UCI calls for input "to build a bright future for cycling"

December 10 deadline leaves stakeholders little time to submit proposals

The UCI has sent letters to key stakeholders of the sport calling for their input on how to 'build a bright future for cycling and tackle issues of concern in the sport."

The UCI said in a press release that letters have been sent to riders, teams, race organisers, national federations, administrators, sponsors, industry representatives, anti-doping organisations and sports bodies, asking for their comments on four main pillars of discussion: globalisation, anti-doping, riders and sports calendar.

There appears to be no way for fans of the sport to participate or be represented in the consultation process.

The stakeholders have just six days to submit their ideas, with the UCI setting a deadline of Monday December 10 to reply.

“We will work together to tackle issues of concern and build a bright future for cycling. We will look at how we can continue the process of globalising cycling, encourage wider participation and make the sport even more interesting for spectators,” UCI President Pat McQuaid said in the press release.

The UCI pointed out that the consultation, which will take place in the first quarter of 2013, is separate from the external Independent Commission, which has been asked to investigate the issues and allegations contained in the USADA decision relating to the Armstrong affair.

Team managers and rider representatives are attending a meeting in Switzerland today as part of a general consultation process initiated by the UCI. On Monday key race organisers attended a similar meeting.

At the same time in London, the Change Cycling Now group launched their own 'Charter of the Willing', describing it as a 'road map for the future direction of competitive cycling.'


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