Critérium du Dauphiné 2010

June 6-13, 2010, Evian-les-Bains (ITT), FRA, Road - UPT (ProTour)

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to Cyclingnews' coverage from stage 3 of the Critérium du Dauphiné. Today's stage is a 49km individual time trial from Monteux - to Sorgues.

  1. 12:13:15 BST

    The action kicked off around an hour ago with Joaquin Novoa from Cervélo the first rider off down the start ramp. The big hitters start much later on in the day, with Alberto Contador off last. There are a few big names to watch out for amongst the early starters though.


  2. 12:17:53 BST

    Let's have a little look at the route first though. It's flat for the majority, however there's a third cat climb of côte de La Roque-sur-Pernes that the riders will have to get over after 15km of racing. There will be two intermediate time checks, one at the top of the climb and the second in Velleron, after 32km of racing.

  3. 12:22:21 BST

    If you're looking for a favourite for today you could do worse that look at Bert Grabsch. He won the long TT in last year's race and teammate Tejay van Garderen - who is sitting second overall - just Tweeted. "Grabschie is 'sweating like a pork' on the rollers' he's probably gonna win today!"

    Who needs news agencies when we've Twitter?

    Don't answer that please.

  4. 12:24:30 BST

    But like I said, we've already had some riders start today and currently leading at the first time check is Edvald Boasson Hagen, with Thomas Vaitkus in second. Lars Ytting Bak, who made Columbia's short list for the Tour line-up currently leads at the second time check. We currently have no finishers but that will change in a few minutes, I'm sure.

  5. 12:25:37 BST

    Here are a few riders to watch out for today, compiled by Susan, as well as their start times:

    13:32 CET (7:32am U.S.): Menchov
    14:04 CET (8:04am U.S.): Malori
    14:20 CET (8:20am U.S.): Sanchez S.
    14:48 CET (8:48am U.S.): Moreau
    14:50 CET (8:50am U.S.): Horner
    14:56 CET (8:56am U.S.): Plaza
    15:02 CET (9:02am U.S.): Millar
    15:16 CET (9:16am U.S.): Brajkovic
    15:18 CET (9:18am U.S.): Van Garderen
    15:20 CET (9:20am U.S.): Contador

  6. 12:29:41 BST

    We need to mention the top ten overall as things stand too. Contador leads the way with TJ in second but we can expect some big changes by the end of the stage. Contador has said he's using the TT as training for the Tour as he gets to grips with his new machine. He's also not got the best of form in these events. We'll look back at the Dauphine TT results from the past in a few minutes.

    1 Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Astana 9:20:08
    2 Tejay Van Garderen (USA) Team HTC - Columbia 0:00:02
    3 Janez Brajkovic (Slo) Team Radioshack 0:00:05
    4 Geraint Thomas (GBr) Sky Professional Cycling Team 0:00:10
    5 Dario Cataldo (Ita) Quick Step 0:00:12
    6 Rémi Pauriol (Fra) Cofidis, le Credit en Ligne
    7 Jérôme Coppel (Fra) Saur - Sojasun 0:00:14
    8 Christophe Riblon (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
    9 Gorka Verdugo Marcotegui (Spa) Euskaltel - Euskadi 0:00:15
    10 David Millar (GBr) Garmin - Transitions

  7. 12:30:57 BST

    But we have our first batch of finish results and Lars Ytting Bak, a new signing for Columbia, has set the fastest time so far. He might be Grabsch's reference point for later on today.

  8. 12:36:13 BST

    And Boasson Hagen goes through the second time check with a time of 44:12. He's now fastest at that point.

    It's been a very mixed season for the Norwegian. He was almost unbeatable in February but perhaps raced too much, picked up an injury, missed most of the Classics, and hasn't done much since. It looks like he's finding some form now though.

  9. 12:38:09 BST

    More changes at the finish as Vaitkus goes to the top of the leader board with Bak dropping to second.

  10. 12:41:51 BST

    50 riders now on the road, another 120 in the start house and team buses.

  11. 12:44:14 BST

    We all know that Boasson Hagen is fast but this is incredible. He's 2:44 ahead of Vaitkus at the finish. 2:44. Two minutes, forty four seconds.

  12. 12:45:55 BST

    There are of course a lot of big hitters to come but that time will take some beating. Vaitkus and indeed Bak are no slouches.

  13. 12:50:59 BST

    Yesterday's stage winner Juan José Haedo is the next rider to start.

  14. 13:00:11 BST

    Looking back at last year and it's no wonder that Grabsch is one of the favourites today. He won last year's TT with Cadel Evans (not here) in second and David Millar (here) in third. Contador was fifth that day.

  15. 13:02:28 BST

    Our very own Hedwig Kroner is at the finish today. She lives nearby. According to Hedwig, "it's quite windy here today, 35 km/h up to 65 in gusts, coming from southeast.
    Otherwise warm, 27° I'd say."

    Thanks Hedwig.

  16. 13:05:53 BST

    JL Augustyn is the next rider to start today's TT.

  17. 13:09:00 BST

    In today's news Ivan Basso, recent winner of the Giro, has said he's aiming for a spot on the Tour de France podium. Boasson Hagen says he's getting ready for the Tour - well that's clear from his result today.

    Peter Velits talks about his crash that rules him out of the Tour and Bordry takes aim at the UCI.

  18. 13:14:43 BST

    Maarten Tjallingii has set the second best times at the first and second time check, still way down on Boasson Hagen though. Brian Vandborg (Den) Liquigas-Doimo and Pierrick Fédrigo (Fra) Bbox Bouygues Telecom, have moved into second and third at the finish. Both over 2 minutes down on Hagen.

  19. 13:21:17 BST

    Menchov has started. The Russian needs a good ride today.

  20. 13:22:39 BST

    Apologies, Menchov has already started, he's gone through the second time check and he's 30 seconds down in second place.

  21. 13:23:21 BST

    Menchov was 18 seconds down at the first time check so he's losing time on the Norwegian.

  22. 13:24:20 BST

    83 riders have started, 83 riders still to ride down the start ramp.

  23. 13:29:30 BST

    Sivtsov (HTC) comes home in second place, a good ride from him. He's still 2:19 down on Boasson Hagen, who continues to lead the stage. Can anyone challenge the Norwegian today?

    Augustyn, meanwhile comes home 7:37 down on the leader

  24. 13:32:28 BST

    Tjallingii comes home in 4th, 2:36 down on Boasson Hagen. Riders really seem to be fading in the last few kilometers.

  25. 13:36:49 BST

    Grabsch goes through the second time check.

  26. 13:37:25 BST

    The German can only manage 4th, 1:23 down. Has the German got anything left in the tank?

  27. 13:38:42 BST

    Menchov crosses the line. He looks cooked but his time of 1.02.46 is enough to take second place. For now. He closed on Boasson Hagen in the final few Ks and finished just 11 seconds back.

  28. 13:43:11 BST

    Bodrogi comes over the finish in provisional 3rd, 1:30 down on EBH.

  29. 13:49:55 BST

    Ovechkin (Katusha) is having a good ride today. At the first check he was just 42 seconds off the pace.

  30. 13:54:54 BST

    We have the likes of Millar and Contador still to come but Menchov will be quietly pleased with that ride. He's been very quiet so far this season, skipped the Giro of course, and had some health problems but it looks like he's moving in the right direction now at least.

    Apparently he's in the shop window, with a number of team sniffing around.

  31. 13:56:12 BST

    Sicard crosses the line, 3:10 down on Boasson Hagen. I dare say that's the longest time trial he's ever ridden. In fact Van Garderen who will set off second to last, told CN he'd never raced a TT over 40K.

  32. 13:59:28 BST

    Grabsch comes over the line. 4th place for the former world TT champion. 1:32 down on Boasson Hagen. Can anyone beat the young Norwegian?

  33. 14:03:47 BST

    Millar(Garmin-Transitions)  is now on his way. Quickly into his aero postion.

  34. 14:04:40 BST

    Millar didn't really shine in the opening prologue so he'll be wanting to make an impact here today, especially as he has aspirations of doing well in the overall.

  35. 14:05:22 BST

    Verdugo now rides down the start ramp. He's in 9th overall at the moment.

  36. 14:08:40 BST

    Millar on the flat section of the course at the moment. He does look effortlessly smooth when he rides a bike, doesn't he?

  37. 14:10:00 BST

    Gretsch grabs 4th from Grabsch, pushing the German down into 5th.

  38. 14:12:33 BST

    Gusev hits the first time time check, 47 seconds down.

  39. 14:20:11 BST

    Horner goes through the first time check, 1:09 minute down on Boasson Hagen.

  40. 14:22:31 BST

    We're hearing some bad news. Apparently Michel Kreder (Garmin-Transition) has crashed after the first time check and was forced to pull out of the race.

  41. 14:26:18 BST

    Ribon (AG2R) has 35K to go. He takes a corner quite wide but quickly slips back onto the aero bars.

  42. 14:27:52 BST

    Samuel Sanchez comes up the line but he's well off the pace today. 3:30 down. Of course not a TT specialist but he would have wanted to do better than that.

  43. 14:28:19 BST

    And David Millar goes through the first time check 19 seconds faster than Boasson Hagen.

  44. 14:31:05 BST

    Van den Broeck is having a pretty good day today. At the second time check he was 1:16 down.

  45. 14:36:29 BST

    Pauriol hits the climb, gets out of the saddle and powers passed the crowds.Cataldo has crashed though. He's on his bike now but he's really struggling, his shorts ripped to shreds.

  46. 14:37:28 BST

    Duran comes home in 16th, nearly three minutes down.

  47. 14:41:02 BST

    Cataldo is on the climb now, the crowd don't know whether to winch or applaud has he moves through them with his ripped shorts.

    Thomas, meanwhile, is on the course now and he'll be wanting to test himself today. 49K is the longest TT he will have done in the professional ranks. He's used to short bursts on the track.

  48. 14:42:11 BST

    Horner goes through the second time check 2:07 down but the big news is that Brajkovic has set a new best time at the first time check.

  49. 14:43:20 BST

    Kessiakoff now comes the line and slots into provisional 13th. That's not bad for the Swede, who had a serious crash earlier in the year.

  50. 14:44:07 BST

    Brajkovic's time was 8 seconds faster than Millar's.

  51. 14:47:13 BST

    Van Garderen is on the road now and was third fastest at the first time check. Contador was 32 seconds down at the same point

  52. 14:48:31 BST

    That's a strong start from the American, Millar meanwhile sets a new fastest time at the second time split, 6 seconds up on Boasson Hagen.

  53. 14:49:24 BST

    Gusev comes to the finish, takes the last corner, sprints to the line and sits in 7th.

  54. 14:50:20 BST

    Van Garderen on the long descent down after the climb. He could take yellow today if Contador continues to lose more time.

  55. 14:50:53 BST

    Contador was actually 31 seconds down at the first time check.

  56. 14:52:40 BST

    Contador, the last man off, has said he's just here to test his new bike, but that's a smoke screen. He'll want to send out a message that he's on form.

  57. 14:53:56 BST

    The Spaniard isn't holding back out on the road either. He's giving it everything on the corners. As Moreau, comes over the line in provisional 11th.

  58. 14:56:29 BST

    It's a really technical descent, Contador using every bit of road he can. Van Garderen is up ahead and on a flat section. The American is having a great debut in the pro ranks this year.

  59. 14:57:34 BST

    Contador doesn't look that smooth on the bike, He seems to be moving around in the saddle more than usual. Perhaps his position isn't quite right.

  60. 15:03:20 BST

    Knees comes home 1:25 down and into third place. That's impressive from Knees.

  61. 15:03:49 BST

    Millar should be coming towards the finish now.

  62. 15:04:31 BST

    Brajkovic goes through the second time check 16 seconds ahead of MIllar.

  63. 15:05:08 BST

    Here comes Millar.

  64. 15:05:45 BST

    He takes 1st, 17 seconds faster than Boasson Hagen.

  65. 15:09:24 BST

    Contador is over 50 seconds down at the second time check, so he's losing more time.

  66. 15:11:31 BST

    Those of you wonder what Brajkovic's credentials are, he won an uphill TT in the Tour of Georgia, he's the national TT champ too.

  67. 15:13:15 BST

    Contador 57 seconds down now and he'll lose yellow. Brajkovic could now take the stage and the race lead.

    Van Garderen was 4th at the second time check , 30 seconds down on Brajkovic.

  68. 15:18:03 BST

    Brajkovic is about to catch Thomas as Cataldo comes to the line in 16th. That's a really good ride considering how much skin he's lost.

  69. 15:18:38 BST

    Just 200 meters left for Brajkovic

  70. 15:19:07 BST

    26 seconds faster than Millar. Surely that's the stage and yellow.

  71. 15:19:55 BST

    Brajkovic has led at every time check today.

  72. 15:21:59 BST

    Van Garderen now coming to the line. A good TT for the American who slots into fourth. Just Contador to come.

  73. 15:22:52 BST

    Millar should now move into second, Contador will drop down a few places.

  74. 15:24:20 BST

    Last km for the Spaniard. It's not been a great day for him. Certainly not a disaster, remember he was over a minute down last year in the Dauphine TT. He'll be content, especially with the mountains still to come.

  75. 15:25:06 BST

    6th for Contador, 1:46 down on Brajkovic.

  76. 15:27:18 BST

    So Brajkovic now leads, Millar in second, 36 seconds down, Van Garderen in third at 50 seconds, and Contador 1:41 down.

  77. 15:41:15 BST

    Thanks for joining us today.

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