Vacansoleil to investigate Bole, Rabobank has no problem with Sanchez

Both riders named in connection with Dr Ferrari in USADA's Reasoned Decision

The two Dutch WorldTour teams are taking opposite approaches to revelations that their riders or new signings have been mentioned in the USADA Reasoned Decision documents.

Vacansoleil-DCM has said it will start an investigation into new signing Grega Bole, but Rabobank said it saw no need for an investigation into Luis Leon Sanchez's alleged links with Dr Michele Ferrari.

Bole, who rode for Lampre from 2010 to 2012, signed with Vacansoleil for 2013. His name arose in a conversation between Leonardo Bertagnolli and Dr Ferrari, which is part of Bertagnolli's sworn statement to Italian police. According to a transcript, the two talked about Aicar, a product that works on muscular tissue and encourages the burning of fats. Bertagnolli said that it came from a Slovenian supplier, the names of several Slovenians were mentioned, with investigators noting that of Bole.

Team manager Daan Luijkx has already spoken with Bole about the matter. “He said that he had nothing to do with it, but I want it on paper,” Luijkx told De Telegraaf. “Once we have that, we start an investigation.”

In contrast, Rabobank sees no need to investigate Sanchez, who is named by Volodimir Bileka as having trained at St. Moritz, at a time when Dr Ferrari was working with riders in there 2007.

“The assertion by Bileka that Luis Leon Sanchez trained in St. Moritz in 2007 is right,” Rabobank said, according to De Telegraaf.  “His former team Caisse d'Epargne trained in 2007 with Ferrari.  Sanchez declared that he received no doping or doping advice."

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