Video: On-board with Jeremy Roy at the Tour Down Under

Watch stage one and the People's Choice Classic from inside the peloton

From the outside, a professional peloton looks like a serene, single moving organism. On the inside, it is anything but with riders fighting for position as soon as the flag is dropped. rider Jérémy Roy has released footage from his on-board camera of the opening stage of the Tour Down Under, which was won by UniSA rider Jack Bobridge.

The edited video shows Roy in the middle of the pack and sees one rider almost collide with a race motorbike as they take risks on the descent. Away from the contest for the stage victory Roy and the other riders still sprint for the line, in an effort not to lose time on day one. He finished safely in the bunch along with the rest of his teammates.

The video from Sunday's People's Choice Classic criterium shows the hectic last lap, with Roy moving up along the barriers at high-speed to set up a teammate before dropping back through the peloton.  

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