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Video: Fuglsang preditcs battle with Sky for Tour de France crown

Cycling News
February 17, 10:17,
February 17, 09:18
Second Edition Cycling News, Monday, February 17, 2014
Tour de France
Jakob Fuglsang (Astana)

Jakob Fuglsang (Astana)

  • Jakob Fuglsang (Astana)
  • Jakob Fuglsang in the 2014 Astana kit
  • Jakob Fuglsang and Fabio Aru pleased with their prizes

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Dane set to back Nibali in July

Although he led Astana to a top ten place in last year’s Tour de France Jakob Fuglsang says he is fully behind Vincenzo Nibali’s challenge for overall honours in this year’s race.

The Italian won a superb Giro d’Italia in 2013 and returns to the Tour after a year-long absence. His last result in the Tour came in 2012, when he finished a distant third behind Team Sky’s duo of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome.

This season Fuglsang will target more individual stages, rather than three-week Tours, but he is likely to be one of Nibali’s most important riders in the mountains should the Italian go toe-to-toe with the Tour’s defending champion Chris Froome.

In this exclusive video for Cyclingnews Fuglsang outlines his aims for the season and his predictions for the Tour.

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davey_smith66 20 hours ago
I hope so. Last year's Tour was boring. It would be nice to see some competition.
Manuel Schoel 20 hours ago
agreed, even if it is only between Froome, Nibali and maybe Contador.
Cance > TheRest 19 hours ago
As long as two or more riders compete, its competition
TheFred 20 hours ago
I loved the '13 Tour and didnt find it boring at all. For me, I watched in awe as an anorexicly thin man emerged at age 27 to rocket away from the best climbers in the world with blistering attacks, then out power the world's strongest time trialist for 4/5 of a flat time trial. The margin was not "that" big. I mean, 4 minutes and change is certainly not the biggest we've seen. And toward the end, he wasn't able to get more chunks of time, although admittedly, the damage had already been done. There is plenty of talk, but unless Froome forgets what he did before or someone else finds something they haven't had before, Froome is in a different league. But we won't know until it happens, and it will be a joy to behold. (Cobbles:-)
Cance > TheRest 18 hours ago
"There is plenty of talk, but unless Froome forgets what he did before or someone else finds something they haven't had before, Froome is in a different league. " - I don't think anybody questions Froome to be superior right now, doping or not. The fact that nobody does that is actually what is disturbing. Back in Contador's great days, he did atleast have a serious challenger (Andy), who could challenge him. The fact they were levels ahead of the rest didn't bother anyone, since it was still exciting (Andy vs Contador in epic duels). I don't mind Froome being among the best GC riders in the world as long as someone can challenge him and beat him, but what worries me, is that nobody has been able to do so. Either the competition has lost its level or Froome has suddenly found and extremely high level. I think it's a mix of the 2 suggestions. Contador, based on climbing times, is somewhat slower than he used to be and Froome produces suspiciously fast climbing times. It implicates a very big gap in the end. Hopefully Nibali or Contador can close that gap.
TheFred 17 hours ago
At the risk of my fragile ego being eternally crushed due to overwhelming thumbs down, I'll go ahead and say it... I wish Nibbles, Contador, Quintana, and Rodriguez would all get on the same stuff Froome and Horner are on, if they're not already, to enhance the show. Apparently it's not illegal, but it works wonders. Even Froome's helper wasted the entire field. It's some very effective stuff. It's not that I mind watching Froome obliterate them again, after all, the cobbles will provide some great drama and suspense. But if we could have a few electric performers the show would be just that much better. Oh...I almost forgot...another option is they would all race clean. Now that would really be novel. PS my hunch, and I'm willing to be wrong on this one, is that if they were all really clean, I mean actually clean, Quintana would have won last year.