UCI allows limited use of radios in cyclo-cross

Rules revised for 2016-2017 season

In its revision to the rules for cyclo-cross for the 2016-2017 season, the UCI has relaxed the rules disallowing the use of radios in races. While it continues to ban communication between staff and riders during events, a new provision for rule 5.1.059 now allows "the use of radio communication from the rider to his/her mechanic" for World Cups and the UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships only.

Women get a boost in the new rules, which specify for all international races that organisers are now required to host a women's event as well as a men's. In previous years this only applied to C1 events.

For World Cups, the rules, which were revised on June 7, 2016, bring the points system for men and women in line with each other, add a fastest lap prize for men and women to the World Cup races, and allow sponsor logos on leader's skinsuits for elites.

Other changes include re-introducing U-turns to races, while barring riders from holding onto poles in the centre of the turn. U-turns are still banned when they are the first turn after the start. Organisers can now use logs in place of planks for obstacles.

Finally, riders on road WorldTour and Professional Continental teams and professional mountain bike teams are allowed to race under their trade teams, except when racing events that are for national teams, such as the World Championships.

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