Video: Cataldo on designing his own race shoes

Sky all-rounder's custom made Gaerne

When he's not racing, Sky's Dario Cataldo has been known to pick up pencil, paper and even the odd aerosol can.

At this year's Giro d'Italia, the 28-year-old is wearing the third shoe that he's designed for Gaerne.

"It's my hobby," he tells Cyclingnews. "I always draw at home and I always bring something with me to make some little sketches."

Featuring the distinctive red and green of the il Tricolore, representative of Cataldo's Italian individual time trial title won in 2012, and some of his sketchwork - in the form of a highly detailed watchface - these are far from the average pair of cycling shoes.

Take a closer look at Dario Cataldo's shoes and listen to him speak about his artistic passion by clicking on the video below.

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