Video: Jens Voigt on the struggles of retirement

German still coming to terms with 'normal' life

Few riders in the peloton have ever been as open and outspoken as Jens Voigt, and the German is brutally honest about how difficult it is to transition from professional athlete to retired.

Voigt rode professionally until he turned 43, and retired for good last year after setting the Hour Record. He admits it has been difficult to watch his body get fatter, to get slower on the bike and to settle in on a new career.

"If you retire it is a bigger change than you think," Voigt said at the Tour of California. "You have to come to terms with the fact that your fitness is gone. You needed five or six hours a day to keep that fitness, but you don't have time anymore because you're working another job. You have to come to realise that you'll never be that fit and strong again in my life. It's downhill from there, you get fatter, slower, weaker. I still struggle with that."

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