Video: NetApp prepares for the Giro d'Italia

Financial and logistical challenges for small German team

Team NetApp continues to get ready for the Giro d'Italia, for which it surprisingly got a wildcard invitation this year. In the most recent of a series of videos tracking the team, team manager Ralph Denk acknowledged, “We are the underdogs. We understand that and accept it.”

One of the biggest challenges for the team is financial. “We don't have the financial strength like some of the larger teams,” he said, but this only serves to help motivate the team.

In addition, “the logistics are almost more difficult than the riding,” he said. “We must improvise a lot!”

The video also looks at Italian rider Cesare Benedetti, who has been with the team since its beginning and seems likely to be nominated to ride the Giro. “I think my place in cycling is to be a good helper,” he said.


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