Trek-Brentjens team presented in the Netherlands

New sponsor Milka fuels Olympic ambitions

The Dutch national sports centre in Papendal hosted the presentation of the 2010 Trek-Brentjens Mountain Bike Racing Team on Monday. Dutch skating champion Erben Wennemars introduced the team of his friend Bart Brentjens to press, sponsors and the public. The team, led by the sport's first Olympic champion Brentjens, shared its hopes for the future.

The Trek-Brentjens Mountain Bike Racing Team has joined forces with sponsor Milka, and the team's new name is the Trek-Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team powered by Milka. The addition of Milka, a well-known chocolate brand, fuels the team's international ambitions even further.

"I am extremely proud to be able to present this team to the public in 2010," said Brentjens. "We've chosen this location for a reason - the sports centre strives to bring athletes to the top. Our goal is to bring two of our riders to the start of the Olympic race in London, 2012."

"By supporting Bart Brentjens' team of professionals, we hope to gain a foothold as sponsor in the mountain biking discipline as well," said Thomas Hergge, Manager Milka Sponsoring & Events. "Like skiing, mountain biking is an ideal sport for the Alps, the home of the Milka brand. We now have an opportunity to sponsor many activities during the summer months, and to be present at international bike events."

The Trek-Brentjens MTB Racing Team powered by Milka is managed by the 1996 Olympic champion Brentjens and includes the following riders: Frank Beemer (23), Irjan Luttenberg (22)and Jelmer Pietersma (28) from the Netherlands, Lukas Kaufman (23) from Switzerland, Tim Wynants (23) from Belgium and Bart Brentjens (42) himself.

Petersma, a second-year member of the team, won the Tour de France VTT in 2009 and logged a World Cup best result of 34th in the same year, to be ranked 41st overall. New team member Kauffman was ninth in the Under 23 World Championships and eighth at the Under 23 Swiss Championships. Luttenberg, also new to the team, was Under 23 Dutch Champion in 2008 and was the runner-up in 2009. Wijnants won a bronze medal at the junior World Championships in 2005 and was third at the Under 23 Belgian championships last year. And finally, Beemer was a junior Dutch champion in 2005 and an Under 23 Dutch champion in 2007.

One of Brentjens' main goals is to transfer his experience and knowledge to his riders. Furthermore, the veteran rider will also be at the start of a select number of races in addition to managing the team.

The squad is an official UCI-registered mountain bike team, and its riders will will be seen throughout the world in the trademarked lilac outfits, racing in UCI cross country World Cups, the Alpen Tour Trophy in Austria as well as competing in other races and championships.

Dutch speedskating champion Wennemars hosted the event. Wennemars and Brentjens are friends who were both trained by Peter Mueller.

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