Bobridge wins Individual Pursuit

Australia dominates day one on the track in Delhi

Australia completed a clean sweep on the first day of the track racing at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, taking all three gold medals on offer in the men's 4,000m individual pursuit, the women's 500m time trial and the men's 1,000m time trial - with all three events producing world class performances and times that suggest the new Delhi track is fast.

Jack Bobridge lived up to the tag of favourite in the individual pursuit and qualified fastest with a stunning 4:14.845 ride - the first of three Commonwealth Games records set on day one, this one slicing a second-and-a-half from Brad McGee's 2002 mark.

That set up a final featuring two promising young cyclists, with 22-year-old Jesse Sergent of New Zealand facing Bobridge in the back straight.

And what followed was as thrilling as some of the best pursuit finals, with the 21-year-old Bobridge pushed all the way by Sergent. On the line Bobridge just got it, by less than half a second, stopping the clock at 4.17.495 to Sergent's 4.17.893.

"I'm only 21 but I've done three world titles and I have done a lot of world-class times, and I feel a little bit of pressure to perform," said Bobridge. "To come out here and perform and actually live up to it gives us real motivation for the team pursuit.

"To get the record off McGee was fantastic," added Bobridge. "McGee showed his class every year he rode in the pursuit, and any record you break is fantastic."

Another youngster, 19-year-old Michael Hepburn (Australia), took the bronze medal, catching Sam Bewley (New Zealand) in the ride-off.

Anna Meares won the women's 500 metre time trial with a time of 33.758 - a Commonwealth Games record, beating her own mark from 2006. She beat fellow Australian Kaarle Mcculloch, who set a time of 34.780, and Becky James of Wales, who won her first senior medal at a major championships with a time of 35.236.

"I have improved a lot since Melbourne four years ago," said Meares. "It's a great feeling to be able to walk away with a Commonwealth Games gold medal. It's a result of a lot of hard work, not only from myself, but a team of people really that help gut us on the track."

Scott Sunderland gave Australia its third gold in the men's kilometre time trial, with a time of 1:01.411 - another Commonwealth Games record. Malaysia's Mohd Rizal Tisin took the silver and Dawkins Edward James of New Zealand took the bronze with a time of 1:02.777.

Dean Sean Edwards (South Africa) and Mark Peter Christian (Isle of Man) won their respective qualifying heats for the men's points race.

The top 12 finishers of each qualifying heat will compete for the gold medal in the points race final on Wednesday.

Men's 4,000m Individual Pursuit Qualifying
1Jack Bobridge (Australia)0:04:14.845 
2Jesse Sergent (New Zealand)0:04:16.751 
3Michael Hepburn (Australia)0:04:19.598 
4Sam Bewley (New Zealand)0:04:19.612 
5Peter David Latham (New Zealand)0:04:25.534 
6Martyn Irvine (Northern Ireland)0:04:28.803 
7Sam Harrison (Wales)0:04:33.341 
8George Atkins (England)0:04:34.490 
9Mark Peter Christian (Isle of Man)0:04:35.052 
10Erick Rowsell (England)0:04:39.710 
11Mohammad Akmal Amrun (Malaysia)0:04:41.754 
12Sombir (India)0:04:54.966 
13Dayala Ram Saran (India)0:05:01.972 
14Vinod Malik (India)0:05:02.085 
Men's 4,000m Individual Pursuit - Gold Medal Round
1Jack Bobridge (Australia)0:04:17.495 
2Jesse Sergent (New Zealand)0:04:17.893 
Men's 4,000m Individual Pursuit - Bronze Medal Round
3Michael Hepburn (Australia)  
4Sam Bewley (New Zealand)Caught 
Women's 500m Time Trial
1Anna Meares (Australia)0:00:33.758 
2Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia)0:00:34.780 
3Becky James (Wales)0:00:35.236 
4Monique Sullivan (Canada)0:00:36.238 
5Jenny Davis (Scotland)0:00:36.416 
6Alison Shanks (New Zealand)0:00:36.565 
7Anna Blyth (England)0:00:36.807 
8Charline Joiner (Scotland)0:00:37.539 
9Wendy Houvenaghel (Northern Ireland)0:00:38.289 
10Mahitha Mohan (India)0:00:38.788 
11Ch. Rameshwori Devi (India)0:00:38.913 
12Heather Wilson (Northern Ireland)0:00:40.189 
13Rejani Vijaya Kumari (India)0:00:40.439 
Men's 1,000m Time Trial
1Scott Sunderland (Australia)0:01:01.411 
2Mohd Rizal Tisin (Malaysia)0:01:02.768 
3Edward James Dawkins (New Zealand)0:01:02.777 
4Myron Simpson (New Zealand)0:01:03.449 
5Travis Smith (Canada)0:01:03.656 
6Bernard Pierre Esterhuizen (South Africa)0:01:04.421 
7Marc Ryan (New Zealand)0:01:04.521 
8Callum Skinner (Scotland)0:01:05.095 
9Singh O. Bikram(India)0:01:07.911 
10Philip Lavery (Northern Ireland)0:01:08.985 
11Rakesh Kumar (India)0:01:09.229 
12Prince Hylem (India)0:01:09.977 
13Adam Armstrong (Northern Ireland)0:01:11.659 
Men's Points Race - Qualifying Heat 1
1Dean Sean Edwards (South Africa)11pts
2Cameron Meyer (Australia)10 
3Shane William Archbold (New Zealand)7 
4Jon Mould (Wales)7 
5Christopher Whorrall (Isle of Man)6 
6Philip Lavery (Northern Ireland)5 
7Luke Rowe (Wales)4 
8Darren David Matthews (Barbados)3 
9James McCallum (Scotland)3 
10David Lines (Scotland)2 
11Erick Rowsell (England)1 
12Christoffel Van Heerden (South Africa)  
13Amir Mustafa Rusli (Malaysia)-17 
14Rajender Bishnoi (India)-17 
15Adam Armstrong (Northern Ireland)-19 
DNFOneil Samuels (Jamaica)  
DNFEmile Magellan Abraham (Trinidad and Tobago)  
Men's Points Race - Qualifying Heat 2
1Mark Peter Christian (Isle of Man)27pts
2Zach Bell (Canada)27 
3Peter David Latham (New Zealand)25 
4Muhamad Adiq Othman (Malaysia)24 
5Sam Harrison (Wales)8 
6Martyn Irvine (Northern Ireland)8 
7Simon Yates (England)6 
8Aaron Gate (New Zealand)6 
9George Atkins (England)5 
10Luke Durbridge (Australia)5 
11Mohd Harrif Salleh (Malaysia)4 
12Evan Oliphant (Scotland)1 
13Atul Kumar (India)  
DNFGeron Oliver Williams (Guyana)  
DNFAmandeep Singh (India)  
DNFMarloe Rodman (Jamaica)  
DNFJay Robert Thomson (South Africa)  

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