Valverde offers to submit DNA sample

Spaniard proposes to have DNA analysis in independent lab

During the three-day hearing of his Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) appeal case against the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), Alejandro Valverde has offered to submit a DNA sample to be analysed in a neutral laboratory.

In an effort to "show the irregularities in CONI's procedure," according to a press statement by the rider, Valverde would be willing to supply his DNA if it was tested in an independent lab outside of Italy.

"The UCI as well as WADA agreed to this proposal, only CONI has refuted realising it outside of Italy," the statement continued.

Valverde appealed to CAS against a two-year ban from racing on Italian territory that CONI imposed on him, alleging his involvement in Operación Puerto. CONI's case is based around a blood bag they obtained from the Puerto investigation they believe to belong to Valverde.

CAS' final ruling is expected in March.

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