Turgot cleared of whereabouts violations

Europcar rider won't face ban, French federation says

The French Cycling Federation have announced that Europcar rider Sebastien Turgot will not face a ban for three whereabouts violations in an 18-month period after concluding their investigations.

Last month L'Equipe reported that the 28-year-old was almost certain to be sanctioned and in another French newspaper Europcar team manager Jean-Rene Bernaudeau labelled him "an idiot", stating that his violations were "indefensible". However, it is now reported that the FFC has decided to dismiss one of the violations, a missed test.

Europcar released a statement that is at odds with Bernaudeau's initial reaction. "[We] welcome this decision and have never doubted Sebastien, whose comments and explanations were real and serious. Sebastien retains full activity within the team," it said.

Turgot enjoyed argubaly the biggest day in his career earlier this year when he finished in second place at Paris-Roubaix, behind Tom Boonen. He will now be able to focus fully on building on that result without the sceptre of a potential ban hanging over him.

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