Wells and Mata win 2012 US Marathon MTB titles

Elite and amateur champions crowned in Bend

USA Cycling crowned 15 national champions on Saturday at Wanoga Sno Park in Bend, Oregon, at the 2012 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Marathon National Championships. An overnight rainstorm was not enough to tamp down the dust on the course.

Three-time Olympian Todd Wells (Specialized Racing) added another Stars-and Stripes jersey to his closet after winning the elite men's race ahead of Carl Decker (Giant Factory) and the 2011 national champion, Adam Craig (Rabobank-Giant). Wells, who also won this year's short track national title, completed the 54-mile course in 3:36:52, only 35 seconds faster than Decker and one minute faster than Craig.

Wells and Craig worked together in the early stages of the elite men's race, opening a large gap on the field. With about five miles remaining in the race, Wells dropped Craig and accelerated to the finish line. Decker drilled it late in the race and passed Craig into second place with about 1.5 miles remaining in the race.

Monique "Pua" Mata (Sho-Air) repeated as the elite women's national champion as she finished 9:13 ahead of the runner-up in the 2011 race Kelli Emmett (Giant Mountain Bike Team) and Sarah "Sari" Anderson (Honey Stinger-Trek). Mata earned the top step of the podium after she finished the race in 4:09:35. Emmett was 11 minutes ahead of third-place rider Anderson.

Bradford Perley (Cannondale) won the senior men's 19-29 race by just over three minutes. Perley finished the course in 4:03:36 while his closest competitor, Ryan Chandler, finished in 4:06:49. Billy Damon (Folsom Bike-Mercedes Benz) won the master men's 30-34 race with a time of 4:04:20 while Kyle Dixon (Velo Reno p/b Tamarack Junction) earned the Stars-and-Stripes jersey after winning the masters men 35-39 race. Dario Fredrick (Whole Athlete-Specialized) won the masters men's 40-44 contest after riding 54 miles in 4:08:29. Brian Taylor (Team Ascent Idaho) earned the gold medal after winning the masters men's 45-49 contest. Local cycling legend, Paul Thomasberg, won the masters men's 50-59 contest by only two minutes over Jeffery Otto. Randy Beckner (Montana Velo) won the masters men's 60-69 race by 20 minutes.

In the men's singlespeed race, Cary Smith (Team CF) took the top prize after finishing in 4:03:44. Cody Peterson rode away with the silver medal after completing the course in 4:06:53. Jamie Busch rode away with the women's singlespeed race, winning by nearly 23 minutes.

In the women's age-group championship races, Kimberly Fong (Cycles Fanatic Factory Racing) won the senior women's race by nearly an hour. Fong's time of 5:21:29 was 54:26 faster than second-place Kyla McDermott's (Bikebarnracing.com) mark of 6:15:55. Rachel Hadley won the masters women's 30-39 contest by 11 minutes. Helene Drumm (Whole Athlete-Specialized) rode away with the masters women's 40-49 race after completing her race in 4:57:48. Ellen Guthrie (Revolution Cafe Rio) posted the largest margin of the day. Guthrie won the masters women's 50-and-up race with a time of 5:37:01. Her closest competitor, Fredde Foster completed the race in 7:11:16.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Wells (Specialized Racing)3:36:52 
2Carl Decker (Giant Factory)0:00:35 
3Adam Craig (Rabobank/Giant Offroad Team)0:01:00 
4Barry Wicks (Kona)0:05:05 
5Alexander Grant (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:07:30 
6Spencer Paxson (Kona Bicycles)0:10:51 
7Stephen Ettinger (Wenatchee Valley Velo)0:13:31 
8Dana Weber0:18:40 
9Evan Plews0:19:18 
10Peter Ostroski (Wild Things/rocky Mountain)0:21:29 
11Brett Nichols  
12Kalan Beisel (Mtb Pro Team: Orbea-Tuff Shed)  
13Sean Babcock  
14Nick Truitt (Yeti Pactimo Pro Xc)  
15Brennan Wodtli  
16Clinton Claassen  
17Anthony Canevari (Sho-Air/specialized)  
18Sloane Anderson (Proair/hfa)  
19Brent Pontius (Roosters/bikers Edge-Ut)  
20Chris Peariso (Adventure 212)  
21Patrick Means (Team S&m)  
22Kevin Bradford-Parish  
23Nathan Brown  
24Sam Young  
25Nathaniel English (Uci Ct: Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team)  
26Alex Wild  
27Christopher Parrish (Uci Ct: Team Optum P/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)  
28Nitish Nag (Nrl Racing Development Team)  
29Sean White (Family Cycling Center)  
30Alex Boone (Helens Racing)  
DNFColin Cares  
DNFJeffery Frost (Absolute Bikes Team)  
DNFJeremy Horgan-Kobelski  
DNFIan Mullins (Team Stanley)  
DNFJason Sager  
DNFBenjamin Bostrom  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pua Mata (Sho-Air)4:09:35 
2Kelli Emmett (Giant Mountain Bike Team)0:09:13 
3Sarah Anderson0:20:34 
4Serena Gordon0:25:41 
5Kelly Boniface (Moots)0:39:47 
6Jana Repulski (Broken Spoke Cycling)0:40:38 
7Jari Kirkland0:44:19 
8Jessica Cerra (Focus Bicycles Usa)0:50:44 
9Mary Ann Ozier0:53:28 
10Tonya Bray (Mtbchick.Com)1:09:07 
11Anna Dvorak (Bear Valley Bikes)  
12Tammy Sadle (Mtb Pro Team: Honey Stinger/bontrager Off Road)  
DNFBethann Orton  
DNFEvelyn Dong  
DNFEmily Kipp (Mt Alpha Cycling)  
Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cary Smith (Team Cf)  
2Cody Peterson  
3Aj Linnell  
4Ryan Voss  
5Joshua Krattiger (Joyride Cycles-Id)  
6Jason Betz ((w)reck.Less Racing Team/(w)reck.Less Racing)  
7Ron Shevock (Independent Fabrication Racing)  
8Rob Lockey (Optimize Endurance Services/bikesource/optimize Endurance Services)  
9William Jacobus (Us Military Cycling Team Fueled By Frs)  
DNFAlex Phipps (Broken Spoke Cycling)  
Singlespeed women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jamie Busch  
2Rebecca (becky) Bjork  
3Alice Drobna (Webcyclery.Com/webcyclery Racing)  
4Michele Bliss (Team Kappius)  
DNFHeidi Volpe  
Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bradford Perley (Champion System/cannondale)  
2Ryan Chandler  
3Joel Titius  
4Austin Line  
5Joseph Petrowski (Primal - 1st Bank)  
6Keith Wong (Nrl Racing Development Team)  
7Kirk Turner (Bikeman.Com)  
8Brian Funk (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)  
9Connor McCutcheon  
10Benjamin Ragains (Team Indoor Power)  
11Nathan Helming  
12Jeffrey Stern (Platinum Performance Cycling Team)  
13Jordan Anderson (Owens Healthcare)  
14Joseph Williams  
15Patrick Barrett (Pirate Race Productions)  
16Jacob Brewer (Herring Gas Cycling)  
17Sean Duckett  
18Billy Bergen (Bikebarnracing.Com)  
DNFSean Lewis  
Men 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Billy Damon (Folsom Bike/mercedes Benz)  
2John Merrill  
3Casey Hill  
4Dustin Gillingham  
5Matt McCourtney (Whole Athlete-Specialized/whole Athlete)  
6Aaron Hagge  
7Barry Croker (Cycleton)  
8Andrio Abero  
9Justin Berndt (Pabst/ Mafia Racing)  
10Derek Eysenbach  
11Brian Gerow  
12Kaehl Dale (Look! Save A Life/gs Casella)  
DNFAndrew Vaughn  
DNFTyson Lashbrook (Pabst/ Mafia Racing)  
DNFRyan McGlone  
DNFAdam Jensen (Team Hammer Nutrition)  
DNFBrett Butler  
Men 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kyle Dixon (Velo Reno P/b Tamarack Junction)  
2Ty Kady  
3Scott Leonard  
4Trent Ford (Blackstar Racing)  
5Stuart Gonzalez  
6Shawn Rader  
7Tyler Miller  
8Alex Smith (Team Clover)  
9Brian Butler  
10Andy Olsson  
11Kent McNeill (Midwest Cycling Community NE)  
12Thomas Grant (Boise Cycling Club)  
13Jason Kettrick (Audi/kryki Sports)  
14Corey Scobie (Watch4net/Powered by JAKROO)  
15Willem Vanderwerff  
16Mark Schafer (Eastside Cycles-Idaho)  
17Marco Arocha (Rnr/b4b)  
18Nathan Brown  
19Jon McGee (Blackstar Racing)  
20Grant Cutler (Metromint Cycling)  
21Jorma Mueller  
22Chad Willems  
23John Trefethen (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)  
24Derek Delpero (Bicycle Sport Shop Mountain Bike Team)  
25Adrian Tamblin (Red Peloton)  
DNFDerek Oldfield  
DNFChristian Martin  
DNFBrian Cavanagh (George's/BODE)  
Men 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dario Fredrick (Whole Athlete-Specialized/whole Athlete)  
2Rob McGee (Blackstar Racing)  
3Stosh Bankston (Bicycle Emporium)  
4Shawn Hadley  
5Edward Micek (Bendbroadband/webcyclery/bendbroadband/webcyclery Racing)  
6Adnan Kadir (St Louis Cycling Club)  
7Ricky Willis  
8Jon Hyatt (Team Bicycles Plus/sierra Nevada/team Bicycles Plus)  
9Carl Sanders  
10Jesse Luckett  
11Todd Meier (Red Lantern Racing-Idaho)  
12Sandor Lengyel  
13Scott Bradway  
14Christopher Pic  
15Kelsey Aldrich  
16Ron Castia (Watch4net/powered By Jakroo/east Bay Cyclists)  
17Mike Pinsker  
18Brad Mitchell  
19Jody White (Broken Spoke Cycling)  
20Jeff Sigman  
21Richard Kirby  
22Steven Gustafson (Eastside Cycles-Idaho)  
23Robert Lee  
24John Flack (Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Cycling T/cbc Racing)  
25Brody Anderson  
26Tor Jensen  
DNFMario Correa  
DNFBrian Finnerty  
DNFJustin Madison (Fuji-Oval Racing)  
Men 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Taylor (Team Ascent Idaho)  
2Bruce Rogers  
3John Hunt (Whole Athlete-Specialized/whole Athlete)  
4Alec Petro (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)  
5Alex Gallego (Mbw Racing/team Stampede/five Valley Velo)  
6William Darrah  
7Eric Martin (Canyon Bicycles-Draper/velocity Cyclists/canyon Bicycles)  
8Michael Brown  
9Erik Week  
10Hank Dart  
DNFPaul Lennon (Owens Healthcare)  
DNFTom Rosencrantz (Taleo Racing)  
DNFCurtis Kimble (Red Peloton)  
DNFWilliam Sullivan  
DNFJon Gould (Eastside Cycles-Idaho)  
DNFStephen Biggs  
DNFPerry Brooks  
DNFScot Kellar  
Men 50-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul Thomasberg  
2Jeffery Otto  
3Terry Duran (Birmingham Velo)  
4Scott Seaton  
5Ray Brust (Boca Hawaii)  
6Peter Tempest  
7Mark Gouge (Team Kappius)  
8Frank Benzing  
9Timothy Harmon  
10Jeff Townsend  
11Marland Whaley  
12Marty Cunningham (Sustainable Cycling)  
13Douglas McKenzie (Fightin' Bobas)  
14Shawn Grossman  
15Henry Gertje  
16Scott Martin (Team Bicycle Trip/symantec)  
17Jim Gentes  
18Timothy Crum  
19Christopher Holmes (Folsom Bike/mercedes Benz)  
20Mark Miller  
21William Salter (Look! Save A Life/gs Casella)  
22Andrew Kemp  
23Ray Fox  
24Matt Falkenstein  
DNFJon Magnuson (Chinook Cycling Club, Inc)  
DNFKevin Hines (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)  
DNFLowell Petersen (Midwest Cycling Community NE)  
DNFChris Baker (Team Bicycle Trip/Symantec)  
DNFCarl Canaparo  
Men 60-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Randy Beckner (Montana Velo)  
2Dwight Hibdon  
3Don Leet (Bend Endurance Academy)  
4Richard Latorraca  
5Kevin Weitz  
6Stan Ford  
7Charlie Wirtz  
8Andy Andrews (Sun Summit Cycling Club)  
9Robert Nichols  
10Robert Dahlgren  
11Gary Bridges (Peninsula Velo Racing/peninsula Velo Cycling Club)  
DNFWilliam Turner (Bikeman.com)  
Women 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kimberly Fong (Cycles Fanatic Factory Racing)  
2Kyla McDermott (Bikebarnracing.Com)  
Women 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachel Hadley  
2Erin Alders  
3Heather Lyman  
4Claire Duncan  
5Karin Edwards  
6Jennifer Johnson  
7Rachel Cieslewicz  
8Michelle Mills  
9Jana Woodruff (Broken Spoke Cycling)  
DNFMichelle Peariso (Adventure 212)  
Women 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Helene Drumm (Whole Athlete-Specialized/whole Athlete)  
2Lisa Belair  
3Elizabeth Pinsker  
4Sarah Halvorson (Mbw Racing/team Stampede/five Valley Velo)  
5Laura Trace  
6Cherie Touchette (Webcyclery Racing)  
7Liv Jensen (Mud Honey)  
8Julie Browning  
DNFAngela Mart (WebCyclery.com)  
DNFLinda McGee (Blackstar Racing)  
Women 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ellen Guthrie (Revolution Cafe Rio)  
2Fredde Foster  


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