Video: Tour of Britain isn’t about redemption, says Cavendish

Manx rider excited to ride national tour

Mark Cavendish’s Tour of Britain didn’t get off to a good start, although he recovered from a mid-stage crash to take third place on the opening day in Liverpool. The Manxman said that he is excited to take part in his national tour once again, but said that he is riding the race for its own sake, rather than seeking to make amends for his truncated Tour de France.

“It’s not about redemption, I don’t think I need to redeem anything,” Cavendish said in a video interview before the race began. Cavendish crashed out of the first stage of the Tour de France in Yorkshire this summer.

“I’ve been here the last few years and they do a great job,” he said. “This is our national tour and it's pretty incredible. I’m excited to be back here and we will try to win something.”

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