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Amgen Tour of California 2010

Date range:
May 16-23, 2010

May 17, Stage 2: Davis - Santa Rosa 176.2km

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Peter Hymas
  1. 10:56:00 PDT

    Hello and welcome to Cyclingnews' live coverage from the Amgen Tour of California. Today is stage 2, the second stage of the 2010 race, from Davis to Santa Rosa. The racers will compete over 110.1 miles (177.2km), and will face a hillier day than yesterday's opening stage from Nevada City to Sacramento.

    The stage will get started shortly at 11am Pacific time.

  2. 11:01:05 PDT

    The Amgen Tour of California peloton is starting a 5km neutral section before the stage officially gets under way. Unlike yesterday's sunny weather, today the racers face chilly weather and sprinkling rain on the start line.

  3. 11:04:12 PDT

    The peloton is currently rolling through the streets of Davis, CA in the neutral section. Appropriately, Davis is considered the most bike friendly city in the United States. It's also the new home of the US Bicycling Hall of Fame, recently re-located from its old home in Somerville, NJ to the West coast.

  4. 11:05:13 PDT

    While there's still a sizeable crowd on hand to send the peloton off, the fact that it's a weekday has impacted the turnout somewhat.

  5. 11:07:22 PDT

    Cyclingnews' Laura Weislo is in a car within the Amgen Tour of California caravan providing us with updates. As yesterday, her driver is none other than Steve Hegg--perhaps best know as a 1984 Olympic medalist on the track in the individual pursuit and team pursuit.

    There is currently 1.7 miles remaining in the neutral section.

  6. 11:09:52 PDT

    Andrew Pinfold (Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis) was one of the riders to go down in the finale in yesterday's sprint finish. Pinfold is unfortunately covered in road rash from head to toe and the team's director Mike Tamayo said it's a good thing that the team is sponsored by United Health Care because he's sporting about $100 of Tegaderm for his road rash!


  7. 11:10:26 PDT

    The peloton has just passed kilometre 0. Stage two has begun!

  8. 11:13:53 PDT

    As the peloton heads out of Davis, let's have a quick recap of today's classification leaders. Stage winner Mark Cavendish (HTC-Columbia) is the proud wearer of the leader's yellow jersey today, and the Manxman also tops the sprint classification. Since he can't wear both jerseys JJ Haedo (Saxo Bank), second in the sprint classification and second on the first stage, wears the sprinter's jersey.

  9. 11:15:09 PDT

    Paul Mach (Bissell) proudly wears the KOM jersey at the start of the stage today. The 28-year-old's hometown is Davis, California and he said it's a dream come true for him to hold the jersey at the start today.

  10. 172.2km remaining from 176.2km

    11:16:39 PDT

    We're currently 3.1 miles into the stage and there's one rider off the front. We're currently waiting for an ID of the rider. The opening stretch of road out of Davis is dead straight and flat with a stiff crosswind.

  11. 11:18:45 PDT

    The Amgen Tour of California peloton will have three opportunities to earn sprint points in stage two. There are two intermediate sprint lines, the first in Winter (13.6mi/21.1km) and the second in Angwin (65.7mi/105.7km). The third opportunity is the stage finish in Santa Rosa.

  12. 11:19:22 PDT

    The peloton is rolling along at a brisk 30 mph heading onto a one-lane bridge.

  13. 11:20:47 PDT

    There's a sharp left after the bridge and there's plenty of photographers there to document the race action.

  14. 11:24:06 PDT

    The peloton is still rolling along at a very brisk 30-35 mph on the flat roads through the farm country outside of Davis. It's sprinkling slightly and the hills off in the distance are obscure by clouds. It looks like it may be a day of inclement weather for the peloton.

  15. 163.7km remaining from 176.2km

    11:27:23 PDT

    The peloton is still all together as the pace is still very brisk at about 30mph. There's some trees alongside the route right now helping to shelter the peloton from the wind.

  16. 11:30:19 PDT

    While Bissell's Paul Mach can call the start city of Davis, California home, the finishing city of Santa Rosa is the hometown of Levi Leipheimer (RadioShack), winner of the past three editions of the Amgen Tour of California. Santa Rosa is hosting a stage finish for the fifth straight year and the city will be out in force to see Leipheimer and the rest of the peloton.

  17. 162.4km remaining from 176.2km

    11:31:21 PDT

    We're 9.2 miles into the 110.1 mile stage and we have an attack by two riders.

  18. 11:33:07 PDT

    One of the potential hazards of racing out on the open roads are loose dogs.  There were several loose dogs in the front yard of a house alongside the race route, but fortunately their owner secured them prior to the peloton arriving.

  19. 11:34:52 PDT

    We have confirmation that there are now five riders in a break: Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis) , Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia) , Michael Friedman (Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda) , Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy) , Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1)

    The peloton, meanwhile, is taking a mass nature break.

  20. 157.3km remaining from 176.2km

    11:36:41 PDT

    The break is at mile 12.4, while the peloton is at mile 12. They're approaching Winters, the location for the first intermediate sprint at mile 13.6.

  21. 11:37:33 PDT

    The break has 1km to go to the sprint line and has a lead of 1:50 over the peloton.

    An entire elementary school is out on the side of the road to cheer the racers on.

  22. 11:39:19 PDT

    The break is through the intermediate sprint and we're waiting for results.

  23. 11:41:29 PDT

    Intermediate sprint #1 results:
    1. Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis)
    2. Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1)
    3. Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy)

  24. 153.9km remaining from 176.2km

    11:43:22 PDT

    The break's lead is steadily growing. We'll give you a new time split shortly.

    Back in the field, Andy Schleck (Saxo Bank) had a mechanical but has made his way back to the peloton.

  25. 11:46:50 PDT

    One of the members of the break, Mike Friedman, had a mechanical but he's now back in the rotation with his four break companions.

    The break is at mile 16.5 and their lead has stretched out to 4:20.

    It's sprinkling lightly, but the roads at this point are dry. There are the ubiquitous reflective dots, however, on the road to keep the riders on their toes.

  26. 11:51:03 PDT

    Cyclingnews's Kirsten Frattini was at the start line today and spoke to Tom Boonen, who crashed yesterday in the sprint finish.

    "I'm not feeling too good after the crash yesterday. I'm just trying to survive the stages here now."

    Boonen, who had a strong Spring Classics part of his season, was a favorite for the bunch sprints on days like today's stage 2, when one is expected. Today is a lumpy stage, with some hills, where a rider like Mark Cavendish, the winner of stage 1, stands a chance of getting dropped en route.

  27. 147.5km remaining from 176.2km

    11:55:32 PDT

    The break is at mile 18.5 and the terrain is starting to get more rolling as the hills approach. The leading quintet hold a 5:25 advantage over the field and are working smoothly together.

    It's beautiful country here, rolling hills dotted with trees. There's still a very slight drizzle and the looming hills are shrouded in clouds.

  28. 11:57:14 PDT

    Unlike the gentle drizzle the peloton is in right now, we've been informed that it's a full-on downpour at the finish in Santa Rosa. It looks like we may have another day similar to last year's stage into Santa Rosa won by Francisco Mancebo is driving rain.

  29. 141.5km remaining from 176.2km

    12:00:19 PDT

    The break is at mile 22.2 and is starting the climb to the first KOM at mile 26.9. It's a Category 4 ascent and tops out at 1,025 ft/ 312m.

    The gap is holding steady at 5:25.

  30. 12:05:30 PDT

    We have some nice prizes to give away today for a "Guess the top three finishers" contest. Please tweet your predictions for the top three in the exact finishing order to You have until 10km to go to send us your prediction for the top three.

    The winner will receive a musette bag signed by the Garmin-Transitions team as well as a pair of Oakley Jawbones.

    Good luck!!!

  31. 12:08:50 PDT

    And while the break is making there way up the first climb let's review what KOM opportunities are at stake today.

    After having only one KOM to contest in the opening stage, the peloton will have four opportunities to score points for the mountains classification on stage two: the category 4 "Cardiac Hill" at 26.9mi/34.3km, the category 2 Howell Mt at 63.6mi/102.3km, the category 3 Oakville Grade at 84.1mi/135.4km, and the category 2 Trinity Grade at 89.5mi/144km.

  32. 12:11:07 PDT

    The break of Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis), Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia), Michael Friedman (Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda), Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy), Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1) is now in Napa County and making their way to the first KOM at mile 26.9.

    They're all spinning pretty low gears at a high cadence to keep their legs fresh for what may turn out to be a lengthy stint off the front.

    At the moment the rain has stopped and the roads are dry.

  33. 134km remaining from 176.2km

    12:18:50 PDT

    The break has topped the first KOM at mile 26.9. We'll have results for the KOM shortly.

    Mike Friedman was dropped on the climb, let's see if he can make it back to the other four riders on the descent.

  34. 12:21:32 PDT

    Karl Menzies is the virtual leader on the road due to winning the first intermediate sprint coupled with the gap over the field.

    Menzies had a run-in with the HTC-Columbia bus near the end of yesterday's stage and thankfully is fine. The joke in the peloton, however, is that the bus fared worse in the collision with the rider known as "Ten Menzies".

  35. 12:25:10 PDT

    KOM #1 results: Cat. 4 "Cardiac Hill" at mile 26.9:

    1. Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1)
    2. Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis)
    3. Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia)
    4. Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy)

  36. 12:26:56 PDT

    The break is in a remote part of Napa Valley and enjoys a 6:00 lead over the peloton. We're awaiting confirmation about the status of Mike Friedman (Jelly Belly) who was dropped from the five-man break on the climb as to whether he's regained contact.

  37. 127.4km remaining from 176.2km

    12:31:15 PDT

    The break is at mile 31 and has stretched its lead over the peloton to 6:15.

    Mike Friedman rejoined the break on the descent from the first KOM climb.

    All five members of the break are currently eating some food.

  38. 124.2km remaining from 176.2km

    12:33:31 PDT

    Team RadioShack has put some riders at the front of the peloton to set tempo.

    Now that the riders have passed the 50km mark in the stage they can drop back to their team cars for feeding.

  39. 12:35:15 PDT

    The five-man break of Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis), Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia), Michael Friedman (Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda), Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy), Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1) are passing Cappel Valley Elementary.

    It's very scenic in this part of California with Spanish moss on the oak trees.

    The gap to the peloton is now 6:30.

  40. 12:37:58 PDT

    Cyclingnews' Kirsten Frattini also had a chance to speak with Rabobank's Lars Boom prior to the start of stage two.

    "I will try to put in a good showing in the stage today. I think the stage will be good, but it will be a hard one, with a lot of climbing.

    "Today should be nice, though, because I don't think it will be such a big group at the finish line, and I will try to be in that group."

  41. 12:40:02 PDT

    The five leaders have now stretched their lead out a little further to 6:50. The temperatures are cooling off and it's currently in the 50s (Fahrenheit).

  42. 116.9km remaining from 176.2km

    12:44:07 PDT

    Team RadioShack is still on the front to keep the break in check and the quintet's lead is currently at 6:40.

  43. 12:53:25 PDT

    The break is approaching Lake Berryessa.

    According to Wikipedia, Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in Napa County, California. This reservoir is formed by the Monticello Dam, which provides water and hydroelectricity to the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.

    The lake was named for the first European settlers in the Berryessa Valley, José Jesús and Sexto "Sisto" Berrelleza (a Basque surname, Anglicized to Berreyesa then later respelled Berryessa), who were granted Rancho Las Putas in 1843.

    It's 15.5 miles long and 3.5 miles wide. The peloton will be riding north along the western shore of the lake.

  44. 12:56:53 PDT

    The peloton is now along the shore of the very scenic Lake Berryessa.

    A hawk is flying overhead carrying a branch nearly as big as him.

  45. 12:59:05 PDT

    Plenty of excited spectators came out to see, and in some cases meet, their favorite cycling heroes prior to the start in Davis.

    Check out the gallery of start city photographs

    from earlier today.

  46. 104.8km remaining from 176.2km

    13:00:53 PDT

    The leading quintet's lead has dropped slightly to 5:55 at mile 45. RadioShack is still at the front of the peloton setting tempo.

  47. 102.1km remaining from 176.2km

    13:05:41 PDT

    The break is making its way alongside Lake Berryessa on twisting roads. There's plenty of recreation areas and sites for camping, but very few houses.

    It's dry, but still cold with temperatures in the 50s (Fahrenheit).

    The Amgen Tour of California peloton gets full use of the road within a rolling enclosure. The break just passed a FedEx truck pulled off on the side of the road waiting for the full race convoy to pass.

  48. 13:07:32 PDT

    The break is now negotiating a bit of a climb.  Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia) and Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1) are getting feeds from their cars following the break.

  49. 13:09:54 PDT

    Not wanting to be left out of the distribution of food and bottles amongst the riders in the break, Andrew Randell (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy) also signals to his team car for a feed.

  50. 13:12:44 PDT

    We currently have five riders off the front, so le't meet our intrepid escapees.

    Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis) is a 32-year-old Australian in his sixth year as a professional, all on American teams. He's previously raced for OUCH p/b Maxxis, Health Net p/b Maxxis and Advantage Benefits Endeavor Cycling Team.

  51. 13:14:31 PDT

    Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia) is a 24-year-old Australian in his fourth year as a professional. He's previously ridden for Team MTN and Team Konica Minolta.

  52. 94.2km remaining from 176.2km

    13:15:47 PDT

    The five leaders are now at mile 51.6 and lead the peloton by 5:45. They're on a bumpy descent and encountering a bit of mist.

  53. 13:19:22 PDT

    Michael Friedman (Jelly Belly pb Kenda) is a 27-year-old American in his fifth year as a professional. For the previous four seasons he's ridden for Jonathan Vaughters' teams, most recently Garmin-Slipstream in 2009.

  54. 13:20:26 PDT

    Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy) is a 35-year-old Canadian who's been a professional since 1999.

  55. 13:22:00 PDT

    And finally, Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1) is a 26-year-old Dutchman in his fifth year as a professional.

    He previously rode for the Rabobank Continental Team from 2007-2009 and the Marco Polo Cycling Team in 2006.

  56. 13:25:23 PDT

    Just in case you forgot, there's another pretty big race going on in the world right now in addition to the Amgen Tour of California, the Giro d'Italia.

    Check out the full results, report and photos from today's action in stage nine.

  57. 13:31:06 PDT

    My apologies to Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia), one of our five riders in the break. He's South African, not Australian. And thank you to Glenn from emailing me with the correct information.

  58. 87.1km remaining from 176.2km

    13:33:20 PDT

    The five leaders are now at mile 56 and hold a 5:05 lead over the peloton. Garmin-Transitions has now contributed riders to the chase effort with Team RadioShack.

    The rain is picking up and the break is currently encountering rolling terrain on some dodgy asphalt. Lots of potholes, especially over on the left hand side of the road.

  59. 13:35:02 PDT

    The second KOM will be approaching soon. It's the category 2 ascent of Howell Mt. which will take the riders to the high point of the stage, 1,796 ft547m, at mile 63.6.

  60. 13:35:53 PDT

    The break is now entering vineyard country in Napa County. Unfortunately, there's no time to stop and sample the local vintage.

  61. 13:36:43 PDT

    The break is now 5km from the KOM line on Howell Mt. and their lead has dropped to 4:45.

    Will they be caught on the climb?

  62. 13:41:32 PDT

    The Saxo Bank car is being called for service in the peloton. Stuart O'Grady needs some assistance.

  63. 13:46:53 PDT

    The break is now on the ascent to the Howell Mt. KOM and Mike Friedman (Jelly Belly) has been dropped.

    Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1) has opened up a gap on Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis), Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia) and Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy).

  64. 13:47:36 PDT

    The ascent of Howell Mt. is steep and the roads are wet. It's likely that the descent off the summit will be treacherous for the riders.

  65. 13:49:16 PDT

    At the finish in Santa Rosa there's a steady drizzle. There is a great expo area set up and people are starting to flock to the downtown to see the end of today's stage.

    There are no finishing circuits this year, as there have been in previous years so the men will do one lap of the 'old' circuit but just finish on 3rd street instead of going around for more laps.

  66. 13:58:00 PDT

    KOM #2 results: Cat. 2 Howell Mt. at mile 63.6:

    1. Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1)
    2. Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis)
    3. Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy)
    4. Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia)
    5. Michael Friedman (Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda)

  67. 71.5km remaining from 176.2km

    13:59:17 PDT

    The break just rolled through the second intermediate sprint line in Angwin at mile 65.7.

  68. 14:01:26 PDT

    Sprint #2 results: Mile 65.7:

    1. Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis)
    2. Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1)
    3. Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy)

  69. 14:02:31 PDT

    The five leaders are back together again after splitting up over the KOM.

    The rain is increasing in intensity.

  70. 62.7km remaining from 176.2km

    14:07:40 PDT

    The break is now at mile 71.2 and have a 3:00 lead over the peloton. The leaders are now back down on flat terrain.

    Thomson (Fly V Australia) is getting assistance from his team car.

  71. 14:08:49 PDT

    Rabou, as well, drops back to his team car.

    The gap is falling quickly now, but the peloton may back off for now.

  72. 14:12:09 PDT

    Canada's Dominique Rollin (Cervelo TestTeam) was another of the riders who crashed in the finale of stage 1. Just like his teammate Ted King in the Giro, Rollin was left with, shall we say, lots of skin exposed through his shredded shorts. Rollin joked last night that he was fined by Sacramento police for indecency.

    Here's hoping that everyone stays upright today in the wet, slick conditions.


  73. 14:14:38 PDT

    The break is now on Silverado Trail at mile 73. The quintet's lead is back up slightly to 3:35.

  74. 14:16:52 PDT

    The break is passing one of the many organic farms in Napa County. The five leaders are working well together with Friedman taking strong pulls.

    Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda) has lost contact with the field.

  75. 14:21:59 PDT

    The break flies past the Mumm Valley Winery where there are some women are relaxing roadside having , what else, a glass of wine.

  76. 53.3km remaining from 176.2km

    14:26:54 PDT

    The break continues to share the load equally and they're now at mile 77, still on Silverado Trail.

    Their lead is currently 3:30 as they roll along in calm conditions, no wind to speak of. They have about 7 miles until the day's 3rd KOM on Oakville Grade at mile 84.1

  77. 48.5km remaining from 176.2km

    14:29:15 PDT

    The break has made the right hand turn onto Oakville Cross Road.

  78. 14:30:37 PDT

    Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda) is now three minutes behind the peloton and is determined to finish today. He said he will not abandon the race.

  79. 14:32:01 PDT

    The riders are warned about a railroad crossing at mile 82. Compared to the challenges the peloton faced in the early stages of the Giro d'Italia, a set of wet railroad tracks doesn't seem that big of a problem.

  80. 45.9km remaining from 176.2km

    14:35:39 PDT

    The break has begun their ascent of the category 2 Oaksville Grade, and it's steeeeeep.

  81. 14:37:27 PDT

    Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda is now 7 minutes down on the peloton, but is being allowed to continue.

  82. 14:38:16 PDT

    The break has 1km to the top of the day's Oakville Grade KOM and Friedman has been dropped. The other four are climbing together.

  83. 14:41:46 PDT

    The break has 500m until the KOM and Rabou is once again alone in front to score maximum points. The climb is in excess of 10% near the top and the road is littered with potholes. Fortunately, at the speed they're riding at, they're easy to spot...assuming you're not so maxed out from the effort of climbing and being off the front all day, that is.

  84. 14:45:46 PDT

    Santa Rosa has hosted stage finishes each year at the Amgen Tour of California.

    Here are the previous Santa Rosa stage winners:

    2009: Francisco Mancebo (Spa) Rock Racing
    2008: Juan Jose Haedo (Arg) Team CSC
    2007: Graeme Brown (Aus) Rabobank
    2006: Juan José Haedo (Arg) Toyota-United Pro

    Only JJ Haedo, currently of Saxo Bank, is back. Will today be his day again?

  85. 14:47:49 PDT

    Jonathan Vaughters is in the Garmin-Transitions team car today and has said via Twitter: "Not much reception out here...the boys rode on the front a bit before the hill just to warm up... Hope it worked!"

    We shall soon see...

  86. 14:50:11 PDT

    KOM #3 results: category 3 Oakville Grade at mile 84.1:

    1. Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1)
    2. Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis)
    3. Jay Robert Thomson (Fly V Australia)
    4. Andrew Randell (SpiderTech Powered by Planet Energy)
    5. Michael Friedman (Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda)

  87. 14:50:54 PDT

    The break has 5km until theTrinity Grade KOM at mile 89.5.

  88. 14:55:44 PDT

    On the ascent to the summit of the Trinity Grade climb the break has splintered. Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1) and Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare pb Maxxis) are together in the lead. The peloton is approximately 2:00 back.

    While Menzies is having a great day in the break, two of his teammates unfortunately crashed descending off the Oakville Grade descent: Matthew Crane and poor Andrew Pinfold, who already was covered in road rash from yesterday's opening stage.

  89. 15:01:05 PDT

    Rabou and Menzies are still climbing together at the head of the race and have 1km to go until the day's final KOM: the category 2 Trinity Grade at mile 89.5.

    Mazich, the Jelly Belly Rider off the back of the peloton, is still pressing onwards but it's looking like he'll be forced to abandon today. If he's more than 15 minutes behind the peloton at the Trinity Grade summit then he'll be pulled from the race.

  90. 15:08:54 PDT

    Rabou and Menzies are flying down the treacherous Trinity Grade descent in the race lead.

    There is a 12-man chase group 30 seconds behind the lead duo and another chase group about 1:00 back.

    The Trinity Grade descent is definitely a challenge: it's steep, full of switchbacks, the road is covered in rocks, plus it's still raining.

    A Bissell rider has gone off the road and is calling for a new bike.

  91. 15:11:14 PDT

    The first chase group is swelled slightly to 18 riders behind Rabou and Menzies who still hold a slight lead.

    Max Jenkins (Unitedhealthcare) has crashed.

  92. 30.7km remaining from 176.2km

    15:12:06 PDT

    The leaders are at mile 91 and we now have a Liquigas and a Bissell rider down on the descent.

  93. 15:14:12 PDT

    The riders are reaching the endgame of this very taxing second stage. The run-in to Santa Rosa still has some undulations to deal with, including a climb on Bennett Valley Rd. with about 10 miles remaining.

  94. 15:15:21 PDT

    Defending race champion Levi Leipheimer (RadioShack) is putting his local knowledge to use and is part of the chase group behind Rabou and Menzies.

    Is a win in his hometown in the cards today

  95. 15:16:59 PDT

    We think that George Hincapie (BMC Racing) is also part of the chase group with Leipheimer, we're still trying to determine the rest of the riders of that selection.

  96. 23.2km remaining from 176.2km

    15:23:08 PDT

    There is now a lead group of approximately 25 riders at the head of affairs at mile 96. In this group are approximately 6 RadioShack riders, including Leipheimer, Horner and Armstrong, about 3 HTC-Columbia riders, some Garmin-Transitions riders and perhaps a few from Kelly Benefit Strategies.

    We believe the original five man break is also in this group.

  97. 15:24:02 PDT


  98. 15:26:27 PDT

    It's looking like the prognostications of a select group sprinting for the win will come to fruition. But who will take the stage?

    We're still waiting for confirmation about the definite composition of the lead group and the position of chasers.

  99. 15:27:57 PDT

    Garmin-Transitions has Tom Danielson and Dave Zabriskie amongst the lead group.

    The peloton has been in action for four and a half hours, much of it in wet conditions. It's shaping up to be a pretty dismal day at the office.

  100. 16.3km remaining from 176.2km

    15:29:56 PDT

    The riders are being warned about a particularly tricky left-hand turn near 10km to go. It's very narrow and has a median.

    The lead group of approximately 25 is now at mile 100 and has 10 miles remaining.

  101. 15:32:34 PDT

    We've confirmed that the following riders are in the lead group: Levi Leipheimer (Team Radioshack) , Lance Armstrong (Team Radioshack) , Christopher Horner (Team Radioshack) , Jose Luis Rubiera Vigil (Team Radioshack) , Michael Rogers (Team HTC-Columbia) , Lars Ytting Bak (Team HTC-Columbia) , Andy Schleck (Team Saxo Bank) , Jens Voigt (Team Saxo Bank) , Andre Steensen (Team Saxo Bank) , Lars Boom (Rabobank Cycling Team) , Dennis Van Winden (Rabobank Cycling Team) , Francesco Bellotti (Liquigas-Doimo) , Peter Sagan (Liquigas-Doimo) , David Zabriskie (Garmin-Transitions) , Thomas Danielson (Garmin-Transitions) , Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin-Transitions) , Peter Stetina (Garmin-Transitions) , Steve Morabito (BMC Racing Team) , Brett Lancaster (Cervelo Test Team) , Rory Sutherland (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis) , Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis) , Marc De Maar (Unitedhealthcare Presented by Maxxis) , Paul Mach (Bissell) , Phil Zajicek (Fly V Australia) , Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1) and Scott Zwizanski (Kelly Benefit Strategies) .

  102. 13.1km remaining from 176.2km

    15:34:16 PDT

    The lead group is at mile 102 and has a 45 second lead over a group of chasers.

  103. 15:35:11 PDT

    Another Team RadioShack rider is in the lead group: Janez Brajkovic.

  104. 10km remaining from 176.2km

    15:36:17 PDT

    The leaders now have 10km remaining to the finish in Santa Rosa.

  105. 15:37:15 PDT


  106. 6.4km remaining from 176.2km

    15:40:46 PDT

    The chase group behind the leaders has closed to within 20 seconds as the lead group passes 4 miles to go.

  107. 15:42:45 PDT

    Overnight leader Mark Cavendish is part of the chase group which at last report trailed the leaders by 20 seconds.

    Will the Manxman hang on to his yellow jersey for another day?

  108. 15:44:31 PDT

    Team RadioShack is driving the lead group while BMC Racing is at the head of the chasers. George Hincapie (BMC) is part of the chase group.

  109. 1km remaining from 176.2km

    15:45:41 PDT

    The leaders are at the flamme rouge. 1km to go!

  110. 15:46:44 PDT

    Sorry, that last update should have said 2km to go. There's a steady rain at the finish, but large crowds on hand lining the finishing straight.

  111. 1km remaining from 176.2km

    15:47:20 PDT

    Now, the leaders are at the flamme rouge! For real!

  112. 15:47:54 PDT

    Here they come!

  113. 15:49:00 PDT

    A Cervelo rider led out the sprint. Brett Lancaster (Cervelo TestTeam) takes the win!

  114. 15:50:47 PDT

    Lancaster powered to victory ahead of Peter Sagan (Liquigas). A Rabobank rider crossed the line in third.

    The chase group crossed the line 1:20 after the leaders.

  115. 15:57:07 PDT

    Brett Lancaster has also taken over the general classification lead.

    Lancaster leads Sagan by four seconds, Menzies by four seconds and Boom by six seconds overall.

  116. 15:59:18 PDT

    Stage 2 provisional results

    1 Brett Lancaster (Cervelo TestTeam)
    2 Peter Sagan (Liquigas)
    3 Lars Boom (Rabobank)
    4 Rory Sutherland (Unitedhealthcare)
    5 Andre Steensen (Team Saxo Bank)

    Stage 2 provisional general classification

    1 Brett Lancaster (Cervelo TestTeam)
    2 Peter Sagan (Liquigas)
    3Karl Menzies (Unitedhealthcare)
    4Lars Boom (Rabobank)

  117. 16:00:18 PDT

    That wraps up our live coverage for stage 2 of the Tour of California. Thanks for joining us.

    We hope you'll be back tomorrow for stage 3 which will cover 113.3 miles from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. The action will start at 11:15 am local (Pacific) time.