Bobridge takes Under 23 Worlds time trial

Bobridge conquers Swiss Worlds course for gold, Oliveira second by 18"

Australia's Jack Bobridge captured the rainbow jersey of Under-23 World time trial Champion on Wednesday in Mendrisio, Switzerland. He topped all time checks and completed the 33.2-kilometre course with a time of 40:44.

 "It's just topped off an awesome year for me. I could not ask for much else, to win for Australia, it's awesome," said Bobridge, 20.

Portugal's Nelson Oliveira finished second for silver with a time of 41:03, 18 seconds behind. German Patrick Gretsch was third at 27 seconds behind the mark set by Bobridge.

Bobridge, from Adelaide, made a name for himself earlier this year at the Tour Down Under. Lance Armstrong commended him for his numerous escapes and noted him as a future talent. Eight months later, Bobridge was uncertain heading into Worlds.

"I did not rule myself out," he said. "I had the advantage of training on the course because for the past 10 months because the Australian [Cycling centre] is based near by."

Oliveira and Gretsch were both happy with their placings.

"I wanted to ride in the top ten, so a second place is great," said Oliveira, 20. He surprised the fans with his performance as he finished ahead of Gretsch, who had been installed as a pre-race favourite.

"It is always hard when you are in that position," said Gretsch, 22. "I can leave here happy with third."

Gretsch's teammate Marcel Kittel held the provisional best time of 41:19 until Oliveira surpassed him. Kittel held on to finish fourth, 34 seconds behind Bobridge.

Defending Champion Adriano Mallori (Italy) finished fifth at 41:21, 36 seconds back. His teammate Alfredo Balloni finished sixth.

Brit Alex Dowsett improved throughout the course and finished seventh in 41:28. David Veilleux (Canada) and Tejay Van Garderen (USA) were the top North Americans. Veilleux finished in 41:56, for 10th, and Van Garderen in 42:09, 13th.

"After the climb, I had trouble getting going again," Van Garderen said. "I am usually better in time trials in the middle of stage races."

The time trial covered two 16.6-kilometre circuits, for a total of 33.2 kilometres. The 650-metre long Rancate climb was the main difficulty with sections of 10 percent.

Van Winden early best

Dutchman Dennis Van Winden was the third of 65 riders off, at 9:32am, and posted the early time to beat. He closed the first of his two laps at 9:52am, 20 minutes and 44 seconds after he started. His second lap was slightly slower, giving him a finish time of 42:02.

However, Van Winden's time stood for another hour. Germany's Kittel eventually topped him by nearly two minutes, with 41:19.

Veilleux was the first North American to place in the provisional top three. He closed his first lap at 20:58 and his time trial with 41:56. It put him in second, 37 seconds off Kittel.

Balloni and Oliveira, both in the last phase of starters, changed the provisional top three. Balloni finished with a time of 41:23 and Oliveira put in the fastest, 41:03, 16 seconds better than Kittel.

Bobridge posted the fastest time checks throughout the day, though. He had 11:25 at the top of Rancate, 20:10 at the end of the first lap and 31:54 the second time up Rancate.

"My coach gave me good time splits through the ride, it helped to have a great ride," he said.

Full Results
1 Jack Bobridge (Australia) 0:40:44  
2 Nelson Oliveira (Portugal) 0:00:19  
3 Patrick Gretsch (Germany) 0:00:28  
4 Marcel Kittel (Germany) 0:00:35  
5 Adriano Malori (Italy) 0:00:37  
6 Alfredo Balloni (Italy) 0:00:39  
7 Alex Dowsett (Great Britain) 0:00:44  
8 Blaz Jarc (Slovenia) 0:01:00  
9 Rasmus Christian Quaade (Denmark) 0:01:07  
10 David Veilleux (Canada) 0:01:12  
11 Dennis Van Winden (Netherlands) 0:01:20  
12 Steven Kruijswijk (Netherlands) 0:01:22  
13 Tejay Van Garderen (United States Of America) 0:01:25  
14 Andrei Krasilnikau (Belarus) 0:01:32  
15 Nicolas Boisson (France) 0:01:36  
16 Dmitry Sokolov (Russian Federation) 0:01:37  
17 Travis Meyer (Australia) 0:01:42  
18 Manuele Boaro (Italy) 0:01:43  
19 Jaroslaw Marycz (Poland)    
20 Peter Stetina (United States Of America) 0:01:44  
21 Jakub Novak (Czech Republic) 0:01:45  
22 Nicolas Schnyder (Switzerland) 0:01:53  
23 Westley Gough (New Zealand) 0:01:59  
24 Alexander Prishpetniy (Russian Federation) 0:02:03  
25 Gert Joeaar (Estonia) 0:02:08  
26 Quintana Rojas (Colombia)    
27 Juan Villegas (Colombia) 0:02:15  
28 Serrano Fernandez (Spain) 0:02:28  
29 Johan Le Bon (France)    
30 Ryan Anderson (Canada) 0:02:33  
31 Matthias Brandle (Austria) 0:02:35  
32 Gregory Obando Brenes (Costa Rica) 0:02:39  
33 Gideoni Monteiro (Brazil) 0:02:41  
34 Jesse Sergent (New Zealand) 0:02:43  
35 Siarhei Novikau (Belarus) 0:02:45  
36 Vojtech Hacecky (Czech Republic) 0:02:47  
37 Evaldas Siskevicius (Lithuania) 0:02:51  
38 Jonathan Dufrasne (Belgium) 0:02:53  
39 Gaston Aguero (Argentina)    
40 Jacobus Venter (South Africa) 0:02:54  
41 John Anderson (Australia) 0:03:00  
42 Zhupa Eugert (Albania) 0:03:06  
43 Michal Kwiatkowski (Poland) 0:03:07  
44 Jimmi Sorensen (Denmark) 0:03:08  
45 Andrew Fenn (Great Britain) 0:03:10  
46 Martin Reimer (Germany) 0:03:19  
47 Aser Estevez Cividanes (Spain)    
48 Gabor Fejes (Hungary) 0:03:20  
49 Alexandr Plennik (Kazakhstan) 0:03:25  
50 Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eritrea) 0:03:26  
51 Oleksandr Grygorenko (Ukraine)    
52 Jan Tratnik (Slovenia)    
53 Julien Vermote (Belgium) 0:03:37  
54 Sakellaridis Mang. (Greece) 0:03:38  
55 Nino Oeschger (Switzerland) 0:03:39  
56 Phuchong Sai-Udomsin (Thailand) 0:03:48  
57 Arron Buggle (Ireland) 0:03:55  
58 Ben Gastauer (Luxembourg) 0:04:02  
59 Borcard G F (Argentina) 0:04:15  
60 Matthias Krizek (Austria) 0:04:50  
61 Alfredo Cruz Bernaldez (Mexico) 0:05:39  
62 Eyup Karagobek (Turkey) 0:05:50  
63 Ugur Marmara (Turkey) 0:06:13  
64 Boonratanathanako (Thailand) 0:07:01  
65 Sanchez Cuevas (Dominican Republic) 0:07:36  


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