Video: Dowsett talks about his start in cycling and hemophilia

Final part of CN's interview with Sky rider

In the final video interview with Alex Dowsett, the Team Sky rider talks about how he started in the sport of cycling as well how he deals with hemophilia.

The 22-year-old began mountain biking at a young age, inspired by his father and a local club. From there, he went from strength to strength, finishing second behind Ian Stannard in the national school boy championships.

However cycling wasn’t his first sporting love. To keep his hemophilia at bay, Dowsett took up swimming, with his parents taking to him to classes five nights a week, and twice on Sunday. But even though doctors told him he would "better of playing chess rather than cycling" he stuck with it.

His hemophilia does of course have a serious side, and he must wear identification at all times. The Team Sky car carries medication in case he crashes.

You can read more about hemophilia here.

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