USA Cycling confirms it won't enforce UCI Rule 1.2.019 in 2013

American racers may compete in unsanctioned races without punishment

USA Cycling confirmed to Cyclingnews on Thursday that it will definitely not be enforcing UCI Rule 1.2.019 in 2013.

Earlier in the day, the UCI had said that it would postpone until 2014 the strict enforcement of rule 1.2.019, which prohibits UCI license holders from competing in unsanctioned races, but there was nothing in the statement prohibiting national federations from choosing to enforce the rule if they chose to do so. As recently as a March 26th letter which went public on April 5th, the UCI had officially asked all of the national federations to enforce rule 1.2.019 and related rules.

USA Cycling followed up the UCI with a statement thanking the international cycling governing body for listening and for changing its opinion for the time being, but nowhere in the statement did the American federation say for sure that it wouldn't enforce the rules anyway.  Some American mountain bikers continued to wonder whether they were in fact clear to race certain events after all.

In news that will be welcome to many pro, junior, master and high school racers, some of whom take out UCI licenses and were affected by the proposed strict rule enforcement, USAC answered "Yes" to the following question from Cyclingnews. "Is it a correct interpretation that during 2013, all UCI licensed riders will be able to compete in events like the non-USAC sanctioned Whiskey 50, the Breck Epic, the Transylvania Epic and NICA League races without threat of punishment in the form of a fine or suspension?"

In his Thursday statement, USAC CEO Steve Johnson had also mentioned that its organization and riders had gained "time for productive dialogue with all stakeholders to find a workable solution for the future."  No further details were provided.

When asked to elaborate, USA Cycling told Cyclingnews, "As Steve Johnson's quote implies, we would like to engage with all stakeholders to discuss and develop long-term, viable solutions. While we don't have an exact schedule, we would like to create, as soon as possible, the forum to initiate positive, meaningful and rational dialogue."

Per today's developments, the strict enforcement of Rule 1.2.019 will resume in 2014.

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