Student-athletes receive scholarships from USA Cycling Development Foundation

Four students selected

USA Cycling has announced that four student cyclist will benefit from the USA Cycling Development Foundation with the annual John Stenner and Joshua Kuck Memorial Scholarships.

The winners of the John Stenner Memorial Scholarships are Brent Gillespie (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque) and Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming), and the winners of the Joshua Kuck Memorial Scholarships are Jack Tomassetti (Florida State University) and Andrea Napoli (University of Nevada, Reno).

The Stenner Scholarships are awarded on academic results and services to the community with an emphasis on collegiate team involvement. They are funded by donations to the USA Cycling Development Foundation.

The Joshua Kuck Memorial Scholarships are based on outstanding achievements in the areas of cycling safety, advocacy and education. The program is funded through the USA Cycling Development Foundation by directed donations from the friends and family of Joshua Kuck, a University of South Florida collegiate cyclist who was killed on his bike in 2007.


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