UCI hands Rabottini two-year ban for EPO positive

Italian ineligible to compete until May 2016

The UCI has given a two-year suspension to Matteo Rabottini after he turned in a positive test for EPO last August. The Italian was named to the UCI's most recent list of Anti-Doping Rule Violations on Tuesday.

Rabottini had an out-of-competition test on August 8 last year and the UCI confirmed that his A-sample was positive for EPO. He denied taking the banned substance and said that there were no anomalies in his Biological Passport but his team Neri Sottoli provisionally suspended him on September 12.

Neri Sottoli was then suspended from the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC) and the team had put their invitation to the Giro d'Italia this year at risk. The team lost their title sponsor but gained SouthEast Space Frame Co., a Chinese construction company, as a new sponsor for the 2015 season and they are currently competing at the Italian Grand Tour as Southeast Pro Cycling.

Rabottini's suspension began on August 7, 2014 and he will be ineligible to compete until May 6, 2016. His suspension was reduced by three months for cooperating with anti-doping authorities, in accordance with article 10.6.1.

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