Ten Dam still waiting on contract offer from Belkin

Numerous WorldTour teams interested in Dutch rider

Laurens ten Dam, who finished 13th overall in the Tour de France, has contract offers for the coming year from a variety of teams – but not from his current one, Belkin. The Dutch rider said that he was surprised by that, but the team says it is confident things will work out.

Ten Dam's contract with the team expires the end of this season, and according to ad.nl, he has offers from numerous WorldTour teams. It “surprises me quite a bit,” that Belkin has not made an offer, he told the Dutch newspaper Saturday.

"I have become a permanent fixture in grand tours and other teams see that too,” he said. “I've become more popular through the Tour. The newspapers have already said that  I am going to Astana, but there is still more interest, if I can believe my manager. But it only seems to be to be fair to wait for an offer from Belkin.”

He shouldn't have long to wait. After the race ended on Sunday, Belkin manager Richard Plugge said that “We are now in talks with Laurens. My expectation is that it will all go well.”

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