Graf wins final round of 4X ProTour

Beerten back on top of women's podium

The first year of the 4X ProTour, culminated in one of the most exciting races on Saturday night in Willingen, Germany.  David Graf and Anneke Beerten won the final round.

When the ProTour finals were announced as happening in Willingen, Joost Wichman stepped forward and suggested changes that could make the existing track better and give more chances for passing. The changes were well received

In qualifying, Wichman made his intentions clear from the start by setting the fastest time. David Graf, fresh from the BMX World Championships and competing in his first 4X ProTour of 2012 was second ahead of Tomas Slavik and Jakub Riha. The times were tight with just two seconds separating the top 20 men.

In the women's race, world champion Anneke Beerten took the fastest time in front of Celine Gros, Lucia Oejtens and Steffi Marth was in fourth. This made the overall points interesting with three women in contention of taking the overall title.

The shock of the first round was Jakub Riha, who went out with a big crash in the first race. Another shock came from Mick Hannah who, riding in his first ProTour found himself on the floor in the first turn when he simply ran out of track. Aside from Riha and Hannah, all the other men's contenders progressed to the second round of racing.

In the second round, there were passes galore. Michal Marossi, in a photo finish, was overtaken by Nico Vink. For those who thought that 4X racing was all over in the first turn, the ProTour has proven that wrong time and time again.

Onto the semi-finals: Wichman, Lucas Mechura, Michal Prokop and Scott Beaumont were in the gate. Wichman got the snap and led the race. The others all were wheel to wheel for second. In the final turn, Mechura and Prokop came together with Prokop crashing out. Wichman and Mechura were through.

In the second semi-final, Graf was against Slavik, Derbier and Vink. This race went the way of qualifying with Graf and Slavik going through.

In the women's final, Beerten lined up against Gros, Oejens and Steffi Marth. With the overall title on the line, Beerten got the snap and just did not look back. She hit the pro line doubles and took the win which was also enough to give her the 2012 4X ProTour overall title. Second went to Oejens, Third was Marth and unfortunately Gros crashed out of the race. Gros has had a fantastic year and this was enough to give her second overall ahead of Katy Curd, who finished fifth today, enough for third overall.

In the final main event of 2012. Wichman, Graf, Slavik and Mechura were on the gate. Slavik got the snap, but Graf got inside of him on turn two. The two of them went bar to bar on the proline doubles, but Graf got the edge and Slavik had to roll the first double. Graf looked like he was away, but Wichman charged whilst he was battling with Slavik and got into the lead on turn three. Through the rhythm section, Graf got close then on the final turn he dived inside and took the lead. Across the line, it was close, but Graf took it from Wichman, Mechura and Slavik in fourth.It was one of the tightest battles of the 2012 4X ProTour.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 David Graf (Swi)    
2 Joost Wichman (Ned)    
3 Tomas Slavik (Cze)    
4 Lukas Mechura (Cze)    
5 Michal Prokop (Cze)    
6 Scott Beaumont (GBr)    
7 Nico Vink (Bel)    
8 Quentin Derbier (Fra)    
9 Michael Mechura (Cze)    
10 Kamil Tatarkovic (Cze)    
11 Daniel Prijkell (Ned)    
12 Simon Waldburger (Swi)    
13 Adam Stasek (Ger)    
14 Jakub Hnidak (Cze)    
15 Aiko Göhler (Ger)    
16 Benedikt Last (Ger)    
17 Lacey Lewis (GBr)    
18 Michal Marosi (Cze)    
19 Milan Mysik (Cze)    
20 Benjamin Kistner (Swi)    
21 Gustaw Dadela (Pol)    
22 Piotr Paradowski (Pol)    
23 Maciej Chmiel (Pol)    
24 Marco Ricci (Ita)    
25 Guido Tschugg (Ger)    
26 Tom Dowie (GBr)    
27 Klaus Beige (Ger)    
28 Adrian Weiss (Swi)    
29 Dominik Gladen (Ger)    
30 Urban Rotnik (Slo)    
31 Danilo Petrucci Francesco (Ita)    
32 Hannes Slavik (Aut)    
33 Jakub Riha (Cze)    
34 Stefano Dolfin (Ita)    
35 Andrej Bratina (Slo)    
36 Jonas Gauss (Ger)    
37 Mariusz Jarek (Pol)    
38 Werner Muther (Swi)    
39 Stefano Balestralli (Ita)    
40 Ingo Kaufmann (Ger)    
41 Denis Masarik (Svk)    
42 Jamie Askew (GBr)    
43 Mick Hannah (Aus)    
44 Joey Van Veghel (Ned)    
45 Johnny Magis (Bel)    
46 David Roberts (GBr)    
47 Petr Benes (Cze)    
48 Kevin Van Benthem (Ned)    
49 Planting Dyon (Ned)    
50 Marcin Stefaniuk (Pol)    
51 Marek Pesko (Svk)    
52 Gabriele Giletta (Ita)    
53 Piotr Kobus (Pol)    
54 Jakub Klein (Pol)    
55 Felix Beckman (Swe)    
DNF Matija Stupard (Slo)    
DNF Petrik Brückner (Ger)    
DNS Benjamin Eholich (Ger)    
DNS Mitkov Bozan (Cze)    
DNF Mirko Weiss (Swi)    
DNF Mark Milward (GBr)    
DNF Oliver Fuhrmann (Ger)    
DNF Jeroen Neus (Ned)    
DNF Benjamin Beilhack (Ger)    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Anneke Beerten (Ned)    
2 Lucia Oetjen (Swi)    
3 Steffi Marth (Ger)    
4 Celine Gros (Fra)    
5 Katy Curd (GBr)    
6 Suzanne Lacyey (GBr)    
7 Helene Fruhwirth (Aut)    
8 tereza Votavova (Cze)    
9 Laura Brethauer (Ger)    
10 Caro Gehrig (Unknown)    
11 Anna Börschig (Ger)    
12 Dana Elena Schweika (Ger)    
13 Julia Lackas (Ger)    
14 Lea Schleifenbaum (Ger)    


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