Video: The 2014 Giro d'Italia in Ireland

Acquarone, Roche and Kelly speak on Giro start 2014

The Giro d'Italia will start in Ireland in 2014, it was announced last week. “We love to bring the atmosphere and the life of the Giro into other countries for a couple of days,” said race organizer Michele Acquarone.

In this video, he said, “It's a big challenge on the logistic point of view as it is more than 2000 km from Italy and we will have to rest day.  We have to ride here in Ireland on Monday and on Tuesday be back in Italy but we will do it.”

Two former Irish cycling stars also applauded the decision. “These are international events and it is nice to share them with countries that have cyclists making history,” said Stephen Roche, who won the Giro in 1987.

Sean Kelly never rode the Giro, but knows that “this is great for cycling, great to have a race like the Giro here.”

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