Zabel to work with German NADA on anti-doping

Ullrich declines to meet with NADA

Erik Zabel has met with the German National Anti-Doping Agency and announced his interest in furthering the fight against doping. The NADA hailed his co-operation, while also noting that Jan Ullrich has refused to meet with them.

Zabel met with the NADA for two and a half hours, repeating his confession of having doped from 1996 to 2003, and explaining his reasons for having doped, according to a statement released by his attorney. He also said that he wanted to become active in bringing better doping prevention to cycling, working together with the NADA and using his “personal experience and knowledge.”

This co-operation “is the signal of his readiness to actively join the fight against doping, in order to regain the credibility that not only he but also all of cycling has lost.”

In its press release, the NADA said that it had contact Zabel after his published confession. “With Zabel and his legal advisors, we have have the first constructive discussions. Further discussions are planned soon.”

The NADA also contacted Jan Ullrich, after his admission to a news magazine in June that he had been a client of Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes. The NADA made contact through Ullrich's management, but “Ullrich himself declined to have a discussion with the NADA. We regret this, but are ready for a discussion at any time, if he should decide to do so.”

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