Terpstra: Armstrong affair in media more than in peloton

"Generation of today has nothing to do with past" says Dutchman

Niki Terpstra, currently focussed on the 6-Daagse van Amsterdam, where he is partnered with his Omega Pharma - Quickstep teammate lljo Keisse, says the case against Lance Armstrong is concerned with actions that happened before his time.

Terpstra says that those implicated in USADA’s Reasoned Decision are from an era that has little to do with the current crop of young cyclists. While he’s witnessed a number of doping scandals since turning professional with Team Milram in 2007 he hopes it’s a theme that, at least in this instance, will be short-lived.

"It is simply a fact that such affairs are raised in cycling," said Terpstra to De Telegraaf.

"I cannot say I've become immune to these scandals. Every year there is something coming up. But I hope that now that time is limited. We have ten years to say that in 2012 this or that was going on."

The rider who extended his contract through to the end of 2013 with Omega Pharma - Quickstep admitted that while he’s aware of some of the general details regarding USADA’s findings on US Postal and Armstrong, it has done little to affect his position on the matter.

"I'm not really in depth. I read all these publications, why not? At most I look at what's in the headlines. It's interesting, but ...

"We as cyclists are under scrutiny, but the generation of today has nothing to do with the past. Everyone asks me for an opinion but I have nothing to do with it. That is annoying. The whole affair with Armstrong lives in the media much more than in the peloton."

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