Olympic Games 2016

August 6-21, 2016, Fort Copacabana, Rio, Road - JO

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Sadhbh O'Shea

Welcome to live coverage of the women's road race at the Olympic Games.

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  1. 11:50:54 BRT

    After an exciting race yesterday in the men's road race, it is time for the women. Less than 30 minutes until they roll out. 

  2. 11:55:53 BRT

    The women will be riding the same course as the men did yesterday but they will only be making one ascent of to the Vista Chinesa, which means only once down that very difficult descent. This is the profile.


    2016 Rio Olympic Games Women's Road Race Map


  3. 12:00:09 BRT

    That Vista Chinesa descent caused a lot of problems in the men's race with several medal contenders coming down on it. Some came out better off than others and you can read our injury update here


  4. 12:03:22 BRT

    With just over 10 minutes until Brian Cookson drops the unusually small flag to start the race, take a look at the start list for today's race. Note that Olga Zabelinskaya is on that list after the CAS cleared all Russians with previous doping bans from competing in Rio.


  5. 12:07:34 BRT

    Great Britain rider Geraint Thomas rode down to the start this morning, stretching his legs after crashing during yesterday's race. He says that things could get very interesting very quickly with plenty of wind about in Rio. The rowing events have already been cancelled because of it. 


    "Here [at the start] we are quite sheltered but I rode from the village and around the corner it is pretty winder and there were lots of barriers being blown over. It could get split to pieces straight away. With the cobbles and the descents, along with the climbing, it’s going to be an exciting race to watch," he told the BBC.


  6. 12:14:16 BRT

    Flavia Oliveira is one of two riders competing for the home nation. She's had to endure a huge battle just to make it to the start line. Read her incredible story here.


  7. 12:15:23 BRT

    And the riders are off!


  8. 12:19:43 BRT

    Armitstead sitting towards of the back of the group at the moment. Artmitstead was the big favourite going into the event but has had a turbulent week after it was revealed that she'd had to go to the CAS to ensure her spot in the Games following three missed out-of-competition tests. 


  9. 12:21:26 BRT

    In the end, Armitstead's first missed test was negated when the CAS decided that the doping control officer hadn't done enough to try and locate her. Following the revelations, Armitstead admitted that people would always have questions about her.


  10. 132km remaining from 136.9km

    12:23:30 BRT

    The riders are currently pacing themselves out of town with Germany and the USA sitting up front. The action is unlikely to kick off for a few kilometres yet. 


  11. 12:26:21 BRT

    In yesterday's men's road race, the Dutch team failed to impress with their best rider Bauke Mollema in 17th. They do have a chance to redeem themselves today with defending champion Marianne Vos in the line-up and Anna van der Breggen. It remains to be seen who will have the best legs of those two today. 


  12. 12:31:19 BRT

    With winds expected, the USA team has put Kristin Armistrong up to the front to help keep control of things. Armstrong will have her eyes on the time trial, which she won in 2012, but the USA has some very good options for today. They have Megan Guarnier, Mara Abbott and Evelyn Stevens. Guarnier has had a superb season so far and she leads the Women's WorldTour. Abbott was on form in the Giro but she showed her weakness in the descents, which could prove crucial. 


  13. 125km remaining from 136.9km

    12:34:18 BRT

    It's still all together at the moment. We had one small attack from one of the Brazilians early on but calm was quickly restored. Ellen van Dijk leads the group for the Netherlands.


  14. 12:34:59 BRT

    A problem for Lizzie Armitstead. She pulls over for a bike change just before the peloton starts climbing. 


  15. 12:35:22 BRT

    Due to the joy of no race radios, Pooley goes on the attack.


  16. 12:36:27 BRT

    Van Dijk brings the group back to Pooley but it is very broken up and there are riders already dropping off. 


  17. 12:37:17 BRT

    Pooley keeps looking over her shoulder but we have no visual on Armitstead. Nevermind that though as she has another go off the front and really puts the hurt on. 


  18. 12:38:35 BRT

    We finally have sight of Armitstead and she's being drafted back to the peloton. Froome and Thomas did the same yesterday and, while it is ordinarily against the rules, they avoided any punishment. 


  19. 122km remaining from 136.9km

    12:39:50 BRT

    Bronzini now starts setting the pace. She's doing the work for Elisa Longo Borghini, who is Italy's main medal hope. Bronzini's effort doesn't last long and Lepisto takes over. 


  20. 12:40:38 BRT

    Lepisto is really chargingdown this short descent and she's got Van Dijk hot on her wheels and Lisa Brennauer too. 


  21. 12:41:47 BRT

    Nikki Harris is looking nervous at the back of the bunch, she still can't see her teammate Armitstead. The British leader can see the bunch but they're still a good distance away. 


  22. 12:43:00 BRT

    Up front, it has all been brought back together as they hit a flat section, but it is still stretched out. 


  23. 119km remaining from 136.9km

    12:44:17 BRT

    Armitstead finally makes it back onto the group and has a heated discussion with Harris. She seemed pretty annoyed with Harris for not dropping back to help her. 


  24. 12:47:40 BRT

    After a flurry of action, some of the riders are now taking the time to have some food. They're going to need it with what is to come. The bunch is already seriously reduced following that climb. 


  25. 12:48:48 BRT

    Pooley has once again moved to the back. She is either on the front pushing the pace or sitting on the back, she's not a fan of the centre of the peloton. 


  26. 12:53:01 BRT

    We've run through a few of the potential contenders for today's race but it is wide open for anyone to take gold. South Africa's Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio is in with a shout, as is Pauline Ferrand-Prevot (France), Kasia Niewiadoma (Poland), and Emma Johansson (Sweden).


  27. 114km remaining from 136.9km

    12:54:35 BRT

    Lotte Kopecky has made the first serious attack. She surprised the bunch by laughing her move from the left of the bunch. The peloton seems happy to let her go and she's been left to her own devices. She has 50 seconds but there's still a long way to go.


  28. 12:58:22 BRT

    As the peloton rides tempo, the gap to Kopecky just keeps growing. She's got 1:47 now on the bunch. The riders are on a long flat section at the moment but they will hit the cobbles and the climbs very soon. 


  29. 13:00:44 BRT

    The flags behind the riders are really being whipped up. There are some fairly hefty crosswind gusts. Nothing steady yet but it is picking up. 


  30. 110km remaining from 136.9km

    13:01:29 BRT

    After that small lull, Worrack has decided to light things up in the peloton. Armstrong follows her and things begin to split up. 


  31. 13:02:45 BRT

    Despite the little injection in pace, Kopecky's lead is growing. She has over two minutes now. 


  32. 13:04:03 BRT

    Worrack continues to try and drive this pace. Stevens comes up and tries to slow it down but Germany is determined to make this hard. Brennauer lends her clout to the pace setting. 


  33. 13:05:15 BRT

    We now have three Germans on the front, with Kasper now up there. Italy is also moving up with Ceccini. This is completely lined out now. 


  34. 13:06:36 BRT

    Race radio reporting a 3/4 headwind at the moment and we can see that the trees are being blown all over the place. Lizzie Armitstead makes her first appearance on the front and things calm down a little bit. 


  35. 13:08:25 BRT

    All that action means that Kopecky's lead has dropped to 1:50. They're moving off the coast and the grey skies and mist mean that we could have some rain somewhere out on course. 


  36. 13:09:32 BRT

    Using the technical gauge of the colour changing Specialized bikes, we can see that it is a bit cooler than it was yesterday, for now. The bikes, which go yellow in the heat, are firmly orange at the moment. 


  37. 104km remaining from 136.9km

    13:12:09 BRT

    The pace has really knocked off in the peloton at the moment and Kopecky's lead has ballooned to three minutes. 


  38. 13:13:34 BRT

    Another attack from the bunch and it is one of the Germans, no surprise there. The rider in question is Romy Kasper. She's already got a 30-second gap on the bunch. 


  39. 13:15:13 BRT

    The Polish men's team has stopped alongside the side of the road to watch the race go past and they give a polite clap as Kasper hunts down Kopecky. 


  40. 13:17:53 BRT

    Kasper is distancing the peloton pretty quickly with a 1:30 gap now between her and the main group. It is taking a little longer to close on Kopecky though, still 2:40 between the two escapees. 


  41. 99km remaining from 136.9km

    13:20:18 BRT

    There is little sense of urgency in the peloton, which is ticking along at 30kph at the moment. Kopecky is going almost 10kph faster. 


  42. 13:22:32 BRT

    Kopecky is quickly comping up on the climb. Her advantage over Kasper remains the same but she is now almost five minutes up the road from the peloton. 


  43. 13:24:25 BRT

    At 20, Kopecky is the youngest member of the peloton today and this is her first time at the Olympics. She enjoyed her first professional victory at the Trofee Maarten Wynants in May. She also finished second in both the national road race and time trial championships. 


  44. 13:26:58 BRT

    As the peloton hits a small rise in the road, the pace begins to increase. Canada, Britain and the Netherlands all up near the front. 


  45. 13:27:32 BRT

    Kopecky is only the cobbles and she instantly loses her bottle. We saw a lot of that yesterday too.


  46. 13:29:30 BRT

    Kasper is still plugging away trying to catch Kopecky but she's now losing ground. Seems like she would be better off sitting up and trying again a little later on. 


  47. 13:31:59 BRT

    As the contenders try to stay up front, the pace has really ramped up in the peloton and they're shutting down the Kopecky chase. Van Dijk is the one on the front as two of the Australians suffer mechanical issues. 


  48. 13:32:59 BRT

    Neylan is one of the Australians who has had to pull up. She has reportedly suffered from a dropped chain. 


  49. 92km remaining from 136.9km

    13:34:41 BRT

    Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio is one of the riders who has been dropped over the cobbles. they're back on the tarmac now and she's chasing the bunch down. 


  50. 13:35:36 BRT

    Kopecky is on one of the steepest parts of this first major climb. Her advantage is coming down now as she slows to just 10kph. 


  51. 13:36:16 BRT

    Behind her, Kasper is almost back with the peloton, she has just 25 seconds. 


  52. 13:36:59 BRT

    Riders are being dropped from the bunch including home rider Fernandes.


  53. 13:37:39 BRT

    In contrast to Kopecky, Kasper is really having to fight the bike to get it up the climb, this is not the terrain that she likes. 


  54. 13:38:32 BRT

    Kasper is reeled back in and Van Dijk speeds things up over the climb. 


  55. 89km remaining from 136.9km

    13:39:41 BRT

    Van Dijk has gone clear down the descent. That's some great work from the Dutch rider. 


  56. 13:40:19 BRT

    Bronzini has chased down Van Dijk. 


  57. 13:41:22 BRT

    Race radio reporting Ferrand-Prevot has been dropped. As our own Kirsten Frattini explained earlier, she is looking after herself ahead of the mountain bike events. 


  58. 13:41:45 BRT

    Anna Plichta has joined up with Van Dijk and Bronzini. 


  59. 13:43:28 BRT

    Interestingly, all of these riders who have gone off the front have race contenders back in the bunch. They've forced the other teams to take up the pace setting. Armstrong has now moved to the front of the bunch. 


  60. 13:44:13 BRT

    Germany has also sent someone up the road. After Kasper couldn't do the job, it is Worrack that jumps across to this chasing group. 


  61. 13:46:13 BRT

    No Armstrong jumps clear, which means that there is increasingly less teams to work in the peloton. Australia and Great Britain will perhaps have to take up the work. However, for now, there is no chase behind. 


  62. 13:47:03 BRT

    Katrin Garfoot goes on the attack for Australia.


  63. 83km remaining from 136.9km

    13:48:46 BRT

    Almost a minute now between the chasers and the peloton. Armstrong is almost with them. Her power will be a good boost for this group. 


  64. 13:49:43 BRT

    Kopecky still 1:30 up the road from this chasing group. She's been on her own for quite some time. 


  65. 13:51:07 BRT

    Great Britain is the only one of the major teams to really miss out on this move so they have now put Pooley to the front.


  66. 13:54:13 BRT

    Armitstead tells Pooley to knock it off. She obviously doesn't want the other nations to benefit from their work. Armitstead has head a less than ideal build-up to the Games with the furor around her missed tests. The Cyclingnews and Procycling teams got together earlier this week to discuss that and what we expect from today's road race in the latest podcast. You can hear it here


  67. 80km remaining from 136.9km

    13:55:04 BRT

    It seems that Garfoot has been brought back and Pooley's efforts, even if she was told to slow down, has brought this chasing group into touching distance. 


  68. 13:56:51 BRT

    Kopecky doing an admirable job holding it out there. She's been going it along for quite some time and still has a decent gap on the chasers. 


  69. 13:57:26 BRT

    Report coming in that Garfoot has actually abandoned the race. 

  70. 14:00:09 BRT

    Happy that these five are not too far up the road, Pooley has stopped chasing and their gap is going back out again. They've got 41 seconds in no time at all and they're closing in on Kopecky, who must be very tired right now. 

  71. 14:01:14 BRT

    Pooley has attacked with Gracie Elvin


  72. 14:01:37 BRT

    As the peloton tries to chase, it begins to split up.


  73. 75km remaining from 136.9km

    14:02:59 BRT

    Pooley is doing all of the work in that chase with Elvin firmly in her wheel.


  74. 14:04:02 BRT

    There is a tentative chase behind in the peloton as nobody seems to want to do the work alone. Pooley and Elvin are slowly moving clear. 


  75. 14:04:37 BRT

    Now Vos attacks from the peloton. 


  76. 14:05:27 BRT

    She is the first major favourite to go off the front. Vos was one of those doing the chasing earlier and she's obviously decided that she's not going to do any work for the rest of the peloton. 


  77. 14:06:07 BRT

    Vos quickly joins up with Elvin and Pooley and they sit up. Strong tactical work by the Dutch squad. 


  78. 72km remaining from 136.9km

    14:07:23 BRT

    Around 45 seconds between the leader and the chasers and then the chasers and the peloton. 


  79. 14:07:46 BRT

    Some more riders trying to attack from the peloton. 


  80. 71km remaining from 136.9km

    14:09:57 BRT

    The attacks are nullified as a crash happens at the side of the peloton. Linda Villumsen is one of those to go down but she doesn't look too injured. 


  81. 14:11:34 BRT

    All the riders are onto the cobbles for the last time. 

  82. 14:12:20 BRT

    Armistead moved to the front on the cobbles, she sits just behind Zabelinskaya in the group. 


  83. 14:13:25 BRT

    Zabelinskaya was a late addition to the race. Unlike her compatriot Ilnur Zakarin, she traveled to Rio in the hope that she would be cleared to race. She was given the green light on Friday. 


  84. 69km remaining from 136.9km

    14:13:57 BRT

    All three groups are on the same stretch of road and it won't be long before it all comes together. 


  85. 14:15:24 BRT

    Whitten of Canada abandons. Only 63 riders finished yesterday, which is not much less than the entire women's field. 


  86. 14:17:04 BRT

    Kopecky is visibly slower now as she makes her way over these rolling tarmacked roads. She's about to hit some much steeper sections though. 


  87. 14:18:05 BRT

    Van Dijk drives the chasing group as they catch Kopecky, who is instantly spat out the back. 


  88. 14:18:33 BRT

    And it is now gruppo compatto as the peloton catches up too


  89. 14:19:13 BRT

    Hanna Solovei is struggling off the back, she's another that will be more interested in the time trial. 


  90. 14:19:51 BRT

    The riders are onto the descent and the peloton is in bits and pieces. Lots of riders have lost out on that last climb. 


  91. 65km remaining from 136.9km

    14:21:30 BRT

    From the bottom of the descent, the riders have got a lengthy flat section along the beach front. The peloton is in groups of 5-10 and that could split up more if the wind has picked up by the sea. 


  92. 14:24:06 BRT

    The front group in the peloton is around 20 to 30 riders now. The Dutch have three riders in there, includinng Van Dijk. and Van der Breggen. Armitstead, Guarnier, Longo Borghini, Moolman-Pasio, and Niewiadoma are also in there. Vos appears to have been caught out and she is helping to lead a chase group. 


  93. 63km remaining from 136.9km

    14:24:35 BRT

    There is 19 seconds between the two pelotons


  94. 14:25:48 BRT

    Actually the Polish rider is not Niewiadoma. Can't see if she's in group one or two. For USA fans, Stevens is also in the leading group. 


  95. 14:26:14 BRT

    It is all a little arbitrary though, as the two groups are about to merge. 


  96. 14:27:02 BRT

    As the two groups join together, Italy and Germany move to the front to push things on. 


  97. 14:28:21 BRT

    There is a lot of action at the front, things are getting a little tetchy on this flat section.


  98. 14:28:58 BRT

    Now Worrack has a go


  99. 14:29:28 BRT

    Van Dijk is wise to it and shuts it down. She has been doing an impressive job so far today. In fact, both of them have.


  100. 59km remaining from 136.9km

    14:31:40 BRT

    The riders passing through the feed zone, which is just before the major climb of the day. It's about to really kick off now. 


  101. 14:33:21 BRT

    Ferrand-Prevot moving up to the front. She's been trying to play it safe for much of the day but she wants to be in position when the attacks begin again. 


  102. 14:34:29 BRT

    It's still Ellen van Dijk doing the main effort with the help of Van Vleuten. 


  103. 56km remaining from 136.9km

    14:37:33 BRT

    The rain is holding off for now but the moisture in the air means that the roads could still be slippy on this descent. 


  104. 14:39:29 BRT

    Audrey Cordon attacks


  105. 14:40:01 BRT

    There is no big chase behind as the riders look at each other. She's not making much ground though.


  106. 14:40:57 BRT

    Cordon has 10 seconds on the bunch but she's got 53km to go. 


  107. 14:41:43 BRT

    Vos goes back to the car to pick up some bidons for her teammates. She has been playing a good team role today. 


  108. 14:42:48 BRT

    After a lot of chapping and changing Van Vleuten is the one doing the chasing for the Netherlands. 


  109. 14:43:44 BRT

    More attacks coming from the bunch and it is splitting up again. Kasper has a go but is pulled back. This is all bad news for Cordon who is being brought back slowly. 


  110. 14:46:00 BRT

    Italy now has a go with Ceccini and she drags about six riders with her. Van Dijk is in it as ever, as is Ferrand-Prevot. Brennauer has also made the cut but they are being brought back. 


  111. 49km remaining from 136.9km

    14:47:05 BRT

    They're on the beach front and the peloton is in single file. The wind seems to have died down. 


  112. 14:47:52 BRT

    Just six seconds for Cordon.


  113. 14:49:03 BRT

    Cordon's advantage is just a few hundred meters as another flurry of attacks goes off the front. 


  114. 14:49:13 BRT

    Cordon is caught


  115. 14:51:15 BRT

    A change for some food for the peloton. This has been a tough race so far and it's only going to get tougher. 


  116. 14:52:38 BRT

    A few riders almost taken out by some fans holding out their phones. They're forced to duck to avoid getting hit in the face. 


  117. 14:53:51 BRT

    Germany have got all four of their riders stretched across the front of the peloton, keeping the pace steady. 


  118. 14:55:05 BRT

    Despite it being a cooler day it is still pretty humid out there and riders having to cool themselves down by emptying bidons over themselves.


  119. 43km remaining from 136.9km

    14:56:17 BRT

    Germany have all their riders now forcing the pace with the help of Italy. 


  120. 14:57:08 BRT

    The peloton split momentarily and it is in single file again. Australia are close behind Germany and the USA has Armstrong up there for them. 


  121. 14:58:08 BRT

    The impetus is going out of this move and the peloton begins bunching back together. It was a strange move by Germany with no real wind to help them in their efforts. 


  122. 14:59:45 BRT

    Around 15km to go until the Vista Chinesa climb. 


  123. 39km remaining from 136.9km

    15:00:10 BRT

    Worrack attacks.


  124. 15:01:00 BRT

    Six riders trying to chase down Worrack, including Ferrand-Prevot and Vos.


  125. 15:02:01 BRT

    Cecchini also in that chasing group and they've joined up with Worrack. 


  126. 15:02:41 BRT

    Elvin, Jasinska, Vekemans are the other three riders in that leading group. 


  127. 15:03:20 BRT

    Eight seconds between the two groups


  128. 15:04:44 BRT

    A reminder, that leading group is: Paulin Ferrand-Prevot (France), Marianne Vos (Netherlands), Elena Cecchini (Italy), Gracie Elvin (Asutralia), Malgortza Jasinska (Poland) and Anisha Vekemans (Belgium).


  129. 15:07:13 BRT

    This break is reminiscent of the break at the World Championships two years ago. It's full of class but they will need to work together if they want to make it stick, unlike Ponferrada. If you remember, it was Ferrand-Prevot who won on that day. 


  130. 15:08:03 BRT

    Sorry, I missed Worrack in that list of leaders. Here it is again: Pauline Ferrand-Prevot (France), Marianne Vos (Netherlands), Elena Cecchini (Italy), Gracie Elvin (Asutralia), Malgortza Jasinska (Poland) and Anisha Vekemans (Belgium), Trixi Worrack (Germany).


  131. 15:08:34 BRT

    Great Britain a notable absence in this group. 


  132. 32km remaining from 136.9km

    15:09:18 BRT

    The USA has also missed out and they're trying to chase it down. It's 50 seconds now between the two groups. 


  133. 15:10:57 BRT

    Worrack has done an incredible job today when you consider what sort of season she has had. She was out for months after having to have her kidney out following a serious accident at the Trofeo Alfredo Binda. 


  134. 29km remaining from 136.9km

    15:11:54 BRT

    Armstrong is doing the work in the peloton but she's struggling. The gap has gone out to over a minute. 


  135. 15:13:25 BRT

    Vos has injected the pace and the others are forced to chase her down after a split forms. She is looking in strong form today.


  136. 15:14:40 BRT

    While there are several teams trying to chase, there doesn't seem to be panic just yet in the peloton. 


  137. 15:17:05 BRT

    The leaders are onto the climb now and Vekemans is already struggling. 


  138. 26km remaining from 136.9km

    15:18:56 BRT

    The leaders are holding their advantage at the moment on this climb. The USA is chasing but it looks like they've got this wrong. We saw a number of the men jumping across on this climb, will we see that today?


  139. 15:19:59 BRT

    Stevens now pulling on the front of the peloton. Guarnier is up there too and the gap has suddenly dropped to 50 seconds. 


  140. 15:21:29 BRT

    If this comes to a sprint finish between this leading group then you would imagine that it would be between Vos and Ferrand-Prevot. 


  141. 15:23:03 BRT

    Armstrong has been dropped from the peloton after doing so much work earlier on. The gap has reportedly dropped to 40 seconds now. 


  142. 23km remaining from 136.9km

    15:24:02 BRT

    As the leaders hit the second, steeper, part of this climb, the gap has dropped to 24 seconds. 


  143. 15:24:19 BRT

    Pooley has also been dropped from the main bunch. 


  144. 15:25:03 BRT

    Just 14 seconds the gap and the Mara Abbott-led peloton has the leaders in her sights. 


  145. 15:25:45 BRT

    Abbott catches the leaders and sails past them. She's got Moolman Pasio and Guarnier in her wheel. Longo Birghini and Vos as not too far behind. 


  146. 15:26:05 BRT

    Armitstead is struggling, she has been distanced!


  147. 15:26:51 BRT

    No idea if Armitstead has had any problems. 


  148. 22km remaining from 136.9km

    15:27:31 BRT

    She's dug in now and caught up with the leaders. Around 20 riders in this group at the moment. 


  149. 15:28:38 BRT

    Riders in that group are Guarnier, Abbott, Armitstead, Niewiadoma, Longo Borghini, Johansson, Moolman-Pasio, Van der Breggen, Vos and a few more. 


  150. 15:29:22 BRT

    Guarnier has been distanced and she is trying to chase back on. Vos is now struggling. 


  151. 15:29:48 BRT

    Alena Amialiusik is also finding it tough. 


  152. 15:30:31 BRT

    Armitstead is a little off the back at the moment as they approach the top. 


  153. 21km remaining from 136.9km

    15:32:07 BRT

    Less than 10 riders left in this leafing group. Longo Borghini, Abbott, Stevens, Moolman-Pasio, Van der Breggen, Johansson all up there. Niewiadoma and Armitstead struggling off the back.


  154. 15:33:27 BRT

    Van der Breggen attacks


  155. 15:33:56 BRT

    Longo Borghini chases her down and they've got a gap, but it is small. 


  156. 20km remaining from 136.9km

    15:35:26 BRT

    Oliveira and Neff are not too far behind this leading group as Johansson and Moolman-Pasio get dropped. 


  157. 15:35:50 BRT

    Only four riders left in this front group, the two Dutch riders, Abbott and Longo Borghini. 


  158. 15:37:22 BRT

    Abbott is not the best descender in this group so it will be interesting to see how she copes with this one. It's not over for those that were dropped, as yesterday showed. 


  159. 15:38:32 BRT

    Johansson is not too far behind and she is still a threat. She's got a quick sprint too so they won't want to take her to the line. 


  160. 18km remaining from 136.9km

    15:39:21 BRT

    Johansson has almost caught up with the four leaders on tat short little descent. 


  161. 15:40:03 BRT

    Van Vleuten attacks and nobody can follow her for now. 


  162. 15:40:27 BRT

    Abbott is pulling her back slowly as Van der Breggen and Longo Borghini have been distanced. 


  163. 15:42:06 BRT

    Johansson has caught Van der Breggen and Longo Borghini. They're going to have to work hard to upgrade the bronze medal position that their curently fighting for. 


  164. 15:43:16 BRT

    The gap between the two leaders and the three chasers is now 30 seconds. Still not a big gap. 


  165. 15:44:47 BRT

    Armitstead is making her way back through the groups on the road. She has caught up with the Moolman-Pasio/Steven group, which is about a minute back from the leaders. 


  166. 15:46:23 BRT

    Moolman-Pasio looks like she is in trouble in that third group she has been dropped. 


  167. 15:46:59 BRT

    Good news for Brazil is that Oliveira is in that second chasing group (third group on the road). A strong performance from her. 


  168. 15km remaining from 136.9km

    15:47:43 BRT

    The two leaders have started attacking each other. Abbott hasn't been able to shake Van Vleuten on that climb as they hit the descent. 


  169. 15:48:35 BRT

    The two chasing groups are almost back together with just 10 seconds now separating them. 


  170. 15:49:07 BRT

    Unsurprisingly, Van Vleuten has distanced Abbott almost immediately as it looks like some rain is beginning to fal. 


  171. 13km remaining from 136.9km

    15:49:33 BRT

    Rain is going to make this descent so much harder. 


  172. 12km remaining from 136.9km

    15:50:39 BRT

    We've got no visual on Van Vleuten at the moment but she seems to be well down the road now.


  173. 15:51:12 BRT

    Abbott is really picking her way down this ascent very carefully. 


  174. 15:51:39 BRT

    She's giving the side of the road a very wide birth and she may get caught by the chasers if she's not careful. 


  175. 15:52:11 BRT

    Van der Breggen leading the chasers fown this clmib. Joahansson is taking a few risks but she's being distanced. 


  176. 15:52:25 BRT

    Van Vleuten crashes


  177. 15:52:56 BRT

    Looks like the same place Thomas went down but she tumbles head over her handlebars and that looks serious


  178. 10km remaining from 136.9km

    15:53:33 BRT

    Abbott passes the stricken Van Vleuten and she is in the race lead.


  179. 15:53:58 BRT

    Abbott has made it onto the flat. No indication of how much of a lead she actually has. 


  180. 15:54:46 BRT

    The gap has been timed at 38 seconds as the chasers hit the flat. This is far from over for the gold medal. 


  181. 15:55:17 BRT

    We will bring you news of van Vleuten as soon as we have it. We hope that she is not too badly hurt. 


  182. 7km remaining from 136.9km

    15:56:03 BRT

    Still 37 seconds for Abbott


  183. 15:57:15 BRT

    The second and third chasing groups are now just a few hundred meters apart. That could be bad news for Abbott if they can work together. 


  184. 6km remaining from 136.9km

    15:58:21 BRT

    The gap between Abbott and the chasers is holding firm for now. She's doing a very strong job to hold them off. 


  185. 15:59:36 BRT

    Those two chasing groups are still not together. The gap is just 10 seconds but it is not coming down at the moment. 


  186. 16:00:19 BRT

    Still no news on Van Vleuten, we promise to keep you updated. 


  187. 4km remaining from 136.9km

    16:00:54 BRT

    The gap to Abbott is coming down slowly but slowly is the key word. She's still got around 30 seconds. 


  188. 16:01:32 BRT

    Some rain coming down but that won't be of much concern on these wide, straight roads. 


  189. 3km remaining from 136.9km

    16:02:08 BRT

    Abbott is having to get out of the saddle to keep the pace up, this is tough for her. She's a climber not a time triallist. 


  190. 2.8km remaining from 136.9km

    16:02:59 BRT

    Still 23 seconds for Abbott but she's struggling. 


  191. 16:03:14 BRT

    At this rate, Abbott could be caught on the line. 


  192. 19km remaining from 136.9km

    16:03:40 BRT

    20 seconds now for Abbott


  193. 2km remaining from 136.9km

    16:04:13 BRT

    This has been a thrilling finale to the women's road race. Can Abbott hold on?


  194. 1.7km remaining from 136.9km

    16:04:30 BRT

    Now only 16 seconds


  195. 1.3km remaining from 136.9km

    16:05:08 BRT

    The chasers can almost see Abbott up the road. Only 10 seconds left. 


  196. 16:05:26 BRT

    This is so close!


  197. 16:05:37 BRT

    1km to go and just 9 seconds. 


  198. 16:05:53 BRT

    Abbott risks not getting a medal at all here. 


  199. 16:06:19 BRT

    500 meters to go and Abbott still has a tiny gap


  200. 16:06:31 BRT

    Longo Borghini passes her 


  201. 16:06:56 BRT

    Van Der Breggen leads the sprint out and takes the win ahead of Johansson with Longo Borghini in third. 


  202. 16:07:24 BRT

    Devastating for Abbott who finishes outside the medals in fourth. 


  203. 16:07:45 BRT

    Van der Breggen is in floods of tears


  204. 16:08:44 BRT

    No smiles from Johansson as she asks about the condition of Van Vleuten.


  205. 16:10:03 BRT

    Reports coming through that Van Vleuten is ok and on her way to hospital. No confirmation, but that is some good news. 


  206. 16:11:48 BRT

    The success of the women's team makes up for the disappointment suffered by the men yesterday. They rode a tactically brilliant race with all of their riders putting in a strong effort towards that victory. Probably the most prolific of their riders was Van Dijk who was in almost every move. 


  207. 16:14:46 BRT

    That is also two wins in a row for the Netherlands in women's road race after Vos won in 2012. 


  208. 16:16:00 BRT

    Confirmation of the top 10 in today's road race:


    1 Anna van der Breggen (Netherlands) 3:51:27
    2 Emma Johansson (Sweden)
    3 Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy)
    4 Mara Abbott (United States) 0:00:04
    5 Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain) 0:00:20
    6 Kasia Niewiadoma (Poland)
    7 Flavia Oliveira (Brazil)
    8 Jolanda Neff (Switzerland)
    9 Marianne Vos (Netherlands) 0:01:14
    10 Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio (South Africa)


  209. 16:18:55 BRT

    Another report coming in that Van Vleuten is conscious but in shock according to Dutch media.


  210. 16:20:19 BRT

    Van der Breggen said that she was in shock when she saw Van Vleuten on the road and says she did it for her. 


    ""The chase started after I saw Annemiek. I think she crashed pretty hard and I was pretty shocked. I realised that I was the first one fr the team so I had to chase. I did it also for Annemiek. The team work was really good because we knew that we had to do it," she told the BBC.

    "It was good because Annemiek was in front and I was riding for third place at that moment and then suddenly I saw her and it changes everything. Of course, when you see her like that it is a big shock."


  211. 16:24:23 BRT

    An emotional Anna van der Breggen after her win


  212. 16:25:50 BRT

    Official confirmation from the Dutch national federation that van Vleuten is ok. We will keep you updated on her exact condition as and when we get it. 


  213. 16:32:42 BRT

    This is the moment that Anna van der Breggen took Olympic gold.



  214. 16:35:56 BRT

    Mara Abbott understandably very disappointed after today's race. For so long she looked like she might be the winner and take gold but she was passed in the final 500 metres. At one point, it looked like the USA had several cards to play but once Stevens was dropped from that leading group it was all down to Abbott. 


  215. 16:39:26 BRT

    This is Abbott just after the finish thanks to a L'Euqipe reporter.


  216. 16:42:44 BRT

    Annemiek van Vleuten (Netherlands) is reportedly conscious and being transported to hospital after a devastating crash on the descent of the Vista Chinesa in the final 12km of the Olympic Games women's road race on Sunday, according to the Dutch cycling federation. You can read the full story, here.

  217. 17:00:20 BRT

    Thanks for joining us today for our live coverage of the women's road race in Rio. You can find our complete results, reports, and photos, right here.


  218. 17:01:08 BRT

    And don't forget that our complete Olympic Games coverage is just a click away.


  219. 17:02:41 BRT

    We will be back on Wednesday for the individual time trials. See you then.


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