Trans-Sylvania Epic details enduro plans

Separate sub-classification added to mountain bike stage race

The Trans-Sylvania Epic revealed details of the enduro competition that will be part of its week-long mountain bike stage race starting on May 26. During seven, technical east coast stages, racers will have the chance to compete for a daily leader's jersey by way of one or more enduro segments placed on each stage. Much like the sprinter's jersey in a major road tour, the enduro classification offers a different goal than GC finish and may better suit certain athletes.

Rather than racing hard both up and down the endless Pennsylvania ridges, enduro competitors can make the choice to cruise a little more casually until a segment start flag puts them back into race mode. All participants are able to take part in the enduro competition whether riding at a relaxed pace or focused on the overall GC.

"This is something we've been working on since year one, and we're really excited to now have the technology to make a daily enduro competition happen." said TSEpic co-director Ray Adams. "TSE launched with an enduro type stage in the mix - the 'mini-XCs/super D' stage at RB Winter in years one and two - but the format wasn't quite what we wanted. We tweaked the competition and we are really happy with the result."

The brand new stage 4 - Galbraith Gap Enduro Stage - will be entirely an enduro stage while other stages will have enduro segments in them. Five separate timed sections with more than 3,000 feet of drop and some of the most technical descents of the week dot stage 4.

Organizers noted that participants need not rush to purchase full face gear and body armor for this enduro competition. "While we are absolutely putting in some fast and technical descents, many segments have been part of TSEpic, cross country events or the Wilderness 101 in the past. You likely will be faster on a bike specific to the demands of the day, but special equipment won't be necessary to get the fun out of the runs," said TSEpic dictator for life Mike Kuhn. He went on to add, "No matter how you approach it, the enduro format adds even more grins to the week."

The competition is made possible by a partnershiph with Bear Creek Resort, which is hosting the 2013 and 2014 US Cross Country Mountain Bike National Championships in late July.

Three Bear Creek/SRAM enduro leaders' jerseys will be on offer in the 2013 Trans-Sylvania Epic with competitions in the open men's, open women's and "everyone else" categories. The open categories are self explanatory while the "everyone else" category will compare daily results across the euo, Epic team, singlespeed, master and even the experience category riders.

More information about the Bear Creek/SRAM Enduro Jersey competition and the new enduro stage of the Trans-Sylvania Epic can be found at

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