakes)0:45:45 
8Anna Cipullo & Agata Tamuelwicz-Downey ( 
9Laura Candelas & Paloma Lahoz (Polar Racing Team 4)2:03:53 
10Valerie Casteleyn & Laurence Lampaert (Wacky Angels)2:31:04 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Milena Landtwing & Philipp Gerber (Wheeler-Bixs)3:27:48 
2Kristin Aamodt & Daniel Jung (Mountain Heros)0:19:32 
3Mark Spratt & Melanie Alexander (Bike Magic)0:25:11 
4Danielle Troesch & Oliver Guth (Batibois-Mountain Heros)0:27:16 
5Teresa Costa & Jordi Quintanas (Garrotxa Team)0:29:37 
6Luca Wesley and Deroo Mieke (Beernem Trust)0:31:22 
7Maria Diaz & Alvaro Martin (Bull Bikes 1)0:40:10 
8Francisco Millan & Ana Garcia (Albox Bike Bicibox)0:47:07 
9Kristina Thrane & Jacob Hansen (Percussion Play)0:55:58 
10David Marti & Nuria Suria (Suria Bicis)0:56:34 
Elite men general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Markus Kaufmann & Jochen Kaess (Centurion Vaude)11:45:40 
2Robert Mennen & Kristian Hynek (Topeak Ergon)0:01:20 
3Pedro Romero & Alejandro Diaz (Extremadura 2)0:06:47 
4Mathias Flueckiger & Matthias Stirnemann (Stockli Pro)0:17:07 
5Bartlomiej Wawak & Adrian Brzozka (JBG-2 Pro Team)0:20:25 
6Sherman Trezza de Paiva & Henrique Avancini (Caloi Team)0:21:11 
7Juan Pedro Trujillo & Francisco Perez (Mondraker)0:23:42 
8Soren Nissen & Lars Granberg (IHUS)0:35:42 
9Pablo Bravo & Milton Ramos (Castellana 100)0:43:09 
10Marc Trayter & Enrique Morcillo (Scott 5)0:44:49 
Elite women general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sandra Santanyes & Claudia Galicia (Polar Women)16:00:30 
2Anna Villar & Merce Pacios (Tomas Belles)0:13:15 
3Muriel Bouhet & Susana Alonso (Extremadura1)0:26:55 
4Celina Carpinteiro & Ivonne Kraft (Bike Magazine Portugal)0:44:19 
5Sandra Jorda & Mar Franco (Solo Bici)1:36:39 
6Rocio Martin & Nuria Espinosa (BG Powerbar)2:31:10 
7Rickie Cotter & Rachel Sokal (Leisure Lakes)2:50:25 
8Anna Cipullo & Agata Tamulewicz-Downey ( 
9Valerie Casteleyn & Laurence Lampaert (Wacky Angels)10:53:04 
10Paloma Lahoz & Laura Candelas (Polar Racing 4)11:52:23 
Mixed general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Milena Landtwing & Philipp Gerber (Wheeler-Bixs)14:01:22 
2Kristin Aamodt & Daniel Jung (Mountain Heros)1:33:19 
3Teresa Costa & Jordi Quintanas (Garrotxa Team)1:57:01 
4Mark Spratt & Melanie Alexander (Bike Magic)2:04:52 
5Danielle Troesch & Oliver Guth (Batibois-Mountain Heros)2:26:28 
6Maria Diaz & Alvaro Martin (Bull Bikes 1)2:35:25 
7Luca Wesley and Deroo Mieke (Beernem Trust)2:57:02 
8Francisco Millan & Ana Garcia (Albox Bike Bicibox)4:12:25 
9Kristina Thrane & Jacob Hansen (Percussion Play)4:38:33 
10David Marti & Nuria Suria (Suria Bicis)4:46:01 

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