Kolesnikov grabs another Russian victory

Brenes bumps teammate out of yellow

The defending champion of La Vuelta Ciclista Internacional a Costa Rica, Gregory Brenes (BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS), claimed the yellow jersey on Friday's third stage, which was won by Russian Sergey Kolesnikov.

Kolesnikov was actually the second Russian rider to cross the finish line, but was awarded the win after teammate Alexander Khatuntsev was disqualified by the race jury. According to the Chief Commissaire, Cuban Rafael Rodríguez, Kolesnikov did not complete the official course after he took a wrong turn and cut off some 20 kilometres of the stage. The judges' decision disqualified him from the stage and the rest of the competition.

Despite the incided, it didn't stop the Russian Team from claiming their second stage win in a row. Sergey Kolesnikov completed the 130.3 kilometre course on a time of 3:36:05. Costa Rican Henry Raabe (Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue) and the new race leader, Gregory Brenes, finished one second further back.

Prior to the drama at the finish line, the stage's animators had been Dutchman Giel Nijs (Team Amsterdam) and local rider Alfredo Sánchez (Bufete Guzmán y Álvarez-Exeltec). They escaped from the peloton only a few kilometres into the day's race and kept the break alive for almost two hours.

The duo was caught at Venecia of San Carlos, some 30 kilometres from the finish in Ciudad Quesada. The peloton then focused on marking the top contenders for overall and left the door open for another sprint finish.

Russian, Canadian and the best local sprinters immediately placed themselves in the front line. However, they were outfoxed by Kolesnikov, whose strength in the finale saw him finish with an advantage over the charging group behind.

The stage was also marked by the announcement that this year's edition of La Vuelta Ciclista Internacional a Costa Rica will be dedicated to Álvaro Duval Marin. The former General Director of the race passed away on Friday morning after a two-year battle with cancer.

Saturday's stage will be raced in memory of this long-time Costa Rican cycling authority. The longest stage of the tour will begin at la Fortuna of San Carlos and will finish 190.1 kilometres later in Liberia.

1Sergey Kolesnikov (Rus) Russian National Team3:36:05 
2Henry Raabe (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:00:01 
3Gregori Brenes (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade  
4Janier Acevedo (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
5Juan Rojas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
6Marco Salas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea0:00:02 
7Jose Bonilla (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue  
8Federico Ramirez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade  
9Alexander Sanchez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade  
10Jesus Castaño (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
11Steven Villalobos (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
12Allan Morales (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade  
13Paulo Vargas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
14Nicolas Castro (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
15Pablo Araya (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
16Alexis Castro (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
17Marconi Duran (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue  
18Marco Salas (CRc) Grupo Ice  
19Cesar Rojas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
20William Valencia (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
21Julian Rodas (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
22Carlos Pulgarin (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
23Fabricio Quiros (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:00:10 
24Mynor Lopez (Gua) Guatemala National Team0:00:26 
25Juan Solis (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue  
26Jose Montero (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:01:12 
27Ivan Kovalev (Rus) Russian National Team0:01:20 
28Eddier Godinez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:01:22 
29Guillermo Gonzalez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade  
30Esteban Castro (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec  
31Carlos Hernandez (Gua) Guatemala National Team  
32Josue Gonzalez (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue  
33Enrique Artavia (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue  
34Diego Flores (Gua) Guatemala National Team  
35Cory Wallace (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:01:40 
36Mariano Herrera (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
37Roman Villalobos (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
38Luis Rojas (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec  
39Daniel Korevaar (Ned) Amsterdam Team  
40Allan Cordero (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:02:07 
41Erick Perez (Gua) Guatemala National Team0:02:21 
42Noe Alvarez (Gua) Guatemala National Team  
43Renan Gonzalez (CRc) Grupo Ice  
44Miguel Rojas (CRc) Grupo Ice  
45Gilbert Tencio (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:03:01 
46Alfredo Flores (Gua) Guatemala National Team  
47Douglas Offer (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue  
48Marvin Guzman (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:04:02 
49Alexey Shmidt (Rus) Russian National Team0:04:05 
50Jonathan Camacho (CRc) Grupo Ice0:04:12 
51Daniel Rodriguez (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec  
52Randall Aguilar (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:04:52 
53Hersson Jimenez (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea0:05:16 
54Johan Barahona (CRc) Grupo Ice0:05:30 
55Lars Van Devall (Ned) Amsterdam Team  
56Vincent Veilleuz (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH  
57Moises Hernandez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:06:42 
58Alejandro Padilla (Gua) Guatemala National Team  
59Jean Lachance (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:08:16 
60Charles Thibault (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:08:37 
61Evgeniy Kovalev (Rus) Russian National Team0:08:55 
62Victor Smalko (Rus) Russian National Team  
63Giel Nijs (Ned) Amsterdam Team  
64Dion Beukeboom (Ned) Amsterdam Team  
65Luis Alvarez (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:09:15 
66David Vargas (CRc) Grupo Ice0:09:39 
67Cody Camming (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:12:09 
68Pablo Leiva (CRc) Grupo Ice0:14:47 
69Marco Guillen (CRc) Grupo Ice  
70Alfredo Sanchez (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec  
71Niels Lommers (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:16:10 
72Jan Lof (Ned) Amsterdam Team  
73Dirk Van Der Craats (Ned) Amsterdam Team  
74Jeroen Kers (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:16:13 
75Eduardo Garita (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:17:40 
DNFArnaud Papillon (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH  
DSQAlexander Khatuntsev (Rus) Russian National Team  
DNSAbelardo Julaju (Gua) Guatemala National Team  
General classification
1Gregori Brenes (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade7:30:31 
2Alexander Sanchez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:00:01 
3Federico Ramirez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade  
4Allan Morales (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade  
5Henry Raabe (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:00:04 
6Jose Bonilla (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:00:05 
7Marconi Duran (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue  
8Fabricio Quiros (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:00:09 
9Janier Acevedo (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia0:00:10 
10William Valencia (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia0:00:11 
11Jesus Castaño (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
12Nicolas Castro (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
13Juan Rojas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea0:00:14 
14Paulo Vargas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea0:00:15 
15Pablo Araya (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
16Alexis Castro (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia0:00:16 
17Cesar Rojas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea0:00:19 
18Steven Villalobos (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea0:00:20 
19Marco Salas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
20Julian Rodas (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia  
21Carlos Pulgarin (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia0:00:29 
22Marco Salas (CRc) Grupo Ice0:00:47 
23Juan Solis (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:00:53 
24Jose Montero (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:01:11 
25Guillermo Gonzalez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:01:21 
26Sergey Kolesnikov (Rus) Russian National Team0:01:23 
27Josue Gonzalez (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:01:25 
28Eddier Godinez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:01:40 
29Mynor Lopez (Gua) Guatemala National Team0:01:49 
30Enrique Artavia (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:01:51 
31Diego Flores (Gua) Guatemala National Team0:02:45 
32Daniel Korevaar (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:02:53 
33Cory Wallace (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:03:05 
34Roman Villalobos (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea0:03:06 
35Mariano Herrera (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea  
36Esteban Castro (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:03:08 
37Ivan Kovalev (Rus) Russian National Team0:03:14 
38Luis Rojas (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:03:26 
39Erick Perez (Gua) Guatemala National Team0:03:44 
40Allan Cordero (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:03:53 
41Carlos Hernandez (Gua) Guatemala National Team0:03:55 
42Douglas Offer (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:03:58 
43Alfredo Flores (Gua) Guatemala National Team0:04:24 
44Noe Alvarez (Gua) Guatemala National Team0:05:00 
45Jonathan Camacho (CRc) Grupo Ice0:05:21 
46Alexey Shmidt (Rus) Russian National Team0:05:28 
47Gilbert Tencio (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:05:59 
48Johan Barahona (CRc) Grupo Ice0:06:15 
49Daniel Rodriguez (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:06:34 
50Hersson Jimenez (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea0:06:42 
51Randall Aguilar (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:07:14 
52Moises Hernandez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS-Powerade0:07:16 
53Marvin Guzman (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:07:27 
54Renan Gonzalez (CRc) Grupo Ice0:10:29 
55Victor Smalko (Rus) Russian National Team0:11:13 
56Evgeniy Kovalev (Rus) Russian National Team  
57Miguel Rojas (CRc) Grupo Ice0:13:02 
58Vincent Veilleuz (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:14:18 
59Alejandro Padilla (Gua) Guatemala National Team0:16:44 
60Jean Lachance (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:17:04 
61Jan Lof (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:17:23 
62Jeroen Kers (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:17:26 
63Dion Beukeboom (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:17:31 
64Eduardo Garita (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent A Car-Blue0:18:16 
65Lars Van Devall (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:18:18 
66Charles Thibault (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:19:52 
67Giel Nijs (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:21:57 
68Cody Camming (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH0:22:28 
69David Vargas (CRc) Grupo Ice0:22:47 
70Alfredo Sanchez (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:23:15 
71Marco Guillen (CRc) Grupo Ice0:24:33 
72Dirk Van Der Craats (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:24:46 
73Pablo Leiva (CRc) Grupo Ice0:25:37 
74Niels Lommers (Ned) Amsterdam Team0:29:58 
75Luis Alvarez (CRc) Bufete Guzmán & Álvarez - Exceltec0:38:45 


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