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March 04, Downhill:

Brosnan and Hannah win Gravity Cup overall in Awaba

Cycling News
March 05, 2012, 16:10 GMT,
March 05, 2012, 16:31 GMT

Hill and Mathison win last round

Elite men

Racing took place in the final round at Awaba this weekend, the first time a national level mountain bike race has been held in the Hunter Valley. Conditions were treacherous for all riders due to the extreme rain in the region over the last week.

In the elite men's race, former world champion Sam Hill came down the long course as the second-last rider, as he has done for most of the series, with his Saturday seeding run being second-fastest to Brosnan. Again, like most of the series, Hill set the fastest time of the day (3:57.32) on his run.

What would mark today as different would be the end result, for the first time this season Hill's time would stand as the fastest of the day, with Brosnan coming down in a time (3:59.32) that was exactly 2.00 seconds behind Hill's.

"I've been close the last few races, but it hasn't gone down the way I wanted it to," said Hill. "It's good to not let him (Brosnan) win all of the series. It's good to get first for a change."

Speaking of the track and the conditions, Hill said, "It's a tough track, it's easy to make mistakes. I just tried to ride smooth, and carry as much speed as I could."

After a long off-season, Hill is looking forward to overseas racing. "It's good that the World Cup Season is finally here, I've been training hard since the start of November, I feel like I've got some good form."

Brosnan, crowned as the national champion last weekend is also the reigning junior world champion. He has had a season of perfect runs throughout the Real Insurance Gravity Cup Season, and today had a small crash on the way down the hill, but was gracious in defeat to teammate and friend Hill. "It's been a good run, I guess you can't win them all, Sam was riding really well and he always does well in the mud."

He often speaks of a desire to succeed, and todays's second may have added fuel to the Brosnan fire. "It feels kind of good to get a second, makes me more hungry."

Brosnan, riding in his rookie year, took out the elite win in the Real Insurance Gravity Cup Season, in what many feel is the most dominant display ever seen in an Australian Mountain Bike National Season.

"It's a pretty good season, almost won them all. I just want to put all of this confidence in a bag and take it overseas (to the World Cups) with me," said Brosnan with a clear focus on the international season. He has said on numerous occasions that his goals are now podiums and wins at World Cups, and few would doubt that such goals are within the grasp of the talented rider.

When looking to the overall Elite Real Insurance Gravity Cup season, Hill placed second with Rick Boyer in third.

Elite women

In the elite women's racing, 2004 Olympian (in the cross country discipline) Lisa Mathison only started racing downhill this season. Mathison walked away with the win on Sunday. "It's pretty exciting, hopefully the first of many."

When quizzed as to where she's heading as an athlete, Mathison said, "This is the new competition direction for me. I didn't expect to enjoy the pressure of the competition as much, but it's higher stakes than cross country, that's what makes it more enjoyable."

On the horizon for Mathison is a mixed bag. "I'll be riding some cross country events just for fun, and then the Queensland State downhill rounds. I'll be keen to see some new venues and work on my downhill skills. I'm looking forward to training as a downhiller to see how far I can take it." With Mathison's international history, the sky may well be the limit.

Michelle Crisp placed second in today's racing.

Tracey Hannah, the 2006 junior world champion, did not race today due to international commitments, but had an unparalleled return season to the sport. Hannah won both seeding and race runs at all three events she entered, and easily wins the Real Insurance Gravity Cup for the elite female class.

Hannah said, "It feels awesome. That was the goal that I set out to achieve, and I'm pretty stoked that I acheived in my first season."

When it was put to Hannah that she has won every single race since her return last year - and at any level, she made it clear that it's the result of hard work and planning, "You have a goal in her your head, then you go and train for it. It's a great feeling when you achieve the goal, now I just have to take it overseas and do it my best over there."

Crisp placed second in the overall Real Insurance Gravity Cup Elite Female season, and Mathison placed third.


In under 19 men's racing, Connor Fearon won Sunday's race in a time that would have placed him sixth in the elite field (4:06.94) by only 0.20 seconds from Jack Moir with Luke Ellison placed third. In the under 19 Male Real Insurance Gravity Cup season, Connor Fearon again took the win, this time with Joey Vejvoda in second place and Thomas Crimmins in third.

In the under 19 women's racing, Danielle Beecroft had a crash leading to a DNF in the day's racing, the only blemish on an otherwise perfect season that hands her the under 19 Female Real Insurance Gravity Cup. Beecroft will be one to watch as she competes internationally for the first time in 2012.

In the under 17 men, Max Warshawsky won the day (4:23.77) from Andrew Crimmins (4:31.66), with Aiden Varley in third place (4:34.18). For the Real Insurance Gravity Cup, Andrew Crimmins finished first in all four seeding runs and won 3 of 4 races to win the cup by a significant margin.

In under 17 women's racing, Tegan Molloy won the race and the Cup season.

With the Real Insurance Australian Gravity Cup and MTB Season coming to a close, the Australian Mountain Bike community will now direct attention to the international season, starting next weekend with the Oceania Championships in New Zealand, and stepping up the weekend after to World Cup level in South Africa.


Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sam Hill 0:03:57.32  
2 Troy Brosnan 0:00:02.00  
3 Mitchell Delfs 0:00:05.23  
4 Graeme Mudd 0:00:05.34  
5 Rhys Willemse 0:00:06.65  
6 Rick Boyer 0:00:10.30  
7 Tim Cox 0:00:12.49  
8 Timothy Eaton 0:00:15.67  
9 Ben Power 0:00:18.41  
10 Ben Goff 0:00:22.22  
11 Mark Conliffe 0:00:22.55  
12 Rhys Atkinson 0:00:24.15  
13 Daniel Paine 0:00:25.45  
14 Lachlan McKillop 0:00:25.58  
15 Cillian Kennedy 0:00:25.66  
16 Mathew Dodd 0:00:27.25  
17 Brendan Moon 0:00:30.62  
18 Lindsay Klein 0:00:33.60  
19 Chris Barlin 0:00:34.49  
20 Hugh Mansfield 0:00:35.01  
21 Ryan Hunt 0:00:36.86  
22 Jacob Hunter 0:00:37.04  
23 Kaine Cannan 0:00:38.49  
24 Damien Diskin 0:00:42.61  
25 Hildan Afos Katana 0:00:44.60  
26 Nic Shields 0:00:45.47  
27 Benjamin Leslie 0:00:48.79  
28 Joel Ralston 0:00:49.27  
29 Justin Havukainen 0:00:49.60  
30 Damien Bogatek 0:00:50.77  
31 Chris Martin 0:00:53.78  
32 Agung Fambudi 0:00:54.66  
33 Yavento Ditra Pranata 0:00:55.76  
34 Oscar Ottesen 0:01:07.69  
35 Dean White 0:01:08.22  
36 David Manton 0:01:29.97  
37 Marcus Fairbanks    
38 Scott Grundy    
39 Adam Leonardi    
DNF Regan Arthur    
DNF Nick Norton    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Lisa Mathison 0:06:06.80  
2 Michelle Crisp 0:00:46.27  
U19 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Connor Fearon 0:04:06.94  
2 Jack Moir 0:00:00.20  
3 Luke Ellison 0:00:02.69  
4 David McMillan 0:00:04.24  
5 Peter Knott 0:00:04.32  
6 Joey Vejvoda 0:00:06.38  
7 Brent Smith 0:00:06.50  
8 Dean Lucas 0:00:09.38  
9 Trent Piribauer 0:00:11.07  
10 Thomas Crimmins 0:00:14.45  
11 Lachlan McLaren 0:00:15.45  
12 Henry Blake 0:00:21.27  
13 Robert Townsend 0:00:23.05  
14 Oliver Zwar 0:00:23.47  
15 Jai Motherwell 0:00:25.47  
16 Liam Towers 0:00:27.80  
17 James Murphy 0:00:32.74  
18 Daniel Bender 0:00:34.58  
19 Elijah Marinov 0:00:38.79  
20 Mitchell Scott 0:00:39.27  
21 Daniel Mikic 0:00:39.64  
22 Hayden Poptie 0:00:39.96  
23 Mitchell Kristiansen 0:00:42.87  
24 Nicolas Bohle 0:00:44.29  
25 Remy Adderton 0:00:50.88  
26 Zac Moss 0:00:59.94  
27 Geoffrey Harris 0:01:00.39  
28 Quintin Miller 0:01:24.90  
29 Michael Hanrahan 0:01:58.10  
30 Conor Bullard    
31 Angus McCarthy    
32 Max Hughes    
33 Mackenzie Baker    
34 Joshua Bairstow    
U19 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Danielle Beecroft    
U17 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Max Warshawsky 0:04:23.77  
2 Andrew Crimmins 0:00:07.89  
3 Aiden Varley 0:00:10.41  
4 Timothy Kmetyk 0:00:18.70  
5 Joel Willis 0:00:22.73  
6 Hamish Cowan 0:00:24.72  
7 Callum Morrison 0:00:27.03  
8 Fergus Cowan 0:00:30.97  
9 David Maggs 0:00:38.96  
10 Ryan O'Linn 0:00:54.90  
11 Josh Pollock 0:01:50.46  
12 Connor O'Dwyer 0:01:56.92  
DNS Matthew McCorkell    
U17 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tegan Molloy 0:05:39.83  
U15 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Remy Morton 0:04:55.11  
2 Jackson Frew 0:00:14.98  
3 Alex Dickson 0:01:40.51  
4 Chris Findlay 0:02:59.40  
5 Riley Horsmen 0:04:18.18  
DNS Alex Oakes    
1 Dale Thomas 0:04:33.87  
2 Robbie McNaughton 0:00:15.09  
3 Adam Smithson 0:00:15.75  
4 David Sharp 0:00:17.76  
5 Greg Battle 0:00:19.21  
6 Ben Morrison 0:00:20.01  
7 Michael Rodokal 0:00:29.19  
8 Calvin McKinley 0:00:56.45  
9 Dave Grupe 0:01:26.36  
10 Rick Kehoe    
11 Josh Ready    
12 Karl Zoechmann    
Veteran women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Joanne Fox 0:07:13.12  
Master women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Coleen Boyes 0:07:58.76  
Master men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Stephen Andreasen 0:05:09.11  
2 John Peterson 0:00:12.96  
3 Andy Murnane 0:00:31.57  
Super master men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Dean McIvor 0:06:14.49  
2 Steven Bullard    
Expert men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Michael Willis 0:04:51.45  
2 Pascal Zimmermann 0:00:07.69  
3 Pedr Lapp 0:00:12.46  
4 Sebastien Deubel 0:00:14.20  
5 Ben Appleby 0:00:17.93  
6 Simon Warren 0:00:22.92  
7 Kurt Moore 0:00:31.76  
8 Tom Morrison 0:00:53.57  
9 Tim Threadgate 0:01:12.18  
DNF Mikhael Chai    
DSQ Bromley Richards    
DNS Brendan Hewitt    
DNS Joshua Solman    
Sport men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Cale Anderson 0:06:47.44  
DNF Michael Woods    
DNF Nick Hodge