Sheryl Crow questioned in federal Armstrong investigation

Former fiance said to have “provided information”

Federal investigators questioned singer Sheryl Crow as part of  their investigation into Lance Armstrong and alleged doping at the US Postal team. Crow and Armstrong were a pair from 2003 to 2006, and were briefly engaged to be married.

The New York Daily News claimed that Crow, “provided information” to the investigators. It is not known what she may have said, or whether the USADA has contacted her for its investigation. In Tyler Hamilton's upcoming expose book, a footnote cites a “source close the investigation” saying that Crow had been subpoenaed.

Jeff Novitzky, who ran the government investigation, did not comment on the story, nor did attorneys for Crow or Armstrong. 

The federal investigation was closed in February 2012, taking no action.

Crow's relationship with Armstrong covered his last two Tour de France victories, and she traveled with him to the race. Dr. Michele Ferrari, to whom the USADA has issued a lifetime ban, is said to have been concerned that her presence would distract Armstrong.

She lived with him at the apartment in Girona, Spain, which former teammates “have described as a distribution point for performance-enhancing drugs and a place to store bags of blood before re-infusing it at big races,” according to the newspaper. She also flew with him on his private jet, which former teammates Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton “have alleged were critical to doping schemes.”

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