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USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships 2012

Date range:
January 4- 8, 2012

January 06, 60-64:

Osborne, White earn stars-and-stripes jerseys

Cycling News
January 07, 2012, 3:42 GMT,
January 07, 2012, 3:45 GMT

Anderberg, Lach also claim junior women's titles

The junior women's 13-14 racers competed in the second race of the day. Mina Anderberg (Sports T.E.A.M.-T.E.A.M. Fuji) rode away with the third national title of her career by outlasting Wisconsin-native and multi-time national champ on the road Skylar Schneider. Anderberg was able to open a gap on Schneider by riding up a run-up.

"It went awesome, I did exactly what I wanted," Anderberg said. "It was perfect conditions for me, I love the mud, and it was just really good."

In the junior women's 10-12 race, 11-year-old Sydney Lach (Queen City Wheels-Lionhearts) credited a fast start to her winning the first national title of her career. Lach was over a minute faster than her closest competitor on the first lap and she completed her second lap two minutes faster than any other rider in her age group.

As the sun shone on the course and the ground loosened further, the junior women's 17-18 field contested their three-lap race. Wisconsin-native Corrie Osborne (ISCorp Cycling Team) and Allison Arensman (Fiets Maan Racing) turned in an opening lap 20 seconds faster than the next rider. Osborne's second lap opened a 26-second margin on Arensman before winning the race by 1:14 to secure the second national title of her career.

"My coach was building me up to this race so I'm at my peak right now." Osborne said. "So its really good."

The junior women's 15-16 event started just one minute after the 17-18 group started. It took until the first climb of the first lap for Emma White ( to establish herself as the cream of the crop. She started passing riders in the 17-18 race by the first climb and crossed the line third with one lap remaining. Her strong start of her race allowed her to win by 31 seconds.

"I tend to have good starts, I feel strong in my starts," White said. "So I like to take advantage of them and see where I can go."

Full Results

Women - Junior - 10-12
1 Sydney Lach (Queen City Wheels/Lionhearts) 0:28:51  
2 Carrley Smith (Boulder Junior Cycling) 0:03:11  
3 Ella Neurohr (Chicago Cuttin Crew) 0:05:25  
4 Petra Schmidtmann (Black Sheep Cycles) 0:05:53  
5 Morgan Fortin (Goathead Jr. Devo) 0:05:55  
6 Emma Osborne (ISCorp Cycling Team) 0:05:56  
7 Vianne Hibner-Hereford (Goathead Jr. Devo) 0:13:19  
8 Anna Savage (Minuteman Road Club) 0:15:16  
9 Tess Anderson (Spin Doctor Cyclewerks Cycling Club/Spin Doctor Cyclewerks) 0:20:31  
Women - Junior - 13-14
1 Mina Anderberg (Sports T.E.A.M./T.E.A.M. Fuji) 0:22:40  
2 Skylar Schneider 0:00:07  
3 Ashley Zoerner (Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co) 0:01:55  
4 Frances Haley (Red Zone Cycling) 0:02:24  
5 Gina Johnson (Village-Verdigris Cycling) 0:03:14  
6 Veda Gerasimek (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock/Young Medalists / Team Rothrock) 0:03:46  
7 Anya Malarski (Gopher Wheelmen/Gopher Wheelman) 0:04:49  
8 Eden Webb (Red Zone Cycling) 0:05:37  
9 Kennedy Adams (WAS Labs Cycling) 0:05:52  
10 Hannah Eckvahl (The TEAM) 0:05:53  
11 Emily Croft (James River Velo Sport) 0:06:05  
12 Alijah Beatty (Twisted Spokes Racing Team) 0:06:39  
13 Hannah Arensman 0:08:29  
14 Hailey Fortin (Get Out! New Mexico) 0:08:38  
15 Kate Dietrich (Red Zone Cycling) 0:10:59  
Women - Junior - 15-16
1 Emma White ( 0:36:29  
2 Tiziana Dehorney (Get Out! New Mexico) 0:00:31  
3 Laurel Rathbun (JET Cycling) 0:01:20  
4 Andrea Casebolt (Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW) 0:01:45  
5 Victoria Gates (Tenet Racing/J.A.M. Fund / NCC) 0:02:08  
6 Katherine Santos (Red Zone Cycling) 0:02:44  
7 Ksenia Lepikhina (Boulder Junior Cycling) 0:03:09  
8 Rachel Dobrozsi (Queen City Wheels/Lionhearts) 0:04:31  
9 Melissa Seib ( 0:05:40  
10 Mccauley Smith (Boulder Junior Cycling) 0:06:15  
11 Mackenzie Green (Queen City Wheels) 0:07:21  
12 Rachael Jensen (Racers Against Childhood Caner/Team Geargrinder) 0:10:25  
13 Danielle Mullis (Wolverine Sports Club) 0:12:46  
DNS Emma Swartz (Brazen Dropouts/Junior Dropouts)    
DNS Emily Falk (Red Zone Cycling)    
Women - Junior - 17-18
1 Corrie Osborne (ISCorp Cycling Team) 0:34:25  
2 Allison Arensman (Fiets Maan Racing) 0:01:14  
3 Erin Donohue (Woodstock Bicycle Club/Killington Mountain School Cycling Team) 0:01:56  
4 Bailey Semian (Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club) 0:01:57  
5 Sarah Huang (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12/Exergy TWENTY12) 0:01:59  
6 Ellen Noble (Trek) 0:02:37  
7 Hannah Finchamp (The TEAM /The TEAM - SoCalCross) 0:04:22  
8 Elizabeth White (Blue Steel Cyclery) 0:04:27  
9 Karen Brocket (Ethos Racing) 0:05:54  
10 Madeleine Myall (California Giant Cycling) 0:06:34  
11 Catherine Maier (Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW) 0:07:19  
12 Anna Milton (Minuteman Road Club) 0:07:33