Sørensen moves from Luxembourg to Italy

Saxo Bank rider seeks better weather, mountains and coffee

Chris Anker Sørensen is on the move again, this time from Luxembourg to Italy. The Dane is not changing teams, as he is staying with Team Saxo Bank, but simply moving house.

The Dane had moved to Luxembourg earlier to be close to the team's service course and training partners Andy and Fränk Schleck, among others.

Now, however, he is moving further south, partially in search of better weather. “I was in Italy part of this year to train and I was really happy with it. The weather is better in Italy than in Luxembourg,” he wrote on his blog on sporten.tv2.dk. “I think it rains a lot in Luxembourg. As you probably know, I am more friendly with the sun than the rain. I don't know many people who prefer the opposite.”

Italy offers him another training advantage. “In Italy I train in real mountains, bigger than the small climbs in Luxembourg. I believe training in real mountains will make me a better climber," he said. “I think can become a better cyclist by living in Italy.”

Sørensen also disclosed a more personal reason for making the move. “Additionally, Italian cuisine and its great coffee are second to none. It's unbelievable how much difference there can be in a cappuccino. After all, it's just hot water, coffee and milk."

Coffee seems to be especially important to Sørensen, as he also reported on his experiences in Starbucks on his recent vacation to the United States. "Starbucks sizes are a little confusing," he lamented. "Even the staff has trouble keeping track of them."

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