Video: Bradley Wiggins on Armstrong and cycling's battle against doping

Sky rider calls for UCI support

Sir Bradley Wiggins opened up to reporters at the Team Sky camp in Mallorca regarding the UCI's current efforts to deal with the revelations of the US Anti-Doping Agency's investigation into Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service team.

Wiggins predicts that in 10 years time, Team Sky will be regarded as forging the way for a clean sport.

"I think the sport has moved forward from the Lance Armstrong era," Wiggins says. "That happened a long time ago. What we need now as riders is leadership from the powers that be, which is the UCI. They're obviously picking up the pieces from the people that were running the UCI 10-15 years ago."

"I think we're leading the way as a sport, more so than any other sport."

Wiggins says that actions will speak louder than words, and points to the steps his team has taken as the path forward. Team Sky's strict anti-doping policy has meant the departure of several members of the team, including Bobby Julich and Steven de Jongh.

Wiggins predicts the process of cleaning up cycling will take some time.

"This isn't something that's going to be fixed over night. I think the actions this team has taken in the past few months are the things that are going to last a long time. In 10 years time we'll probably look back and say 'Sky paved the way'."

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