Video: La Course is a “dream come true”

Wiggle-Honda not necessarily expecting a sprint finish

La Course by Le Tour is "pretty much a dream come true" for Rochelle Gilmore, manager of the Wiggle-Honda team. The race will give the women's peloton a huge moment of glory and visibility on the Champs Elysees, only hours before the men's Tour de France finale in the French capital.

"To have a race on the Champs Elysees, you don't get a sporting event that has more people on the side of the street and cheering people on, so I think it’s a really big achievement for women in cycling,” Gilmore said in this video interview."

Her team is ready for a mass sprint with former world champion Georgia Bronzini "one of the strongest sprinters in the world."

However, the current world champion may put an end to those plans. Gilmore said she doesn't really expect a sprint finish, "because Marianne Vos has said she wants to win his event, and who can blame her?"

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