Video: Hannah looks forward to the season

Australian downhiller targets World Cup

Part of the Hutchinson United Ride team for 2012, Mick Hannah talks about his off-season and the racing to come in this video interview.

"This year will give me the opportunity to race and travel with my sister Tracey (Hannah)," said Mick. "That's really exciting for both of us. We've been racing forever, but never had the opportunity to ride together much."

Hannah will focus on the World Cup in 2012. He's also expecting to race Paris - Montmartre, Sea Otter a few French Cups.

"This off-season has been different than I expected," he said. "I've been in Australia most of the time. Dad and I rode 2500km from NSW to Cairns, where we live. That was a lot of fun... out in the outback just riding along. We camped, visited friends and stopped in a few pubs. Since we've been back, I've been training."

"My goal for 2012 is to get back up to speed after a hard couple of years. I'm back into getting fit and getting over injuries I've been dealing with."

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