An Post Ras: Jan Sokol wins stage 3

Patrick Bevin retains overall lead

Austrian Jan Sokol (Synergy Baku) out sprinted a breakaway group of eight riders to claim victory on stage three of the An Post Rás. Patrick Bevin (New Zealand national team) finished safely in the bunch to hold into his overall race lead.

"With five kilometres to go, I thought that unless our group makes a big mistake that it would come down to a sprint and it did," Sokol said.  "In the final kilometre the Irish rider, Aiken, was very strong and attacked hard but I managed to chase him down and just got ahead of him in the last few hundred metres. I'm very happy; it's a great win for our team."

Sokol took the win ahead of Riccardo Pichetta (Team Idea) and Oliver Wood (Great Britain National Team) while Damien Shaw (Cork City Aquablue) was right on Wood's wheel crossing the line to take fourth place, while stage one winner Robert-Jon McCarthy (An Post Chain Reaction) finished in fifth position.

The 154km stage three route from Lisdoonvarna to Charleville was another relatively flat affair with only two category climbs capable of causing any consternation to the peloton.

Following a few unsuccessful attacks early on, a group of seven riders went clear approaching Ennis after 30km of racing. In the group were Sokol, Wood, Pichetta, Pierrick Naud (Canadian National Team), David Wohrer (Tirol Cycling), Andre Benoit (Team Kuota) and Irishman Roger Aiken (Louth North).

Shaw and McCarthy gave chase to the break and in bridging a gap of 17 seconds, the leaders became nine. The escapees lead hovered around the three and a half minute mark.

Aiken won the two King of the Mountain and the Hot Spot primes on offer while the New Zealand National Team and Subaru-Albion worked to close the gap. With 10km to go, the break's lead had dwindled to just 1:15 minutes.

With a few kilometres to go, it was the clear that the break would not be caught although Aiken attacked from the front twice only to be reeled in on both occasions. As the leaders turned the final corner into the town centre, Sokol reached deep and galloped to the win.

The main bunch finished 16 seconds behind Sokol, with Bevin securing his overall lead ahead of stage 4. The New Zealander also leads the points classification and the King of the Mountains jerseys.

Alex Peters (Britain Madison Genesis) and Sean Lacey (Cork City Aquablue) again sit top of the Under-23 and county rider classification respectively.


stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jan Sokol (AUT) Synergy Baku Cycling Project3:35:01 
2Riccardo Pichetta (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD  
3Oliver Wood (GBR) Great Britain National Team  
4Damien Shaw (IRL) City Aquablue  
5Robert-Jon McCarthy (AUS) An Post Chain Reaction  
6Andre Benoit (GER) Team Kuota  
7David Wohrer (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team  
8Roger Aiken (IRL) North Louth0:00:12 
9Pierrick Naud (CAN) Canadian National Team0:00:16 
10Owain Doull (GBR) An Post Chain Reaction  
11Davide Ballerini (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD  
12Lars Horring (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
13Nic Hamilton (CAN) Canadian National Team  
14Markus Eibegger (AUT) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
15Clemens Fankhauser (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team  
16Ed Veal (CAN) Canadian National Team  
17Matteo Collodel (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD  
18Daniel Klemme (GER) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
19Peter Hawkins (IRL) Madison Genesis  
20Joshua Hunt (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling  
21Bram Nolten (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
22Peter Williams (GBR) Bretagne Velotec  
23Remco Broers (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
24Jake Womersley (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team  
25Jasper Ockeloen (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
26John Lynch (IRL) Inishowen Gateway McCafe  
27Alex Peters (GBR) Madison Genesis  
28Javan Nulty (IRL) Dunboyne  
29Patrick Bevin (NZL) New Zealand National Team  
30Rutger Schellevis (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
31Fraser Duncan (IRL) Dunboyne  
32Alexander Wachter (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team  
33Alessandro Pettiti (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD  
34David Chopin (FRA) Bretagne Velotec  
35Robin Kelly (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás  
36Robert Partridge (GBR) Velosure Giordana  
37Dave Reilly (IRL) South Alimay  
38Jake Kelly (GBR) Great Britain National Team  
39Gregor Muhlberger (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team  
40Jacob Scott (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team  
41Con Collis (IRL) Central UCD Arrow  
42Liam Holohan (GBR) Madison Genesis  
43Christopher Lawless (GBR) Great Britain National Team  
44Anthony Murray (IRL) Team Subaru-Albion  
45Michael Storan (IRL) North Visit  
46Simon Ryan (IRL) South Tipperary  
47Dale Appleby (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling  
48Sean Downey (IRL) An Post Chain Reaction  
49Ben Kellett (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team  
50Steve Lampier (GBR) Velosure Giordana  
51Connor McConvey (IRL) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
52Christoph Schweizer (GER) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
53Alistair Slater (GBR) Great Britain National Team  
54Eoin McCarthy (IRL) North Visit  
55Keith Gater (IRL) City Aquablue  
56David Watson (IRL) Chain Reaction  
57Marcin Bialoblocki (POL) Velosure Giordana  
58Alastair Macaulay (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
59Olan Barrett (IRL) City Aquablue  
60Cathal Moynihan (IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW  
61John Kenny (IRL) Navan Avonmore  
62Stephen Murray (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás  
63Jonathan Dibben (GBR) Great Britain National Team  
64Alan Loftus (IRL) South Tipperary  
65Ryan Sherlock (IRL) Bretagne Velotec  
66Joachim Tolles (GER) Team Kuota  
67Remi Pelletier-Roy (CAN) Canadian National Team  
68Patrick Clarke (IRL) South Centra  
69Jack Wilson (IRL) An Post Chain Reaction  
70Daniel Stewart (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
71Daniel Breuer (GER) Team Kuota  
72Liam Aitcheson (NZL) New Zealand National Team  
73Bradley Morgan (GBR) Velosure Giordana  
74Ronan McLaughlin (IRL) Inishowen Gateway McCafe  
75Seán Lacey (IRL) City Aquablue  
76Shane Archbold (NZL) An Post Chain Reaction  
77Mark Shannon (IRL) North Visit  
78Hugh Wilson (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling  
79Michael Millar (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
80Brian Stewart (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
81Philipp Becker (GER) Team Kuota  
82James Davenport (IRL) South Alimay  
83Sean McKinnon (CAN) Canadian National Team  
84Rory Devlin (IRL) Inishowen Gateway McCafe  
85Sebastian Baylis (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team  
86Tirian McManus (AUS) Team Subaru-Albion  
87Ryan Bevis (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling  
88Ian Bibby (GBR) Madison Genesis  
89Timothy O'Regan (IRL) Dunboyne  
90Padraig Marrey (IRL) South Centra  
91Dominic Jelfs (IRL) Madison Genesis  
92Mirko Tedeschi (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD  
93David McCarthy (IRL) North Visit  
94Des Woods (IRL) North Louth  
95Derek Joyce (IRL) South Centra  
96Cormac Clarke (IRL) North Louth  
97Art MacManusa (IRL) Central UCD Arrow  
98Keegan Aitchinson (AUS) Team Subaru-Albion  
99Alex Donald (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
100Mark Dowling (IRL) Dunboyne  
101Adam Armstrong (IRL) Dunboyne  
102Stephen Halpin (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution  
103Anthony Doyle (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution  
104Martin Weiss (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team  
105Raymond O'Shaughnessey (IRL) North Louth  
106Matt Slattery (IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW  
107John Paul Lyons (IRL) South Alimay  
108Liam Dolan (IRL) North Louth  
109Micha Glowatzki (GER) Team Kuota  
110Christopher Reilly (IRL) South Louth  
111Eugene T. Moriarty (IRL) Team 39 Spin 12  
112Neil Long IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW  
113Darcy Ellerm-Norton (NZL) Team Subaru-Albion  
114John Rigby (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team  
115Hugh McMahon (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution  
116Denis Dunworth (IRL) North Visit  
117Paul Ferguson (IRL) Chain Reaction  
118John Mason (IRL) Team 39 Spin 14  
119Gary Scully (IRL) South Tipperary  
120Alan Gray (IRL) South Louth  
121Shane Scully (IRL) South Tipperary  
122Stephen Byrne (IRL) Navan Avonmore  
123Eoin Morton (IRL) Central UCD Arrow  
124Stuart Cox (IRL) Navan Avonmore  
125Michael Lucey (IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW  
126William McCabe (IRL) Team 39 Spin 15  
127Ben Delaney (IRL) South Alimay  
128Sean McInerney (IRL) South Centra  
129Brendan Cassidy (IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW  
130Andrew Meehan (IRL) Team 39 Spin 13  
131Nathan Edmondson (GBR) Velosure Giordana  
132George E. Tansley (AUS) Team Subaru-Albion  
133Damian Roche (IRL) South Tipperary  
134Stephen O'Sullivan (IRL) Team 39 Spin 11  
135Thibualt Jeannes (FRA) Bretagne Velotec  
136Brendan Moloney (IRL) South Alimay  
137Niall Clarke (IRL) South Louth  
138Sean Hahessy (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás  
139Michael McNena (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás  
140James Lewis (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling  
141Andrew Roche (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás  
142Aurelien Daniel (FRA) Bretagne Velotec  
143Michael Fitzgerald (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution  
144John Murray (IRL) Navan Avonmore  
145Sean Loughran (IRL) South Louth  
146Ian Richardson (IRL) Central UCD Arrow0:00:51 
147Cameron Karwowski (NZL) New Zealand National Team0:01:12 
148Michael Barry (IRL) South Louth0:01:16 
149Hamish Schreurs (NZL) New Zealand National Team0:01:39 
150Niall Doggett (IRL) Navan Avonmore0:01:46 
151Aidan Crowley (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution0:01:51 
152Marc Ryan (NZL) New Zealand National Team0:01:55 
153Damian Lagan (IRL) Inishowen Gateway McCafe0:15:55 
154Bryan McCrystal (IRL) City Aquablue0:17:15 
KOM - Cloghoolia (CAT 3)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roger Aiken (IRL) North Louth5 pts
2Andre Benoit (GER) Team Kuota4 
3Damien Shaw (IRL) City Aquablue3 
4David Wohrer (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team2 
Knockbrack (CAT 3)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roger Aiken (IRL) North Louth5 pts
2Andre Benoit (GER) Team Kuota4 
3Damien Shaw (IRL) City Aquablue3 
4David Wohrer (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team2 
Post Office Prime
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
 Roger Aiken (IRL) North Louth  
International teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Idea 2010 ASD10:45:35 
2Synergy Baku Cycling  
3An Post Chain Reaction  
4Great Britain National Team  
5Tirol Cycling Team10:45:42 
6Team Kuota  
7Canada National Team10:45:51 
8Parkhotel Valkenburg  
9Madison Genesis  
10Champion System Clubrooster  
11Bretagne Velotec  
12Velosure Giordana  
13NFTOPro Cycling  
14Team Subaru-Albion  
15New Zealand National Team10:46:47 
County teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1City Aquablue10:45:35 
2North Louth10:45:47 
3Dunboyne DID10:45:51 
4North Visit  
5Inishowen Gateway McCafe  
6Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
7South Alimay  
8South Tipperary  
9Comeragh RaceTheRás  
10South Centra  
11Central UCD Arrow  
12Aherns Opel/BMW  
13Navan Avonmore  
14Midleton Velo Revolution  
15Team 39 Spin 11  
16South Louth  
General classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Bevin (NZL) New Zealand National Team10:24:24 
2Clemens Fankhauser (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team0:01:55 
3Alessandro Pettiti (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD  
4Markus Eibegger (AUT) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:01:57 
5David Chopin (FRA) Bretagne Velotec  
6Nic Hamilton (CAN) Canadian National Team0:02:05 
7Alex Peters (GBR) Madison Genesis0:02:06 
8Owain Doull (GBR) An Post Chain Reaction0:02:07 
9Remi Pelletier-Roy (CAN) Canadian National Team  
10Alistair Slater (GBR) Great Britain National Team  
11Robert Partridge (GBR) Velosure Giordana  
12Ian Bibby (GBR) Madison Genesis  
13Peter Hawkins (IRL) Madison Genesis0:02:26 
14Peter Williams (GBR) Bretagne Velotec0:02:31 
15Remco Broers (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
16Alexander Wachter (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team  
17Steve Lampier (GBR) Velosure Giordana  
18Christoph Schweizer (GER) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
19Seán Lacey (IRL) City Aquablue  
20Dominic Jelfs (IRL) Madison Genesis0:02:41 
21Marcin Bialoblocki (POL) Velosure Giordana0:02:52 
22Sean Downey (IRL) An Post Chain Reaction0:02:53 
23Bram Nolten (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg0:02:55 
24Gregor Muhlberger (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team  
25Liam Holohan (GBR) Madison Genesis  
26Riccardo Pichetta (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD0:03:54 
27David Wohrer (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team0:04:01 
28Shane Archbold (NZL) An Post Chain Reaction0:04:04 
29Fraser Duncan (IRL) Dunboyne0:04:06 
30Pierrick Naud (CAN) Canadian National Team0:04:10 
31Matteo Collodel (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD  
32Lars Horring (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
33Jasper Ockeloen (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
34Anthony Murray (IRL) Team Subaru-Albion  
35Damien Shaw (IRL) City Aquablue  
36Jonathan Dibben (GBR) Great Britain National Team  
37Ronan McLaughlin (IRL) Inishowen Gateway McCafe  
38Jacob Scott (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team  
39Philipp Becker (GER) Team Kuota  
40Hugh Wilson (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling  
41Sean McKinnon (CAN) Canadian National Team  
42Dale Appleby (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling  
43Sebastian Baylis (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team  
44Michael Barry (IRL) South Louth  
45Liam Aitcheson (NZL) New Zealand National Team  
46Eoin Morton (IRL) Central UCD Arrow  
47Mirko Tedeschi (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD0:04:30 
48Darcy Ellerm-Norton (NZL) Team Subaru-Albion0:09:45 
49Robert-Jon McCarthy (AUS) An Post Chain Reaction0:10:17 
50Jan Sokol (AUT) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:10:27 
51Andre Benoit (GER) Team Kuota0:10:34 
52Daniel Klemme (GER) Synergy Baku Cycling Project0:10:39 
53Roger Aiken (IRL) North Louth  
54Davide Ballerini (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD0:10:43 
55Ed Veal (CAN) Canadian National Team  
56Javan Nulty (IRL) Dunboyne  
57Christopher Lawless (GBR) Great Britain National Team  
58Con Collis (IRL) Central UCD Arrow  
59Rutger Schellevis (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
60Robin Kelly (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás  
61Jake Womersley (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team  
62Joshua Hunt (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling  
63David Watson (IRL) Chain Reaction  
64Stephen Murray (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás  
65Keith Gater (IRL) City Aquablue  
66John Kenny (IRL) Navan Avonmore  
67Olan Barrett (IRL) City Aquablue  
68Connor McConvey (IRL) Synergy Baku Cycling Project  
69Joachim Tolles (GER) Team Kuota  
70Martin Weiss (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team  
71Simon Ryan (IRL) South Tipperary  
72Patrick Clarke (IRL) South Centra  
73Padraig Marrey (IRL) South Centra  
74Anthony Doyle (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution  
75Alastair Macaulay (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
76Ryan Bevis (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling  
77Daniel Stewart (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
78Ryan Sherlock (IRL) Bretagne Velotec  
79Bradley Morgan (GBR) Velosure Giordana  
80Michael Millar (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
81Eoin McCarthy (IRL) North Visit  
82George E. Tansley (AUS) Team Subaru-Albion  
83Aurelien Daniel (FRA) Bretagne Velotec  
84Micha Glowatzki (GER) Team Kuota  
85Timothy O'Regan (IRL) Dunboyne  
86Rory Devlin (IRL) Inishowen Gateway McCafe  
87David McCarthy (IRL) North Visit  
88Stephen Halpin (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution  
89James Davenport (IRL) South Alimay  
90Matt Slattery (IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW  
91Mark Dowling (IRL) Dunboyne  
92Art MacManusa (IRL) Central UCD Arrow  
93Liam Dolan (IRL) North Louth  
94John Mason (IRL) Team 39 Spin 14  
95Gary Scully (IRL) South Tipperary  
96John Rigby (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team  
97William McCabe (IRL) Team 39 Spin 15  
98Adam Armstrong (IRL) Dunboyne  
99Denis Dunworth (IRL) North Visit  
100Sean McInerney (IRL) South Centra  
101Thibualt Jeannes (FRA) Bretagne Velotec  
102Nathan Edmondson (GBR) Velosure Giordana  
103Andrew Meehan (IRL) Team 39 Spin 13  
104Brendan Cassidy (IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW  
105Ben Kellett (GBR) Champion System Pro Cycling Team0:11:03 
106Keegan Aitchinson (AUS) Team Subaru-Albion  
107Cormac Clarke (IRL) North Louth  
108Jack Wilson (IRL) An Post Chain Reaction0:11:17 
109Cameron Karwowski (NZL) New Zealand National Team0:11:39 
110Hamish Schreurs (NZL) New Zealand National Team0:12:06 
111Aidan Crowley (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution0:12:18 
112Marc Ryan (NZL) New Zealand National Team0:12:21 
113Eugene T. Moriarty (IRL) Team 39 Spin 120:13:21 
114Derek Joyce (IRL) South Centra0:13:28 
115Raymond O'Shaughnessey (IRL) North Louth0:17:58 
116Christopher Reilly (IRL) South Louth0:18:10 
117Mark Shannon (IRL) North Visit Nenagh.ie0:19:27 
118Bryan McCrystal (IRL) City Aquablue0:19:42 
119Oliver Wood (GBR) Great Britain National Team0:20:31 
120Jake Kelly (GBR) Great Britain National Team0:20:47 
121Tirian McManus (AUS) Team Subaru-Albion  
122Michael Storan (IRL) North Visit Nenagh.ie0:21:11 
123Dave Reilly (IRL) South Alimay0:23:11 
124John Lynch (IRL) Inishowen Gateway McCafe  
125Neil Long IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW  
126Ian Richardson (IRL) Central UCD Arrow0:23:46 
127Daniel Breuer (GER) Team Kuota0:25:32 
128Alan Loftus (IRL) South Tipperary  
129Brian Stewart (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
130Des Woods (IRL) North Louth  
131Alex Donald (IRL) Phoenix McConvey Cycles  
132Alan Gray (IRL) South Louth  
133Michael McNena (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás  
134Stephen O'Sullivan (IRL) Team 39 Spin 11  
135Sean Loughran (IRL) South Louth0:25:56 
136Damian Roche (IRL) South Tipperary0:26:37 
137Shane Scully (IRL) South Tipperary0:26:54 
138Niall Doggett (IRL) Navan Avonmore0:27:02 
139John Paul Lyons (IRL) South Alimay0:28:12 
140Stephen Byrne (IRL) Navan Avonmore0:28:19 
141John Murray (IRL) Navan Avonmore0:28:41 
142Michael Fitzgerald (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution0:28:57 
143Niall Clarke (IRL) South Louth0:29:26 
144Sean Hahessy (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás0:29:30 
145Stuart Cox (IRL) Navan Avonmore0:32:17 
146Hugh McMahon (IRL) Midleton Velo Revolution0:32:51 
147Cathal Moynihan (IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW0:35:50 
148James Lewis (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling0:36:44 
149Paul Ferguson (IRL) Chain Reaction0:38:00 
150Andrew Roche (IRL) Comeragh RaceTheRás0:39:39 
151Michael Lucey (IRL) Aherns Opel/BMW0:39:58 
152Brendan Moloney (IRL) South Alimay0:41:02 
153Ben Delaney (IRL) South Alimay0:53:30 
154Damian Lagan (IRL) Inishowen Gateway McCafe1:04:51 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Bevin (NZL) New Zealand National Team27 pts
2Robert-Jon McCarthy (AUS) An Post Chain Reaction26 
3Owain Doull (GBR) An Post Chain Reaction21 
4Jan Sokol (AUT) Synergy Baku Cycling Project15 
5Clemens Fankhauser (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team14 
6Alessandro Pettiti (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD14 
7Markus Eibegger (AUT) Synergy Baku Cycling Project14 
8Riccardo Pichetta (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD14 
9Shane Archbold (NZL) An Post Chain Reaction14 
10Pierrick Naud (CAN) Canadian National Team14 
11Davide Ballerini (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD14 
12Nic Hamilton (CAN) Canadian National Team13 
13Daniel Klemme (GER) Synergy Baku Cycling Project13 
14Oliver Wood (GBR) Great Britain National Team13 
15Damien Shaw (IRL) City Aquablue12 
16David Chopin (FRA) Bretagne Velotec11 
17Christopher Lawless (GBR) Great Britain National Team11 
18Gregor Muhlberger (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team10 
19Andre Benoit (GER) Team Kuota10 
20David Wohrer (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team9 
21Remi Pelletier-Roy (CAN) Canadian National Team8 
22Matteo Collodel (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD8 
23Roger Aiken (IRL) North Louth8 
24Alex Peters (GBR) Madison Genesis7 
25Robert Partridge (GBR) Velosure Giordana7 
26Alistair Slater (GBR) Great Britain National Team5 
27Marcin Bialoblocki (POL) Velosure Giordana5 
28Ian Bibby (GBR) Madison Genesis4 
29Peter Williams (GBR) Bretagne Velotec4 
30Lars Horring (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg4 
31Steve Lampier (GBR) Velosure Giordana3 
32Joshua Hunt (GBR) NFTO Pro Cycling3 
33Remco Broers (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg2 
34Martin Weiss (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team2 
35Christoph Schweizer (GER) Synergy Baku Cycling Project1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Bevin (NZL) New Zealand National Team20 pts
2Alessandro Pettiti (ITA) Team Idea 2010 ASD16 
3Clemens Fankhauser (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team12 
4Roger Aiken (IRL) North Louth10 
5Markus Eibegger (AUT) Synergy Baku Cycling Project9 
6David Chopin (FRA) Bretagne Velotec8 
7Andre Benoit (GER) Team Kuota8 
8Damien Shaw (IRL) City Aquablue6 
9Fraser Duncan (IRL) Dunboyne5 
10Dominic Jelfs (IRL) Madison Genesis5 
11David Wohrer (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team4 
12Eoin Morton (IRL) Central UCD Arrow4 
13Alex Peters (GBR) Madison Genesis3 
14Lars Horring (NED) Parkhotel Valkenburg3 
15Sean Downey (IRL) An Post Chain Reaction2 
Under 23 Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alex Peters (GBR) Madison Genesis10:26:30 
2Owain Doull (GBR) An Post Chain Reaction0:00:01 
3Alistair Slater (GBR) Great Britain National Team  
4Alexander Wachter (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team0:00:25 
5Gregor Muhlberger (AUT) Tirol Cycling Team0:00:49 
6Jonathan Dibben (GBR) Great Britain National Team0:02:04 
International teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Madison Genesis31:19:57 
2Tirol Cycling Team0:00:27 
3Velosure Giordana0:00:48 
4Canada National Team0:01:37 
5An Post Chain Reaction0:02:11 
6Parkhotel Valkenburg0:02:51 
7Team IDEA 2010 ASD0:03:14 
8Synergy Baku Cycling0:08:10 
9Bretagne Velotec0:08:26 
10New Zealand National Team0:09:04 
11Great Britain National Team0:09:59 
12Champion System ClubRooster0:12:18 
13NFTO Pro Cycling  
14Team Subaru-Albion0:17:53 
15Team Kuota0:18:42 


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