USADA adds time to Williams suspension

US master banned until January, 2012 after racing during ban

43-year-old Kenny Williams accepted an extra 103 days of suspension after he competed in an unsanctioned race during his original ban, the US Antidoping Agency (USADA) announced this week.

The Washington state resident competed in the Seward Park racing series in April of this year, seven months into his original two-year suspension. USADA could have banned him until April, 2012, but instead gave him the least amount of additional suspension time allowed under the World Antidoping Code.

"Under the WADA Code, athletes who violate an ineligibility period are subject to having their sanctions restarted or a sanction extension equal to the full time served since their sanction began, however the extension period can be reduced under certain circumstances," the USADA press release stated. "Williams's extension period, equal to one half of time served since his sanction commenced, is the maximum reduction of the extension period allowed under the Code."

Williams tested positive after setting an unofficial world record in the 3000m pursuit at the USA Cycling Masters Track Championships. In order to ratify the record, he submitted to a doping control which was declared positive for an anabolic agent by USADA in December.

He later admitted to taking the steroid Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in July, 2009 in order to speed his return to competition after suffering a broken collarbone.

His ban for the positive test was due to expire September 20, 2011, but he will now be ineligible to compete until January 3, 2012.

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