Wellens hopes to come back to cyclo-cross racing

Attended first race after medical problems

Bart Wellens is determined to at least try and come back to riding on the cyclo-cross circuit, even if he is uncertain as to whether he will succeed. The Belgian is still undergoing medical procedures for the dental problems that are said to have caused the heart and kidney problems which hospitalized him earlier this year.

He made his first appearance last weekend at a race since being rushed to hospital only hours before the Belgian national championship, attending the races in Middelkerke and Eeklo as an observer.

“I realize every day more and more that it is a long way back," he said on his website. "I am still easily able to ride, but I do not know if I will be able to ride again at the highest level? But I'll definitely try. During the previous weeks I have often thought about quitting and even talked a lot about it with my wife. But I will still try, and we will decide later in the year what to do. I am still too young to quit and we'll see what the future will bring.”

Wellens has also enjoyed the continued support of his Telenet-Fidea team.  “And I'm super happy that I keep getting the confidence of the team. I also find it amazing that my teammates are doing well.”

Meanwhile, the worst of his medical problems have been taken care of, but he has learned a hard lesson.  “I know that I have to give my teeth more than 100 percent care. And that is what I tell everyone, because it can have serious consequences!”

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