Meyer wins men's points race

Gold rush continues for Australia on day two

On the second day of track racing at the Commonwealth Games, Australia added three more gold medals to the three earned on the opening day. Australia won the women's team sprint as well as both the men's and women's points race events. Malaysia's Josiah Ng, however, prevented a clean sweep by Australia with his victory in the men's keirin competition.

The men's keirin opened with Shane Perkins (Australia), Josiah Ng (Malaysia), David Daniell (England) and Simon Van Velthooven (New Zealand) winning their respective opening round heats.

Van Velthooven won his second round heat and would be joined in the final by Jason Niblett (Australia) and David Daniell (England) who finished second and third respectively.

Josiah Ng won the other second round heat in which Shane Perkins was relegated for moving down the track into a position already held by a fellow competitor. Ng would be joined by Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia) and Peter Mitchell (England) in the final.

In the keirin final Malaysia's Azizulhasni Awang and Josiah Ng finished one-two, but Awang was relegated for not holding his line in the final 200m. As a result Ng earned gold, while David Daniell (England) and Simon Van Velthooven (New Zealand) captured silver and bronze.

In the women's team sprint competition Australia's Anna Meares and Kaarle Mcculloch qualified fastest with a time of 34.115 seconds. Scotland qualified second with a time of 36.057, while Canada stopped the clock in third for 36.481.

The Australian duo, reigning world champions and world record holders, topped Scotland's Jenny Davis and Charline Joiner in the gold medal round with a winning time of 33.811, while Canada's Monique Sullivan and Tara Alice Whitten bested India's Ch. Rameshwori Devi and Rejani Vijaya Kumari for bronze.

19-year-old Megan Dunn (Australia) won the women's 25km points race, scoring 45 points en route to gold. One of five riders to take a lap on the field, Dunn finished five points clear of New Zealand's Lauren Ellis (40 points) with the reigning points race world champion, Canada's Tara Whitten, a further four points behind (36) claiming the bronze medal.

Australia's Cameron Meyer, the reigning points race world champion, dominated the men's 40km points race to claim gold. Taking three laps, and adding a further 29 sprint points including four wins for a total of 89, the 22-year-old finished 37 points ahead of England's George Atkins (52 points) with the Isle of Man's Mark Peter Christian (37 points) in third place.

Shane Perkins (Australia) qualified fastest in the men's sprint competition, clocking 10.058 seconds for his flying 200m effort to set a new Commonwealth Games record while compatriot Anna Meares topped all qualifiers in the women's sprint competition with her time of 11.140 seconds. The men's and women's sprint competition will conclude tomorrow.

Australia's men's 4,000m team pursuit squad of Jack Bobridge, Michael Freiberg, Michael Hepburn and Dale Parker qualified fastest with a time of 4:00.285. New Zealand qualified second in 4:03.443 and will meet Australia in tomorrow's final. Northern Ireland qualified third with an effort of 4:22.669 and will vie for the bronze medal against India, who stopped the clock in 4:31.259.

Men's Keirin Round 1 - Heat 1
1 Shane Perkins (Australia)    
2 Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)    
3 Njisane Phillip (Trinidad and Tobago)    
4 Lewis Oliva (Wales)    
5 Ross Edgar (Scotland)    
6 Peter Mitchell (England)    
7 Amrit Singh (India)    
Men's Keirin Round 1 - Heat 2
1 Josiah Ng (Malaysia)    
2 Jason Niblett (Australia)    
3 Barry Ricardo Forde (Barbados)    
4 Bernard Pierre Esterhuizen (South Africa)    
5 Haseem Jamaal McLean (Trinidad and Tobago)    
6 Chris Pritchard (Scotland)    
7 Prince Hylem (India)    
Men's Keirin Round 1 - Heat 3
1 David Daniell (England)    
2 Simon Van Velthooven (New Zealand)    
3 Travis Smith (Canada)    
4 Mohd Rizal Tisin (Malaysia)    
5 Kevin David Stewart (Scotland)    
6 Thireef Smart (Trinidad and Tobago)    
7 Rajesh Chandrashekhar (India)    
Men's Keirin Round 2 - Heat 1
1 Simon Van Velthooven (New Zealand)    
2 Jason Niblett (Australia)    
3 David Daniell (England)    
4 Njisane Phillip (Trinidad and Tobago)    
5 Travis Smith (Canada)    
6 Mohd Rizal Tisin (Malaysia)    
Men's Keirin Round 2 - Heat 2
1 Josiah Ng (Malaysia)    
2 Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)    
3 Peter Mitchell (England)    
DNF Bernard Pierre Esterhuizen (South Africa)    
DNF Ross Edgar (Scotland)    
REL Shane Perkins (Australia)    
Men's Keirin Final - 7th-12th place
7 Shane Perkins (Australia)    
8 Travis Smith (Canada)    
9 Ross Edgar (Scotland)    
10 Njisane Phillip (Trinidad and Tobago)    
11 Mohd Rizal Tisin (Malaysia)    
DNS Bernard Pierre Esterhuizen (South Africa)    
Men's Keirin Final - 1st-6th place
1 Josiah Ng (Malaysia)    
2 David Daniell (England)    
3 Simon Van Velthooven (New Zealand)    
4 Jason Niblett (Australia)    
5 Peter Mitchell (England)    
REL Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)    
Women's Team Sprint - Qualifying
1 Australia 0:00:34.115  
  Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia)    
  Anna Meares (Australia)    
2 Scotland 0:00:36.057  
  Jenny Davis (Scotland)    
  Charline Joiner (Scotland)    
3 Canada 0:00:36.481  
  Monique Sullivan (Canada)    
  Tara Alice Whitten (Canada)    
4 India 0:00:38.339  
  Ch. Rameshwori Devi (India)    
  Rejani Vijaya Kumari (India)    
Women's Team Sprint - Bronze Medal Round
3 Canada 0:00:37.094  
  Monique Sullivan (Canada)    
  Tara Alice Whitten (Canada)    
4 India 0:00:38.344  
  Ch. Rameshwori Devi (India)    
  Rejani Vijaya Kumari (India)    
Women's Team Sprint - Gold Medal Round
1 Australia 0:00:33.811  
  Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia)    
  Anna Meares (Australia)    
2 Scotland 0:00:35.908  
  Jenny Davis (Scotland)    
  Charline Joiner (Scotland)    
Women's 25km Points Race Final
1 Megan Dunn (Australia) 45 pts
2 Lauren Ellis (New Zealand) 40  
3 Tara Alice Whitten (Canada) 36  
4 Katie Amanda Colclough (England) 24  
5 Heather Wilson (Northern Ireland) 22  
6 Joanne Kiesanowski (New Zealand) 14  
7 Rushlee Buchanan (New Zealand) 9  
8 Belinda Goss (Australia) 8  
9 Laura Trott (England) 5  
10 Josephine Tomic (Australia) 2  
11 Mahitha Mohan (India) 1  
12 Lucy Martin (England) 1  
13 Alex Greenfield (Wales) 1  
14 Hannah Rich (Wales)    
15 Kate Cullen (Scotland)    
DNF Devi K. Suchitr (India)    
DNF Rejani Vijaya Kumari (India)    
DNF Eileen Roe (Scotland)    
Men's 40km Points Race Final
1 Cameron Meyer (Australia) 89 pts
2 George Atkins (England) 52  
3 Mark Peter Christian (Isle of Man) 37  
4 Sam Harrison (Wales) 37  
5 Aaron Gate (New Zealand) 24  
6 Evan Oliphant (Scotland) 23  
7 Martyn Irvine (Northern Ireland) 13  
8 Muhamad Adiq Othman (Malaysia) 11  
9 Peter David Latham (New Zealand) 8  
10 Dean Sean Edwards (South Africa) 7  
11 Luke Durbridge (Australia) 3  
12 Mohd Harrif Salleh (Malaysia) 3  
13 Erick Rowsell (England) 1  
14 Darren David Matthews (Barbados)    
15 Zach Bell (Canada) -11  
16 Simon Yates (England) -15  
17 Philip Lavery (Northern Ireland) -19  
DNF Christopher Whorrall (Isle of Man)    
DNF Shane William Archbold (New Zealand)    
DNF Christoffel Van Heerden (South Africa)    
DNF David Lines (Scotland)    
DNF James McCallum (Scotland)    
DNF Jon Mould (Wales)    
DNF Luke Rowe (Wales)    
Men's Sprint Qualifying
1 Shane Perkins (Australia) 0:00:10.058  
2 Scott Sunderland (Australia) 0:00:10.151  
3 Ross Edgar (Scotland) 0:00:10.367  
4 Sam Michael Webster (New Zealand) 0:00:10.390  
5 Daniel Ellis (Australia) 0:00:10.429  
6 Edward James Dawkins (New Zealand) 0:00:10.430  
7 Ethan John Francis Mitchell (New Zealand) 0:00:10.440  
8 Travis Smith (Canada) 0:00:10.445  
9 David Daniell (England) 0:00:10.459  
10 Njisane Phillip (Trinidad and Tobago) 0:00:10.517  
11 Peter Mitchell (England) 0:00:10.542  
12 Chris Pritchard (Scotland) 0:00:10.633  
13 Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia) 0:00:10.651  
14 Muhammad  Edrus Md Yunos (Malaysia) 0:00:10.659  
15 Lewis Oliva (Wales) 0:00:10.677  
16 John Paul (Scotland) 0:00:10.750  
17 Christopher Sellier (Trinidad and Tobago) 0:00:10.912  
18 Haseem Jamaal McLean (Trinidad and Tobago) 0:00:11.101  
19 O. Bikra Singh (India) 0:00:11.594  
20 Prince Hylem (India) 0:00:11.892  
21 Amrit Singh (India) 0:00:12.174  
DNS Barry Ricardo Forde (Barbados)    
DNS Josiah Ng (Malaysia)    
DNS Bernard Pierre Esterhuizen (South Africa)    
Women's Sprint Qualifying
1 Anna Meares (Australia) 0:00:11.140  
2 Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia) 0:00:11.440  
3 Becky James (Wales) 0:00:11.458  
4 Emily Rosemond (Australia) 0:00:11.504  
5 Monique Sullivan (Canada) 0:00:11.949  
6 Jenny Davis (Scotland) 0:00:12.353  
7 Charline Joiner (Scotland) 0:00:12.435  
8 Mahitha Mohan (India) 0:00:12.635  
9 Ch. Rameshwori Devi (India) 0:00:13.398  
10 Rejani Vijaya Kumari (India) 0:00:13.917  
Men's 4,000m Team Pursuit Qualifying
1 Australia 0:04:00.285  
  Jack Bobridge (Australia)    
  Michael Freiberg (Australia)    
  Michael Hepburn (Australia)    
  Dale Parker (Australia)    
2 New Zealand 0:04:03.443  
  Sam Bewley (New Zealand)    
  Westley Marc Gough (New Zealand)    
  Marc Ryan (New Zealand)    
  Jesse Harold Sergent (New Zealand)    
3 Northern Ireland 0:04:22.669  
  Sean Downey (Northern Ireland)    
  Martyn Irvine (Northern Ireland)    
  Philip Lavery (Northern Ireland)    
  David Mccann (Northern Ireland)    
4 India 0:04:31.259  
  Vinod Malik (India)    
  Dayala Ram Saran (India)    
  Satbir Singh (India)    
  Sombi (India)    
DSQ Wales    
  Sam Harrison (Wales)    
  Jon Mould (Wales)    
  Luke Rowe (Wales)    
  Rhys Llyod (Wales)    

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