Video: InCycle tech behind the scenes with Endura

Movistar staying one step ahead of the game

The winner of a grand tour may be decided by mere seconds, while teams look to every minute detail to stay one step ahead of the game. Riders of the modern professional peloton are now able to rely on the best technology, not only in their equipment but in their clothing as well. Movistar Team’s technical clothing sponsor, Endura demonstrates just how far riders are able to push through extreme weather conditions and long hours in the saddle by using modern manufacturing techniques and fabrics.

Pamela Barclay, product director at Endura, explains how incredibly demanding it was in the beginning, working with athletes at the highest level in cycling. “The move to Movistar was the real quantum leap in terms of expectations of performance,” she said.

The Scottish company uses roughly 30 different fabrics Barclay said, with over a dozen different variances for each fit session with a rider. “The options on variance are infinite that we have available to the riders because they can basically specify whatever they like,” she added.

Following an arduous process, the garments ultimate goal is to reach the maximum level of comfort for the riders who wear them. A feature Movistar will certainly be testing during the Tour de France next month.

“The feedback that they give us, they expect the best,” Ian Young explains, brand manager for Endura. “Our product has to stand up to that, that testing, that expectation.” Along with rider feedback, the research gathered for design and performance eventually filter down to their everyday product lines.  

Watch the video below to find out more about Endura's production process for Nairo Quintana and his Movistar team ahead of the Tour de France. To subscribe to the Cyclingnews video channel, click here.


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