Dwight and Myrah clinch 40-44 & 45-49 titles

McNicholas dominates 30-34 event, Wilichoski wins 35-39 title

For the second-consecutive day, the masters riders opened and closed the day's racing. The first competition of the day was the men 45-49, who tangled with the 2.1-mile course left frozen by plummeting temperatures and an overnight freeze.

The rigid ruts throughout the course were no match for 1996 Olympian Don Myrah, who competed in the Olympic debut of discipline of mountain biking in Atlanta. Myrah bested the 64-rider field with a time of 49:10. Jon Cariveau (Moots) hung with Myrah though the first three of the five-lap race, but a dropped chain on the penultimate lap cost him valuable time. Myrah secured the seventh national title of his career while Cariveau, who finished 58 seconds back, earned the silver ahead of bronze medalist James Coats (California Giant Cycling).

"This is exactly what I thought it would be," Myrah said of the course. "After last night when it was all loose I knew it would freeze up hard this morning. It was a matter of picking really clean lines, which there aren't that many. Just whatever I could find."

The second race pitted 81 of the nation's best men 40-44 against each other. After the first of the five laps, Adam Myerson (SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley), Brandon Dwight (Boulder Cycle Sport) and Pete Webber (Boulder Cycle Sport) were off the front and opened a large gap on the field. The two Boulder Cycle Sport teammates worked together to leave Myerson 30 seconds behind as they completed their second circuit and 47 seconds back after their third. On the second-to-last lap, Dwight opened a seven-second cushion on Webber and a 90-second advantage on Myerson before riding solo to victory.

"I tried to be conservative where you could go down pretty easily and just tried to push hard where it was safe," Dwight said. "Even up to the last lap I almost caught a rut and almost went right into the barrier. So you really had to stay focused through whole race."

The evening's masters races had a distinct New England flavor to them with both winners residing in that region.

In the men's 35-39 contest, Brian Wilichoski (Cyclocrossworld) rode away with the stars-and-stripes jersey, but not without some anxious moments. On the last of the five-lap competition, Wilichoski pulled his foot out of the pedal, but accidentally hit the brake pad, knocking it into his spokes. Wilichoski dismounted, pulled the brake pad out and rode to the finish line. Christopher Case (Feedback Sports Racing) and Scott Frederick (Inland-Back to Dirt) locked horns in a battle for the silver and bronze medals. Case crossed the finish line just two seconds ahead of Frederick to earn second place, while Frederick secured the bronze. Weston Schempf (Charm City Cycling LLC), who had to forego an early lead due to a mechanical problem, rallied to finish fifth.

"I could see them," Wilichoski said of Case and Frederick. "I had a good gap like two laps in then I started fading a little bit and I started making mistakes and I’m looking back and they are closing and my eyes are blowing out of my head. It was everything I had to keep it together."

Dylan McNicholas (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) rode away with the men's 30-34 race to cap the day's racing. McNicholas opened a 30-second lead after the first lap. As the sun set during the race allowing the ground to harden slightly, McNicholas flew through his second lap in 8:56 before finishing his third circuit in only 9:01 to help him win the first national championship of his career.

With the top step of the podium decided, a three-rider bunch fought for second, third and fourth. Matthew Pacocha (BikeRadar.com), Robert Marion (American Classic Pro Team) and Jake Wells (Stan's NoTubes) offered no quarter in their battle. Pacocha attacked the group late to secure the silver medal. Marion saved his best lap for last to edge Wells by four seconds to earn the bronze medal.

"I made my way through traffic, I started at the back. Made contact with the leaders on the first lap over the top of the hill. I went over the top a bit faster and that's where I got my gap. And just tried to grow it."

Full Results

Masters Men - 30-34
1 Dylan McNicholas (Cyclocrossworld/Cannondale Cyclocrossworld) 0:45:25  
2 Matthew Pacocha (BikeRadar.com) 0:01:54  
3 Robert Marion (American Classic Pro Team) 0:02:44  
4 Jake Wells (Stan's NoTubes) 0:02:48  
5 Brad Cole (KCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge Tires) 0:03:20  
6 Kevin McConnell (Iowa City Cycling Club/Mercy-Specialized)    
7 Andrew Wulfkuhle (Charm City Cycling LLC) 0:03:21  
8 John Curry (Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club/Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Archite) 0:03:44  
9 Tom Burke (Midwest Cycling Group) 0:04:01  
10 Andrew Coe (Ethos Racing) 0:04:02  
11 Damian Schmitt 0:04:09  
12 Stephen Cummings (Charm City Cycling LLC) 0:04:41  
13 William Iaia 0:04:43  
14 Matthew Fox (Silverado Gallery/ Sunnyside Sports)    
15 Michael Hemme 0:05:17  
16 Daniel Miller (Walt's Bike Shop) 0:05:23  
17 Christopher Fisher (Crossniacs) 0:05:36  
18 Colin Reuter (crossresults.com/crossresults.com p/b JRA Cycles) 0:06:23  
19 Richard Bardwell (Cycle-Smart Inc.) 0:06:30  
20 Christopher Bagg 0:08:18  
21 Brett Pirie (ColoBikeLaw.com) 0:08:52  
22 Ross Cerniglia (My Wife Inc) 0:09:00  
23 John Kurtz (Flatlandia Cycling Team) 0:09:14  
24 Jason Knauff (Burnham Racing) 0:09:36  
25 Luke Winger (Lees-McRae College) 0:09:54  
26 Jon Hernandez (Cyclocrossracing.com) 0:09:55  
27 Scott Smith (TVB Race/ Tomato Head) 0:10:08  
28 Jess Parker (Scuderia Superleggera) 0:10:10  
29 Jay Kwan (The TEAM /The TEAM - SoCalCross)   -1lap  
30 Colby Lash    
31 Ted Burger (Flatlandia Cycling Team)    
32 Marc Wolman (Campanohvac/Breakawaybikes.com/Campanohvac/breakawaybikes.com)    
33 Chad Cheeney (Durango Devo)    
34 Benjamin Demong (ABD Cycling Club/ABD Cycling Team)    
35 Edwin Bagley (Rhythm Racing)    
36 Michael Roecklein (Stage 17 Racing)    
37 Brian Fuhrmann    
DNS Matthew Bartlett    
DNS Patrick Blair (Adventures for the Cure)    
DNS Micheal Jernigan (Team Kappius)    
DNS Jeff Kluck (SC Velo/Powerade - Independent Fabrication)    
DNS Daniel Pollard (Rhythm Racing)    
DNS Cory Swihart (INDIEBIKE.COM)    
DNS Jordan Villella (Team CF)    
DNF Daniel Dolney (V.C. Bikesport)    
Masters Men - 35-39
1 Brian Wilichoski (Cyclocrossworld) 0:48:15  
2 Christopher Case (Feedback Sports Racing) 0:00:10  
3 Scott Frederick (Inland/Back to Dirt) 0:00:12  
4 Weston Schempf (Charm City Cycling LLC) 0:00:57  
5 Justin Robinson (California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 0:01:32  
6 Jesse Rients (KUHL) 0:01:35  
7 Craig Faulkner (Crossniacs) 0:02:02  
8 Michael Gallagher 0:02:09  
9 Grant Berry 0:02:46  
10 Chandler Delinks (Cyclocrossworld) 0:03:03  
11 Andrew Messer (Don Galligher-DRT Consulting/DRT Racing) 0:03:51  
12 Joshua Roeser (Crossniacs) 0:04:05  
13 Darian Founds (Southern Colorado Velo) 0:04:12  
14 Travis Donn (Ethos Racing) 0:04:45  
15 John Bailey (Bailey Bikes) 0:05:08  
16 Grant Holicky 0:05:15  
17 David Staab (Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)) 0:05:18  
18 Christopher Newlin 0:05:22  
19 Aaron Bouplon (RockyMounts Izze Racing) 0:06:00  
20 Brian Parker (xXx Racing) 0:06:44  
21 Zach Lail (Mock Orange Bikes/SmartStop / Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley) 0:06:57  
22 Alex Work (Bay 11/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross/Bay 11/HRS/Rock Lobster) 0:07:02  
23 Donald Snoop Jr (Verge Sport/Test Pilot) 0:07:33  
24 Luke Seemann (xXx Racing) 0:07:41  
25 Jason Wagner (Flatlandia Cycling Team) 0:07:44  
26 Brett Rothmeyer (Fort Pitt Velo) 0:07:45  
27 Jonathan Coln (RockyMounts Izze Racing) 0:08:09  
28 Noah Marcus (Greenstreet Velo Club) 0:08:13  
29 Jp Brocket (Ethos Racing) 0:08:35  
30 Dave Oneill 0:08:50  
31 Sanjay Ganju (Trek Midwest Team) 0:08:56  
32 Chris Ramsey    
33 Ryan Jacobsen (Atlas Cycling Team) 0:09:21  
34 Lee Unwin 0:09:30  
35 Eric Drummer (Alberto's Sport) 0:09:47  
36 Mark Bowers 0:10:15  
37 Jay Moncel (Wolverine Sports Club) 0:10:52  
38 Greg Heck 0:11:01  
39 Mark Harms (HTFU Racing/5Nines Cycling) 0:11:08  
40 Michael Seek (Tri Cities Road Club/MSG Cyclocross) 0:11:31  
41 Andy Hoenisch 0:11:40  
42 Michael James   -2laps  
43 Marc Engelhardt    
44 Gary Baisa (Brazen Dropouts)    
45 James Billiter (Bio Wheels Racing)    
46 Eric Rydholm (GS Boulder/Trek Store)    
47 Keith Snoop    
48 Ronald Knutowski (Twin Six)    
49 Louis Kuhn    
50 Daniel Wheeler (Gopher Wheelmen/County Cycles)    
51 Matthew Block (Bikeman.com)    
52 Thomas Gerdes (Hampshire Cycle Club)    
53 Chad Dean (HTFU Racing/5Nines Cycling)    
54 Eric Brandt (Team Wisconsin/KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin)    
55 Nathan Jacques (Magnus)    
56 Jason Roggenbauer (Wheel Fast Racing)   -3laps  
57 Hayes Sanborn (Spidermonkey Cycling)    
58 Jeff Doolittle    
59 Paolo Urizar    
60 Andrew Anderson (xXx Racing)    
61 Nathan Phelps (Big Ring Flyers)    
62 Carlos Cabalu (Campanohvac/Breakawaybikes.com/Campanohvac/breakawaybikes.com)    
DNS Christopher Jensen (ROBOTS <3)    
DNS Dave Knauff (Half Acre Cycling)    
DNS Daniel Larino (Century Road Club Of America/Pete's Bike & Fitness)    
DNS Adam Birr (Team Beat CX)    
DNS Molly Cameron (MetaFilter - Portland Bicycle Studio)    
DNS Oliver Vrambout (The Bikery Du Nord)    
DNS Andrew Weir    
DNS Kervin Quinones    
DNS Stephen Riskus (Western Howard County Cycling)    
DNF Daniel Studley (Mafia Racing/Pabst/Felt/Mafia Racing)    
Masters Men 40-44
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Brandon Dwight (Boulder Cycle Sport) 0:48:34  
2 Peter Webber (Boulder Cycle Sport) 0:00:19  
3 Adam Myerson (Mock Orange Bikes/SmartStop / Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley) 0:01:54  
4 Michael Yozell (Kapelmuur Independent) 0:02:47  
5 Mark Savery (Midwest Cycling Community NE) 0:03:13  
6 Michael Wissink 0:03:29  
7 Brian Hludzinski (Boulder Cycle Sport) 0:04:20  
8 Shawn Mitchell 0:04:28  
9 Scott Mclaughlin (SRAM Factory) 0:04:39  
10 Michael Robson (Moots) 0:05:03  
11 Kenny Wehn (NoTubes Race Team) 0:05:26  
12 Shadd Smith (KCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge Tires) 0:05:33  
13 Edwin Bull (Van Dessel Factory Team) 0:05:34  
14 Kristopher Auer (Charm City Cycling LLC) 0:05:46  
15 Kevin Klug (The Pony Shop) 0:06:15  
16 Mike Stewart (Tri Cities Road Club/MSG Cyclocross) 0:06:20  
17 Paul Rades (The November Bicycles /The November Bicycles CX Experience) 0:06:21  
18 Gregory Keller (Boulder Cycle Sport) 0:06:38  
19 David Hejduk (36 Racing) 0:06:40  
20 Michael Gaertner (Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDAVR)/Vertical Earth) 0:07:16  
21 William Elliston (Mid Atlantic Cycling Club) 0:07:32  
22 Dwayne Goscinski (Dogfish Racing Team) 0:07:33  
23 Shawn Harshman (Boulder Cycle Sport) 0:07:37  
24 Christopher Smith (Hup United) 0:07:54  
25 William Stolte (TradeWind Energy Cycling Team) 0:08:13  
26 Jeff Weinert (Wolverine Sports Club) 0:09:06  
27 Curtis Boivin (Cyclocrossracing.com) 0:09:09  
28 John Behrens (Bailey Bikes) 0:09:39  
29 Erik Enyedy (Village-Verdigris Cycling/Verdigris-Village CX Team) 0:09:40  
30 Aaron Swanson 0:10:02  
31 Patrick Russell (Wolverine Sports Club) 0:10:31  
32 Jay Thomas (Midwest Cycling Community NE) 0:12:04  
33 Jon Gallagher (Cole Sport) 0:12:07  
-3laps Walid Abu Ghazaleh (The Pony Shop)    
-3laps David Peters (Brazen Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team)    
-3laps Gerald Chabot (Cyclocrossracing.com)    
-3laps Michael Birner (Western Howard County Cycling/Sportif Coaching Group/BPB)    
-3laps Peter Hills (Team Dayton Bicycling/MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING)    
-3laps Jay Henderson (Silver Cycling/SilverCycling)    
-3laps Paul Roltgen (Brazen Dropouts)    
-3laps Matthew Opperman    
-3laps Charles Von Isenburg (Mock Orange Bikes)    
-3laps Douglas Hudson (Feedback Sports Racing)    
-3laps Mike Scalise (Village-Verdigris Cycling/Verdigris-Village CX Team)    
-3laps Hugh Moran (Asheville Bicycle Racing Club)    
-3laps Jeffrey Bannink (Team Type 1)    
-3laps Timothy Cannard (WWW.BUY-CELL.COM)    
-3laps Dan Farrell    
-3laps Andrew Allwein (7 Hills Racing Inc)    
-3laps Travis Oliger (Durango Wheel Club)    
-3laps Kirk Grynwald    
-3laps Patrick Gallegos    
-3laps Ted Burns (Bell Lap Racing/Team Bell Lap)    
-3laps Wade Loberger (Team Wheel & Sprocket)    
-3laps Chris Goehrig (Team Madcross)    
-3laps Kevin Anderberg    
-4laps Tristan Whitehead (xXx Racing)    
-4laps Matthew Lysne    
-4laps William Knudson (Planet Bike)    
-4laps Quentin Gniot (Big Ring Flyers)    
-4laps Ara Oggoian (Team Bicycle Heaven)    
-4laps Chris Buonomo (Campanohvac/Breakawaybikes.com/Campanohvac/breakawaybikes.com)    
-4laps Dan Mallek (Village-Verdigris Cycling/Verdigris-Village CX Team)    
-4laps Jason Digman (Dig It Cycling)    
-4laps Tyson Schwiesow (CZ Velo)    
-4laps Reed Cornia    
-4laps Bryan Rheude (The Pony Shop)    
-4laps Tom Sybert (Velo Club Roubaix Inc)    
-4laps Trent Donat (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing/Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team)    
-4laps Ian Dewar (California Giant Cycling/California Giant Cycling)    
-4laps Don Iwen    
-4laps Travis Goodlund (Team Madcross)    
-4laps Robert Schrank (Team Type 1)    
-4laps Trey Smith (Cycle-Therapy GA)    
-4laps Scott Shapiro (Magnus)    
DNS Corey Green (Zephyr Wheel Sports)    
DNS Justin Serna    
DNS Mason O'neal (Team Cycle Progression)    
DNS Christopher Macfarland (xXx Racing)    
DNS Charles Parmain (Bicycles of Tulsa)    
DNS Paul-Brian Mcinerney (Half Acre Cycling)    
DNS Joe Curtes (Twin Six)    
DNS Brian Staby (Bay 11/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross)    
DNS John Flack (CBC Racing/Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Cycling T)    
DNS Jonathan Lombardo (Finkraft)    
DNS Ronald Williams (Velo Duluth)    
DNS Robert Kendall (Clarksville Schwinn/Rapid Transit)    
DNS Todd Prekaski (Cyclocrossworld/Cannondale Cyclocrossworld)    
DNS Adam Duncan (Finkraft)    
DNS Jeff Yielding (Hermann Cycling/Revolution Cycles)    
DNS Otto Schug (WebCyclery Racing/WebCyclery.com)    
DNF Marc Vettori (Charm City Cycling LLC)    
DNF Brian Conant (The Pony Shop)    
DNF Maurice Gamanho (Van Dessel Factory Team)    
DNF Jeff Curtes    
DNF Christopher Quinn (Magnus)    
DNF Timothy Hall (NashvilleCyclist.com)    
Masters Men 45-49
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Donald Myrah 0:49:10  
2 Jon Cariveau (Moots) 0:00:58  
3 James Coats (California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 0:02:34  
4 Gannon Myall (California Giant Cycling) 0:02:41  
5 Greg Ferguson (Cape Atlantic Racing/Beaconcycling.com) 0:03:06  
6 Tim Butler 0:03:49  
7 Samuel Morse (Corner Cycle Cycling Club) 0:04:18  
8 Donald Seib (Bikeman.com) 0:04:39  
9 Keith Lucas (Scheller's Racing Team)    
10 Michael Hogan (Team Kappius) 0:04:42  
11 Jonathan Card 0:05:05  
12 Christando Lombardo (Village-Verdigris Cycling) 0:05:12  
13 Jeffrey Hall (Team Kappius)    
14 Frederick Rose (BikeReg.com Cycling Club) 0:05:36  
15 John Mundelius (California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 0:05:52  
16 David Weber (RockyMounts Izze Racing) 0:05:58  
17 Tim Boundy (Village-Verdigris Cycling/Verdigris-Village CX Team) 0:06:19  
18 Newt Cole (The Pony Shop) 0:06:31  
19 Jeffrey Appeltans (Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org/Mambo Kings Racing) 0:06:36  
20 James Cochran (Atlas Cycling Team/Atlas Cycling) 0:06:48  
21 Michael Mcshane (Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc/Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex) 0:07:14  
22 Michael Curtes (Twin Six) 0:07:35  
23 Gregory Ferguson (Trek Midwest Team) 0:07:48  
24 Richard Mcclung (Lake Washington Velo)    
25 Brian Koeneman (Team Wheel & Sprocket) 0:08:15  
26 Paul Schoening (Team Plan C) 0:08:35  
27 Darron Cheek (CROSS PROPZ RACING)    
28 Greg Gorrell (Feedback Sports Racing) 0:08:53  
29 Robert Sonora (Colavita Racing Inc.) 0:09:20  
30 Bill Teasdale (CROSS PROPZ RACING) 0:09:21  
31 Carl Boni (Rapid Racing) 0:10:19  
-2laps Steven Brady (Old Town Bicycle (OTB))    
-2laps John Paul Mccarthy (SRAM Factory)    
-2laps Bryan Harwood    
-2laps John Ericsson (Team Madcross)    
-2laps James Nowak (ABD Cycling Club/ABD Cycling Team)    
-2laps Paul Warloski (My Wife Inc)    
-2laps John Riley (Trek Midwest Team)    
-2laps Doug Karet    
-2laps Joseph Bellante (Bio Wheels Racing)    
-2laps Michael Schulze (Bio Wheels Racing)    
-2laps Andy Swartz (Brazen Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team)    
-2laps Christopher Tirone (Buffalo Bicycling Club Inc./French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar)    
-2laps Mike Norman (The Pony Shop)    
-2laps Timothy Theobald (Hollander RDC/Hollander Benelux Racing p/b Badger Allo)    
-2laps Robert Dietrick (Genesee Valley Cycling Club/Minerva Design Cycling Team)    
-2laps John Stonebarger (Mass Bay Road Club)    
-2laps Jeffrey Chambers (Scheller's Racing Team)    
-2laps Chris Hammer (Wheel Fast Racing)    
-2laps James Brady (The Pony Shop)    
-2laps James Stathas (Montrose Cycling Club/Montrose Bike Shop- CW Builders)    
-2laps Don Maschka (North Iowa Spin)    
-3laps Jeffrey Hilligoss (Angry Catfish)    
-3laps David Hagen (Fort Lewis College)    
-3laps Kevin Flowers (Wheel Fast Racing)    
-3laps Brian Petted (Team Extreme)    
-3laps Mark Beatty (Twisted Spokes Racing Team)    
-3laps Chris Freter (ALAN North America Cycling)    
-3laps Stephen Gaffield (Brazen Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team)    
-3laps Ian Kennedy    
-4laps Scott Bond (Speedway Wheelmen)    
DNS Scott Olson (Tread Head Cycling)    
DNS Ralf Warmuth (Highland Park Hermes)    
DNS Scott Peterson    
DNS James Klages (Veda Cycling)    
DNS Paul Richard (Cyclocrossworld)    
DNS Jon Suyko (The Pony Shop)    
DNS Charles Clark (Cycle-Therapy GA)    
DNF Alec Petro (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)    
DNF Robert Womack (Smyrna Bicycles)    
DNF Daniel Casper (Revolution Cycle and Ski)    
DNF Dave Eckel (Team Wisconsin/KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin)    
DNF Steve Laurel    
DNF Tim Skinner    
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