UCI announces anti-doping audit and reveals Cookson’s pay cut

Management committee discusses past wrongdoing and women's cycling

The UCI Management Committee has held its first full meeting since the election of Brian Cookson as new president, announcing afterwards that it discussed and agreed “a number of important measures aimed at restoring trust in the UCI and laying the foundations for renewed growth in cycling worldwide”.

The UCI also confirmed that Cookson will earn an annual salary of 340,000 Swiss Francs ($378,000, £235,000), 110,000 CHF less than previous president Pat McQuaid. Martin Gibbs has been named UCI Director General after being Cookson’s Policy and Legal Affairs Director at British Cycling.

Following on from Cookson’s many manifesto promises, the UCI outlined several reviews and changes to how the UCI operates. These included a full audit of current UCI anti-doping operations, the broad principles of the expected Independent Commission which will look into allegations of past wrongdoing at the UCI and the extent and roots of doping in cycling, the establishment of an International Development Commission and support for the new Women’s Cycling Commission headed by new vice-president Tracey Gaudry.

A UCI press release said the measures discussed agreed included:

- A full audit of the systems and controls currently employed by the UCI’s anti-doping operations to ensure that they are working efficiently. The audit will be used as a basis to create a clear road map for setting up an independent UCI anti-doping operation in 2014.

- The broad principles under which it intends to move forward with the implementation of an Independent Commission which will look into allegations of past wrongdoing at the UCI and the extent and roots of doping in cycling. The objectives of the Independent Commission are in line with the manifesto of Brian Cookson, to re-establish trust in the UCI and restore confidence in the sport of cycling. UCI will continue its discussions with WADA and other stakeholders to finalise the Independent Commission's framework.

- The establishment of an International Development Commission to review the wide-ranging work of the UCI in this field including the role of Global Cycling Promotion and the World Cycling Centre. The Commission will report its initial findings and recommendations to the next UCI Management Committee in January 2014.

- Supporting the new Women’s Cycling Commission, chaired by UCI Vice President Tracey Gaudry, in its work to appoint members and establish objectives including 2014 recommendations by the end of 2013 on delivering a step change in women’s cycling. Further details on this will be published on the UCI website this week.

Speaking after the meeting UCI President Brian Cookson said, “Today’s Management Committee meeting was an important moment for the UCI as we put in place a number of measures to restore trust in the UCI and ensure our great sport is able to move forward.”

“I would like to thank my Management Committee colleagues for the professional and collegiate way they approached today’s meeting and I am encouraged by the strong sense of common purpose. We have made important decisions on women’s cycling, international development, the establishment of a fully independent anti-doping unit and an independent commission to look into allegations of UCI wrong-doing. We have also started the process of modernising the UCI's constitution.”

"There is a huge amount of work to do in the coming months and beyond, but I am excited by the passion and support my colleagues have shown for implementing a real programme of change for the good of cycling.”

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