Wells reclaims US Pro XCT lead from Kabush in Wisconsin

Gould dominates women's series

A third place finish at the USA Cycling US Pro XCT race, the Subaru Cup, in Wisconsin this weekend bumped Todd Wells (Specialized) back into the lead of the series. Geoff Kabush (Rocky Mountain / Maxxis) had been leading, but he was racing at the BC Bike Race last weekend instead of Wisconsin.

With 435 points, Wells leads the second-place Kabush who has earned 350 points. Max Plaxton (Sho-Air / Specialized) sits in third with 310 points, and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Subaru-Trek) is in fourth ahead of the Subaru Cup's winner and fellow Subaru-Trek racer Sam Schultz.

Taking another victory in Wisconsin, Georgia Gould (Luna) continues to dominate the women's series with 510 points compared to the 395 amassed so far by Saturday's second-place finisher, Willow Koerber (Subaru-Trek). Triple Crown winner Kelli Emmett (Giant) is in third with 335 points, and Heather Irmiger (Subaru-Trek) and Lene Byberg (Specialized) round out the top five.

The finals of the US Pro XCT will be held July 10-11 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

US Pro XCT standings after four rounds

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Wells435 pts
2Geoff Kabush350 
3Max Plaxton310 
4Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski300 
5Sam Schultz280 
6Carl Decker270 
7Burry Stander200 
8Sid Taberlay152 
9Ryan Woodall151 
10Derek Zandstra145 
11Jeremiah Bishop142 
12Barry Wicks140 
13Christopher Sauser125 
14Roel Paulissen120 
15Manuel Fumic115 
16Spencer Paxson95 
17Marco Aurelio Fontana90 
18Adam Morka90 
19Chris Sheppard85 
20Kris Sneddon80 
21Benjamin Sonntag77 
22Adam Craig71 
23Stephen Ettinger69 
24Conrad Stoltz65 
25Ignacio Torres65 
26Travis Livermon63 
27Dana Weber62 
28Raphael Gagne60 
29Jason Sager60 
30Ryan Trebon56 
31Eric Batty55 
32Troy Wells55 
33Lachlan Norris50 
34Lucas Brusseau45 
35Andy Schultz45 
36tristan Schouten45 
37Tristan Uhl40 
38Travis Woodruff40 
39Jonathan Page40 
40Peter Glassford39 
41Russell Finsterwald38 
42Colin Cares35 
43Thomas Turner35 
44Aaron Elwell30 
45Craig Richey30 
46Rob Squire30 
47Bryan Alders25 
48Rotem Ishay22 
49Robert Marion22 
50Darrin Braun22 
51Will Black20 
52Ken Onodera20 
53Nate Whitman17 
54Tad Elliot16 
55David Hanes15 
56Simon Lalancetter15 
57Kerry Werner14 
58Blake Zumbrunner13 
59Jack Hinkens13 
60Justin Lindine12 
61Kalan Beisel11 
62Max Knox11 
63Vincent Lombardi11 
64Nathan Guerra11 
65Wesley Lamberson10 
66Sebastien Cadieux-Duval10 
67Bryan Fawley9 
68Stefan Widmer9 
69Sean Babcock8 
70Rich Weis8 
71Francis Morin8 
72Rick Wetherald7 
73Jeff Herrera6 
74Simon Jensen6 
75Brian Matter6 
76Alexander Grant5 
77Len Zanni5 
78Brendan Moore5 
79Tinker Juarez4 
80John Bennett3 
81Sondre Norland3 
82Jason Young3 
83Aaron Snyder3 
84Matt Gordon1 
85Mitchell Hoke1 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Georgia Gould510 pts
2Willow Koerber395 
3Kelli Emmett335 
4Heather Irmiger275 
5Lene Byberg270 
6Amy Dombroski217 
7Pua Sawicki210 
8Aleksandra Mooradian205 
9Katerina Nash187 
10Susan Butler175 
11Emily Batty170 
12Allison Mann150 
13Chole Forsman145 
14Catherine Pendrel135 
15Amanda Sin130 
16Amanda Carey110 
17Alice Pennington90 
18Judy Freeman85 
19Bryna Blanchard75 
20Kimberly Flynn75 
21Alison Powers75 
22Katherine Compton75 
23Melanie Mcquaid70 
24Kathy Sherwin62 
25Mical Dyck60 
26Jenna Rinehart60 
27Krista Park59 
28Christina Smith50 
29Anina Aaron50 
30Danae York43 
31Nina Baum40 
32Shae Rainer40 
33Meghan Korol38 
34Abby Strigel35 
35Linnea Koons33 
36Lizzy English30 

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