Zabel resigns as Cyclassics Sport Director

Organizer could imagine different co-operation with German in the future

Erik Zabel has resigned his position as Sport Director of the Vattenfalls Cyclassics, the only German WorldTour race. His action came after his extensive disclosure of doping for much of his career.

“We spoke with Erik Zabel over the weekend. In the conversation he offered to give up his post as sport director. We accepted that offer,” race spokesman Reinald Achilles told the dpa news agency.

The organizer, Upsolut Event GmbH, said that it would be willing to work with Zabel again in the future, however. “We could imagine working with Erik Zabel on another level in the future,” Achilles said.

The Vattenfalls Cyclassics has been held in Hamburg, Germany, every year since 1996. Zabel won the race, which usually ends in a sprint, in 2001. It is scheduled to be held August 25.

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