Wellens on the mend

Everything still stiff and sore from weekend crash

Bart Wellens is recovering from his cyclo-cross crash this weekend, but slowly. The Telenet-Fidea rider fell on his neck and wrist on Saturday in Gieten. Nothing was broken, but he was heavily bruised.

He did not train on Monday, but took the day off. “There is fluid in my neck and wrists, and it goes away only when I rest a lot,” he told Sporza.be. “I couldn't have done anything on my bike anyway. Everything hurts and my whole body is stiff. I'm on painkillers."

"I have absolutely no good feelings and at the moment I can't move my head a centimetre left or right. Too bad this happened, because I was in peak condition.”

The 32-year-old slipped on a patch of ice on a corner of Saturday's course, and landed on his neck, breaking his helmet into a number of pieces. He was more concerned about his right wrist, which he had earlier broken, but a CAT scan showed no fracture.

Wellens has flown to Spain with his team for a training camp leading up to this weekend's World Cu race in Igorre, which he expects to ride.

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