Subtle changes for Rally Cycling's 2018 jersey - Gallery

US Pro Continental team jersey design remains predominantly orange

Rally Cycling today unveiled the kit that both the men's and women's squads will wear in 2018, revealing a team jersey that remains mostly unchanged from 2017.

The team worked with sponsors and partners to design a simpler jersey for the 2018 season. Orange is still the team's main colour, but the white bar on the chest is now gone. Long-time clothing partner Borah Teamwear will continue supplying the team with the OTW jersey, made in Borah's factory headquarters in Wisconsin.

The men's team jumped up to the Pro Continental level for 2018 and will likely start the season in Europe, although the schedule is yet to be announced, while 2018 will mark the seventh season for the women's team. Both squads are currently in Winter Park, Colorado, preparing for the upcoming season.

"From the inception of the women's program, we have always subscribed to the mantra of 'one team' for both programs," said team General Manager Jacob Erker. "Getting all of the riders together in Colorado sets the stage for a very important year ahead.

"We've seen the success that a winter camp can have unifying our riders and staff for the upcoming season. Taking training and half-wheeling out of the equation, and getting the riders out of their element, brings them all closer together. Having our men and women together at camp further strengthens our family atmosphere, which we feel delivers results come game time."

Rally Cycling women's team 2018 roster: Erica Allar, Sara Bergen, Allison Beveridge, Kelly Catlin, Gillian Ellsay, Heidi Franz, Megan Heath, Kirsti Lay, Katherine Maine, Abigail Mickey, Summer Moak, Sara Poidevin, Emma White.

Rally Cycling men's team 2018 roster: Ryan Anderson, Jesse Anthony, Rob Britton, Robin Carpenter, Matteo Dal-Cin, Adam de Vos, Nigel Ellsay, Charles Bradley Huff, Evan Huffman, Colin Joyce, Ty Magner, Brandon McNulty, Kyle Murphy, Emerson Oronte, Danny Pate, Eric Young.

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